1968 – 1975


1968 – 1975

• Argentina, Bouchard: Jorge Ribles, electrician at the Carmal Chemical Plant, noticed that the engines were at a stand still, while the countryside was lit up with intensive reddish light. Another man, 52-year-old Jose J. Rociski, fell unconscious as a vivid light enveloped him. He was unable to move his left arm for three days, and suffered from pain and extreme nervousness.

• Argentina, Cabreria: A settler, Romulo Velasco, 25, saw a bright object land. From it emerged a strange “tall, slim being” who came toward the witness, who fainted.

• Argentina, Carlos Paz: Pedro Pretzel, 39, motel owner, observed an object 50 m away on road 20, showing two powerful red headlights. Arriving at his room, the witness found his daughter unconscious. When she came to, she said that a blond man, 2 m tall, wearing a blue, bright suit, and holding a pale-blue sphere in his hand, had appeared and spoken to her.

• Argentina, Cofico: A boy, Sola, saw, a few meters away, a strange being, about 2. 10 m tall, hovering in the air, his body emitting a peculiar glow, near a bright, unknown object.

• Argentina, El Choro: Chief of Provincial Police German Rocha and Police Major Niceforo Leon observed a round object with a vivid blue light. It landed, left a strange, powerful odor, and burned grass and shrubs.

• Argentina, Mendiozaca: Jorge Yaru, 35, saw a strange light outside and a bright object, the size of a bus, 30 m away. It had yellow, green and red lights at the bottom. As he approached, the object rose suddenly, hovered for 40 min, and left at high speed.

• Argentina, Mendoza: Three witnesses, among them two Casino employees, stated that they observed five dwarfs, with oversized heads, who emerged from a landed craft and traced undecipherable signs on the ground.

• Argentina, Miramar: A man riding his bicycle encountered a large object, 50 cm above the ground. The top part was spinning, and it cast a vertical beam of red light toward the ground. Calcination traces were found by police.

• Argentina, Ricardone: Raul Calcedo met two giants, almost 3 m tall, in Ricardone. He fled in terror, in spite of a strange power that tended to make him stay.

• Argentina, Sierra Chica: Oscar H. Iriart, 15, saw two men of normal height, with short, white hair and red clothes, semi-transparent legs, motioning to him. Near them was an elliptical, silvery machine, 2 m long, 60 cm high, with three 50 cm legs. The men gave him an envelope with a childish message and flew off. The witness’s horse and dog were paralyzed for several minutes. The boy arrived home “like a mad-man. ”

• Azores, Criacaodo Cabrito: Serafim Vieira Sebastiao, a watchman at the Azores Air Station, saw “an oval object with a metallic gleam, topped by a glass tower with a small balustrade on which two beings were standing. ” There were two other figures inside the tower. When he shone a light toward it, a cloud of dust surrounded the witness, the craft vanished, and he fainted. Investigation by American military authorities.

• Brazil, Botucatu: Three boys saw an object, about 8 m wide, 350 m away. It had a large tripod undercarriage and a ladder reaching down to the ground. These devices were retracted, and the object rose a few meters, then flew off at high speed.

• Brazil, Chascomus: Gerardo Vidal and his wife were driving along Route 2 when they were caught in “a dense fog” and lost consciousness for 48 hours. When they came to, it was daytime, and the car, whose paint was badly scorched, was parked in an unknown road. They spoke to local people and found that they were in Mexico. (Vallee claims this is a hoax in a later book)

• Brazil, Lins: Maria Josa Cintra, who worked at the Clemente Ferreira Sanatorium, was awakened by a noise. At the front door was a “foreign-looking” woman of normal height, wearing light-colored clothes, and a headdress exposing only her face. She spoke in an unknown language, and handed Marie a mug and a glass bottle covered with beautiful engravings. Maria filled them. The woman said something such as “Rempaua, ” and went out to a pearl-shaped, bright object that took off with the sound of wings.

• Brazil, Lins: Doribio Pereira, 41, municipal employee, suddenly observed a golden, cigar-shaped object, and a figure armed with a flashing weapon that immobilized him. Three beings were standing on a platform under the craft, and another figure appeared to be using a keyboard inside the transparent top part. The object took off rapidly, leaving the witness in a state of shock.

• Canada, Quebec: Children see a landed UFO and an alien at St. Stanislas de Koska.

• England, Hanbury: Mr. and Mrs. Milakovic were driving to Hednesford when they suddenly saw a brilliant object rising from a field to the left and hovering above a house. It appeared to “quiver like a jelly. ” Several figures were seen on the deck of the craft for about five min, then it left with a jerky motion.

• France, Fleury-d’Aude: A dozen witnesses saw a lens-shaped object surrounded with a blue glow, making a noise similar to that of a jet and emitting flashes, which landed in a field briefly. It suddenly took off and was lost to sight at the horizon.

• La Reunion Island, Plaine-des-Cafres: Luce Fontaine, 31, a farmer, was in a clearing when he suddenly saw an oval object, 25 m away, less than 5 m above ground. It had a clear center, dark-blue ends, two protrusions on top and bottom, and measured 5 min diameter, 2. 5 m in height. In the object stood two beings, 90 cm tall, wearing coveralls. A violent flash and a blast of hot air were noted as the object vanished.

• USA, New York, Syracuse: Nick Sgouris, while driving to work, observed a luminous, cigar-shaped object, about 20 m long, showing numerous multi-colored lights. The car almost stopped as the object flew low overhead, and the witness was briefly paralyzed.

1968 Project Blue Book Unknowns

• USA, Florida Sept. 15, 1968; near Ocala, Florida. 9:30 p.m. Witness: missionary pilot Jay Cole, flying a Beech C-45 twin-engined utility plane. One light performed aerobatics for 15 minutes and then vanished. A second light appeared, heading toward them on a collision course, made a 90* turn and disappeared. Later, ground radar told them a target was following them. Sightings lasted 15 minutes.

• USA, Georgia Nov. 23, 1968. Newton, Georgia. 8:05 p.m. Witness: Mr. Jones, accountant. One oblong light, 120-150′ wide. Hovering 75′ above the ground, it emitted a beam that lit the ground. Radio gave off static, then car engine stopped. Light flew away vertically and car engine restarted itself. Sighting lasted 3-4 minutes.

• USA, Missouri Feb. 9, 1968; Groveton, Missouri. 4:20 a.m. Witness: Mr. R.W. Bland. One object, 100′ in diameter, with concave sides having “portholes” in the center of each gave off yellow-green light. Hovered 25′ above ground, then moved rapidly toward the southwest. Gave off pulsating sound, like a length of wire whirled at high speed above the head. Sighting lasted 1-5 minutes.


• Colombia, Anolaima: Eleven witnesses see a daylight disc UFO hover over a farm.

• USA, Georgia, Leary,. While Jimmy Carter was the governor of Georgia, he sighted a UFO. It was on January 6, at 7:15 P.M. He filed a report with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. The report explained that there was a large, bright object in the sky. It moved toward him from a distance, stopped, moved away, and then departed. It had a blue color at first, then it turned reddish. It wasn’t really a solid figure, it was more like a light. The object looked the size of the moon. It was about 300-1000 miles away and was about 30 degrees above the horizon. Robert Sheaffer, a scientist that works for the government believes that Jimmy Carter really saw Venus, but Carter denies that. He even signed a paper that states that he encountered a UFO.

1969 Project Blue Book Unknowns

• USA, Virginia Jan. 17, 1969; Crittenden, Virginia. 3:24 a.m. Witness: Mr. Roman Lupton, test facility mechanic. Several amber lights–one of them blinking–in an elliptical formation, flew forward slowly while moving up and down, then turned and disappeared after 2 minutes. Made a humming sound.

1970 Finland, Imjarvi: Two skiers see a UFO descend and emit a beam of light.

1971 Sri Lanka, Hewaheta: UFOs with stubby side wings are seen over a tea plantation.


• Mexico, Ixtalapa: Two flying humanoid aliens seen by a crowd in the plaza at Ixtalapa.

• England, Warminster. Two farmers, Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood, report a circular impression being mysteriously found in a wheat field. This is the first modern recorded incidence of the crop circle phenomenon.

• Romania, Clu. Mr. Amiel Barnea photographed a hat-shaped UFO Similiar to one photographed in Santa Ana, California by Mr. Rex Heflin. Six years after that occurrence, Belotie, Yugoslavia was the sight of another similar witnessing.


• Mexico, Morelos Cocoyoc: On November 3, an object descended and landed in a grass scrub area beside a road with its arms splayed out evenly around it. It landed on the arms projected downward.

• USA, Mississippi, Pascagoula: Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker are captured by alien robots and taken aboard a saucer in Pascagoula.

• USA, Ohio, Mansfield: On October 18, The four-man crew of an Army Reserve UH-1H helicopter, based in Cleveland was returning from Columbus, Ohio. The crew saw a red light to the west heading south. The red light appeared to be on a collision course, approaching at a speed estimated to be more than 600 knots. Just as a collision appeared imminent, the light suddenly stopped and hovered above and in front of the helicopter. They saw a cigar-shaped, gray metallic appearing, domed object whose apparent size filled the entire windshield. The object appeared solid, blotting out the stars behind it. It had a red light at the nose, a white light at the tail, and a distinctive green beam emanating from the lower part of the otherwise featureless “fuselage.” The green beam swung up over the helicopter nose, through the windshield, and into the upper tinted window panels. The cockpit was bathed in intense green light. No noise or turbulence was noted. After a few seconds, the object accelerated and moved off to the west.


• Canada, Langenburg, Saskatchewan: On September 1, Farmer Edwin Fuhr, was harvesting his rape crop when he noticed a metallic-appearing dome-shaped object about 50 feet away in a grassy area. Stopping to investigate, he noted that the object was spinning and swirling the grass beneath it. He four more domes arranged in a rough semi-circle, all spinning, and hovering about a foot above the ground. One object took off, quickly followed by the other four, ascending in a step formation. At about 200 feet they stopped, each emitting a puff of gray vapor from exhaust-like extensions at the base. The vapor extended about six feet, followed by a downward gust of wind, which flattened the rape in the immediate area. The objects then formed a straight line, hovered for a minute or two, then abruptly ascended into the low cloud cover and disappeared.

• USA, Ohio, Mansfield, Four National Guardsman aboard Bell UH-1H chopper report sighting large nocturnal object on collision course. Pilot-in-Command Capt. Coyne puts chopper in descent mode. Object stops in front of chopper, then continues westward travel, after which Coyne discovers that chopper actually rose 2000 ft. Klass’ explanation of a bolide is not supported by testimony, circumstances, or scientific principles.

• USA, New Jersey, Carbondale,. A glowing object fell into a small lake outside town. Three teenagers saw it fall at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday. They observed a yellow-white glow under the water that shifted to a point 25 feet offshore. The boys were kept in a police car for three hours while a number of vehicles with floodlights and cranes removed a disc-shaped object and put it into a van. The following Monday, a railroad lantern and battery were recovered from the lake and officials called the whole thing a hoax.

• Wales, Llandderfel: A UFO crashes at Llandderfel. The British Army recovers two dead aliens.


• Switzerland. The authenticity of the hundreds of photos and films of beam ships from the Pleiades and at least one member of its crew — taken by a one-armed farmer living in Switzerland in, is still hotly debated.

• USA, Arizona, Snowflake: Travis Walton is hauled aboard a UFO by a tractor beam near Snowflake. He is missing for five days and then returns with an amazing abduction story.