The Extraterrestrial Paradigm


Are Aliens Really “Alien”?

“The world is not a prison house but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with all the wrong blocks.”
Edwin Arlington Robinson

No greater dilemma confronts mankind than the truth of why humanity is here, and where it is going. The range of thought on the answers to these questions spans the extremes. From a simple accidental origin, to an equally accidental future, the scientific view is a theoretical crap shoot. From a divine beginning, to a confusing choice between burning in a horrible hell, or a relaxing paradise, religion is just another gamble offering better odds. Even more blurry, and highly qualified for oxymoron status, is the cross between science and religion, theistic evolution. In the wide reality gap left is the realm of alternative speculation.

Considering the weak foundation of evidence, and dim promises offered by the orthodox answers, the intelligent mind tends to gravitate toward the more logical alternatives.

In the search for truth, a number of sign posts seem to be leading to one conclusion, we are not alone, and may never have been. UFOs in ancient writings, the historical record, and our modern skies, give undeniable and conclusive testimony to the constant presence of a civilization populating our skies, yet keeping their distance. On terra firma there is evidence of an advanced culture in our past whose technological power defies modern scientific, engineering, and architectural understanding. In our ancient writings there is a massive record of an advanced culture interacting with humanity in every corner of the globe. Different names, but all possessing unlimited miraculous power, including flight in strange vehicles of every description, and all are claiming to have the great answers to humanity’s past, and future. They all called them the gods.

An analysis of the evidence should lead to the logical conclusion that the powerful gods of ancient record, the advanced beings who left incredible technological evidence scattered all over the planet, and the obvious highly advanced technological power witnessed in the awe-inspiring actions of unidentified flying objects in our skies, must be connected. What has actually happened is more fascinating than this logical conclusion itself.

Although life on other planets has been a speculative concept throughout history, it took on a new image in the late 18th Century when Mars received some undeserved attention; rumors of a civilization on the planet were spawned. The discovery of what some believed to be actual waterways, or canals, by Giovanni Schiaparelli, an Italian astronomer in 1877, set the stage for, what has proven to be, the worst case of mistaken identity in human history. Twenty years later H.G. Wells wrote the popular book, “The War of the Worlds”, which was the first major work to introduce the concept of the “alien invader” into popular culture.
From the introductory text of the book we find: “No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water… No one gave a thought to the older worlds of space as sources of human danger, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea of life upon them as impossible or improbable… At most terrestrial men fancied there might be other men upon Mars, perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welcome a missionary enterprise…”

To many, these are not the words of a fiction writer, but a terrible prophecy of mankind’s impending doom. In the 1938 nationwide panic caused during the broadcast of a radio play by Orson Welles based on the H.G. Wells book, the media discovered gold. Put an alien in a flying saucer and it sells, put an alien with invasion and human destruction on the agenda in a flying saucer and it drips money. There are now well over thirty million websites on the internet, and over 99% attribute this phenomenon to visitors from another planet. Of the other one percent that make any connection to the gods or the planetary record, 99% say the gods were alien beings from another world, or that the UFOs are evil. The connection is ignored, the logical conclusion dismissed, and the debate is dominated by only two schools of thought; are the aliens in these UFOs going to dominate, or destroy us. From science, which has the physical evidence, comes denial, and religion, which has the written evidence, comes only more denial. Fiction has blurred fact.

There is one concept that reconnects the elements, brings logic back into the equation, and answers the prime questions about mankind’s existence. This concept also answers a whole host of secondary questions posed by the myriad of planetary, human, and spiritual anomalies present in the world, and the universe beyond. And, it just makes sense. What could be more practical than to consider the obvious rather than focus only on one reality while ignoring the whole? Consider this:

The gods of the ancient world, most especially the major entities recorded by entire social groups, were not different gods, but either one being, or a related group of beings, all from the same source of power. The differences in name and description are only due to different cultural understanding. For the most part, they bring a message of hope and love, they fly in incredible splendor, work unimaginable miracles, claim to be the creators of life, there is a savior in their story and a dark enemy bent on human destruction, have temporarily left the planet, promise hope for salvation for humanity, and to save the planet from total destruction, through a triumphant return.
The evidence of these beings, who built the great megaliths, produced the technological objects, anomalous devices, and exhibit advanced knowledge unavailable to the primitive cultures to which these technological wonders, are attributed, are found in the archeological record. The cultures to which these OOPARTS, (Out Of Place Artifacts), are attributed, claim the gods, flying in incredible splendor, created the culture and the artifacts, and imparted advanced knowledge.

Unidentified Flying Objects have been recorded throughout human history, and are reported and recorded all over the world, every day, in modern times. Despite the hype by the media labeling these craft and their occupants as a danger to mankind, the overwhelming evidence is that they have shown no threatening or aggressive actions toward mankind. Many claim violent encounters, evilcontrol, government collusion, and impending doom, or enslavement from the beings in these UFOs, but the evidence is weak, and assuredly blown out of proportion by the media and the “evil alien” advocates. A plethora of movies, books, documentaries, television series, and websites have worked well to keep the UFO sacrificial fires hot. The lovable character in the movie “ET” may be phoning home, but most people believe he is really calling in the coordinates for an “Independence Day” style invasion.

The evil alien concept is speculation based on a media-conditioned response, and nurtured by an excess of theories from a scientific community that cannot, or will not, see the forest for the trees. They ignore the clear evidence in the historical and archeological record, choosing, rather, to spin the concept into a series of a feeding frenzy of irrational speculation based more on childhood fear than reality. Here is the evidence they ignore:

In The Bible

The Gods and divine beings of the Bible travel in rapidly flying, glowing, flashing, spinning, metallic objects, which appear dark and solid, like low clouds in daylight, while brightly lit with projected beams of light at night. These objects descend to the ground, ascend into the sky, and hover above the ground for long periods, sounds are broadcast from them, and they exhibit power to alter the natural laws. Humans and other beings are described as ascending up into, and descending down from, these objects and perception of time is altered. In many of the world’s ancient writings, those beings called gods, commonly fly in objects with very similar descriptions to those in the Bible.

In The Historical Record

Throughout history, witnesses have testified to the existence of rapidly flying, glowing, flashing, spinning, metallic objects that appear dark and solid like low clouds in daylight, while brightly lit with projected beams of light at night. These objects descend to the ground, ascend into the sky, and hover above ground for long periods, sounds are broadcast from them, and exhibit power to alter the natural laws. Humans and other beings are described as ascending up into, and descending down from, these objects and perception of time is altered.

In Our Modern Skies

Thousands of people testify to the current presence of rapidly flying, glowing, flashing, spinning, metallic objects that appear dark and solid like low clouds in daylight, while brightly lit with projected beams of light at night. These objects descend to the ground, ascend into the sky, and hover above ground for long periods, sounds are broadcast from them, and exhibit power to alter the natural laws. Humans and other beings are described as ascending up into, and descending down from, these objects and perception of time is altered.

The point cannot be made any clearer; the odds are overwhelming that this is not just a bizarre coincidence. The flying vehicles of the Bible and other ancient writings are the same flying vehicles witnessed throughout history, and the same flying vehicles we see in our modern skies are the same ones of the Bible, and the historical record. Are we to believe that there has been a biosphere shift change? Did the ancient gods leave our skies to be suddenly replaced by some other high tech race that came in and built all the marvels we see on the planet? Did that high tech race fly around, being spotted for 2000 years, then leave, and did a new race from another world take over and is now flying around in our skies? And, will Jesus then come in and save us from this invading race he never even told us about? Not according to the Bible, or any other ancient writings we can find.

Are we also to believe that the God of the Bible really did not create all living things? If he did, are the beings encountered in association with UFOs not living beings? And are those beings not under his control? If not, could it be said that it is rather deceptive of Jesus to say to watch for him in the sky, and not bother to mention that he was not the only one out there? Why did he go to the bother of clearly warning us several times to ignore what others say and look for him returning to Earth from the sky, and then not even mention a massive alien invasion from those same skies? If you believe in an alien race, separate from God and out of his control and that alien race is setting the planet up for an invasion, or that Satan is control of UFOs and using them to deceive us, then you must admit God is trying to confuse us, at best, or he is deceiving us, at worst. But, if these are the vehicles of the Bible and God is simply monitoring the planet he created, and has been all along as the UFOs seem to have been doing for millennia right up to our present time, would that not seem more logical?

We believe evil is preparing mankind to make war with the Christ, who is literally coming to lock him up and free the world from his greedy, lying, mind-controlling, warlike ways. He will free the stranglehold the global financial cartel holds over the world because “the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more” (Revelation 18:11), that are the very ones serving Satan now. Does not the statement “for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” (Revelation 18:11), mean that the true “great deception”, completely ignored by the church and every major social institution on the planet, is going on right in front of the eyes of humanity?

Although the concept of beings from another planet permeates the media and is the stuff of countless discussions, it must be said that the very roots of the topic are solidly grounded in science fiction. It may be a convenient way to explain the UFO phenomenon, and a source of imaginative stimulation and philosophical fulfillment, but it is not based in logic, nor is it backed by any evidence other than unfettered theory and excessive speculation. There is no real evidence that beings from other worlds are visiting this planet, or for that matter, that such life even exists; it is all theory.

There is strong evidence that a race of highly advanced beings terra-formed this planet, resided upon it, interacted intellectually and spiritually with its highest creation on the planet, left the surface of the planet, and has been observing the planet’s biosphere and inhabitants from a distance for thousands of years. This has probably been occurring at an even level throughout human history. However, modern communications and a weakening of the impact of the stigma associated with reporting sightings has allowed the information stream to expand and increase exponentially. More ways to communicate the data, particularly over the internet, less social rejection, and isolation for those who make the reports, have resulted in an ever increasing number of recorded sightings.

If this is the actual cause of an increase in the number of sightings, rather than a realistic increase in the actual number of “visitations”, it could have broad ramifications not yet explored. If these craft have been roaming the skies for thousands of years, are they just observing or actually performing necessary planetary functions? Could it be that “Mother Nature” may actually be short and grey, but not in a grandmotherly sense?

We do not believe that a horde of evil alien races are out there, drooling over the prospect of earthly conquest. We do believe that there is a very powerful and evil force truly “alien” to human interests on the planet, right now, wreaking havoc. If you need proof of it, turn on your television or radio, or open your newspaper. In many areas of the world you just need to look out your window; either way, the proof is there. As long as we point to the skies to warn of an imaginary, impending threat, we will ignore the evidence of the real, and very dangerous, threats on our own planet and evil will be free to manipulate the entire world. Sadly, too few will listen, and too many more will heap scorn on the truth. Evil has the upper hand now, and nothing will stop him but the promise, the actual guarantee, of the real occupants of the UFOs, to rid this planet of this menace.

By Patrick Cooke