The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up

The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up

Is the cover-up of UFOs part of the deception?

Patrick Cooke

          To many, the Roswell incident was the beginning of the UFO phenomenon but, to the government, it was the inauguration of a new approach to public relations; “Cover-up-on-the-fly”.  The extreme contradictions in the rapid-fire changes of the official investigation should have sent up red flags, but the post-war trust of the military, in the public view, was solid.  The confused nature of the government response bears witness to the fact that, at that time, the military had no standing policy on dealing with UFOs. It is obvious that the government dropped the ball and never seemed to fully recover, as it adopted a “hide it quickly, deny it totally, and cover it up completely” policy.  What followed, became an almost comical chain of alternating explanations, false investigations, and an amateur dance of deception that continues to this day.  The government, in collusion with almost every other social institution, seemed to agree that the public had, neither the right, nor the need to know any information about the UFO phenomenon.

In order to justify the withholding of such important information, NASA commissioned the most influential think tank in the country, the Brookings Institute, to study the impact of revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life to the public.  The Brookings Institute concluded that such contact could cause cultural upheaval, threaten social and scientific institutions, and cause stress to the public, on a worldwide scale.  These following excerpts from the 1961 report titled “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs”, done by Brookings, show some of the cautionary suppositions and generalizations that brought it to that conclusion.

“Anthropological files contain many examples of societies, sure of their place in the universe which have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways: others that survive such an experience usually did so by paying the price of changes in values and attitudes and behavior.” (Pg. 15)

“It has been speculated that of all groups scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures since these professions are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature rather than the understanding and expression of man.  Advanced understanding of nature might soon vitiate, (corrupt), all our theories at the very least.” (Pg. 225)

“It is perhaps interesting to note that when asked what the consequences of the discovery of superior life would be, an audience of Saturday Review readers chose for the most part not to answer the question at all, in spite of their detailed answers to many of the other speculative questions.  Perhaps the idea is so foreign that even this readership was bemused by it.  But no one can speculate too, that the idea of intellectually superior creatures may be anxiety-provoking.” (Pg. 226)

A decision was obviously made to issue blanket denials about even the existence of UFOs and the cover-up was cast in stone.

How correct is the judgment of the powers that hide this reality concerning the grave harm revealing the existence of UFOs would cause to the social fabric? That, of course, depends on whether the revelation gave rise to fear or hope.  If it were announced that the visitors had conquest or destruction as part of their agenda, a defense posture would be the obvious result and, no doubt, a futile one.  There would be little need to worry about the social fabric.  In consideration of the fact that they show little aggression, except for their total disregard of security zones and that they always flee when pursued, at least the evidence weighs heavily on the side of their being peaceful rather than combative.  However, a positive and friendly agenda would be perhaps the greatest threat to the status quo in almost every area of society.

A power greater than anything ever witnessed by modern man would suddenly become the prime focus of almost every human being on the planet. After decades of blatant cover-up, the world’s governments and military powers would be immediately exposed for their deceit.  Science would have no theories to cover the enigma of their inability to detect such an obvious presence and the very purpose of all scientific research would be brought into question.  Education would be in turmoil as, certainly, most accepted knowledge would be subject to very critical analysis. Established religion would suddenly find its exclusive rights to “higher power” in serious competition and, no doubt, the collection plate would suffer dearly. Big business would, of course, be affected by everything, in every way and, most likely, with an unprofitable result.  As a whole, the world as we know it would change drastically with the true effect being determined by the actual direct influence of the alien presence on mankind.

I present a question to those who believe there are unknown visitors in our skies. Are we not naïve to think that governments, large corporations, and other major institutions would not be justified in considering the possible negative impact an alien revelation would have on their individual concerns?  There is no doubt that they are justified, at least in their own minds, and are doing exactly that.  However, is the Government not the servant of the public? Are not the people the consumers that make big business big and do not the people provide the support that keeps the other major institutions thriving?  If this is the reality, what gives them the right to control what the people should and should not know? And, most importantly, why are they deciding to hide history’s greatest truth? Is the threat really that great and how extensive is the cover-up resulting from that decision?

The archeological field is in possession of direct evidence of advanced technology and races in the remnants of ancient cultures. They don’t declare it as relevant, just unknown. The fact that these objects could not possibly have been produced by the culture to which they are attributed goes unmentioned. This reality is mirrored in many of the world’s ancient writings, but anthropology is dismissive on the written evidence, veiling it in myth and religious symbolism. Our true history is incomplete without a clear understanding that our ancestors were in direct contact with a race of advanced beings. The remnants of the ancient cultures are mislabeled and improperly associated to satisfy certain long established and antiquated theories of our past.  The “publish or perish” mentality that drives the funding needs in these fields requires strict adherence to the status quo.  Disagree with the orthodox theories and you won’t get published. Don’t get published and the organization funding you will no longer find you a profitable venture or a magnet for much desired media attention. If you lose your appeal as a solid money and media draw with one major institution, you lose your credibility with them all.  The cover-up is a key to success in these fields.

There are two other great enigmas in the scientific arena concerning the UFO phenomena, S.E.T.I., the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and the NASA space program.  If we are correct in stating that UFOs exist and are frequently present in our skies, it would be safe to assume that the scientific community knows about this as well.  This would mean that the S.E.T.I. Project is nothing more than a diversion meant to keep society ever mindful of the fallacy that they are looking for extra terrestrial life out there while they know it has been here all along.  The attempted cover-up of sightings by NASA astronauts is well documented.  This, combined with the public relations flim flam concerning the possibility of alien life forms on other planets, with no mention of evidence of the presence of alien life forms in our own skies, shows a policy focused on keeping the public totally uninformed. The cover-up is a matter of public policy in science.

Education is conspicuously silent on the subject of UFOs, having found it convenient to pigeonhole it as myth.  But, just as with programming computers, the educational textbooks are controlled by the GIGO principal, (Garbage In, Garbage Out).  Instructors cannot impart wisdom that is not in their instructional materials.  They are simply teaching the same antiquated and unproven theories that archaeologists, anthropologist, and geologists pump out in a repetitive stream of mind mush. And, of course, the students who go on to be instructors absorb the same antiquated material, repeat it as programmed to do, and this cycle of disinformation repeats itself in perpetuity. Even the new field of astrobiology, created by NASA, is focused on theories dealing with the hypothetical existence of life on other planets and in other galaxies, and not the study of alien life actually evidenced on international radar screens.  Ufology is not a subject in our higher institutions while theoretical science is widely taught.  Certainly there is more evidence supporting the presence of UFOs than there is for the hypothetical existence of bucky balls, fat wormholes, and invisible dark matter.  The cover-up is part of the curriculum.

Organized Bible based religions are, for the most part, also silent on the UFO phenomenon, either through fear of facing the reality, refusal to recognize it or church mandated social isolation.  This is an enigma in itself considering the fame of Ezekiel’s wheels, the chariots of the Gods, (the verse, not the book, well maybe the book too), and other evidence of flying vehicles in biblical text.  When mainstream religion does deal with the anomaly, there are two doctrinal views concerning the presence of UFOs, the holograph theory and the evil alien conspiracy.  One approach states that the UFOs are holographic illusions projected by Satan to lure the congregation away from the church and into alien worship, eventually enslaving mankind.  The other, more radical view surmises that the beings piloting the UFOs are actually fallen angels with Satan in the mother ship. They are lurking on the dark side of the moon or some other evil hideaway, occasionally visiting our atmosphere to abduct and implant a few of their human followers, slaughter some cows, scrawl satanic graffiti in our barley fields or run circles around our jets.  Either way, UFOs are evil and UFO believers are either dupes or disciples of Satan. Contrary to the doomsday bellowing of the satanic UFO prophets, this widespread cover-up itself could easily be classified as a Great Deception, while evil soul-stealing aliens piloting UFOs are not mentioned in scripture.  Certainly the cover-up is safe here, in total confusion and ignorant bliss.

Big business rakes in plenty of profit from the UFO phenomenon without any need for the real thing.  It is a multibillion-dollar business world wide and dare we even consider the impact on that trade if it became politically incorrect to exploit and demean a superior alien race.  Big business would also find it much more difficult to manipulate and brand an advanced race of beings than it is to manipulate the human race. Unless big business can get the visitors under contract, sporting corporate logos on their craft, doing guest appearances on talk shows or convince them to switch to the internal combustion engine, none of which is likely, they could only be a burden.  The cover-up is just smart business.

Add to this whole mix the social stigma associated with belief in UFOs and the mainstream media exploitation of the UFO phenomenon portraying it as violent and mysterious solely for profit.  Now you have very cleverly made the reality not only socially unacceptable, but also well disguised as fiction. The dumbing down of our society through a constant blitz of heavily advertised entertainment insures very few will be distracted from the stranglehold of the boob tube of your choice long enough to consider weightier matters. A never ending flow of glitzy presentation keeps the populace riveted in place while being conditioned to be obsessive shoppers with good branding.  Even during crisis we are told that the way to lift us up from our depression is to shop till we drop.  Until the relevant information concerning UFOs inhabits prime time television, the majority of humanity in the developed world will remain ignorant.   The cover-up is safe from too many prying eyes.

Perhaps the last frontiers of free thought in the “accessibility” and “regulation of speech” categories are the Internet and privately controlled information outlets.  Only on the Internet and through specialty media sources can the free flow of subjective and objective views concerning the UFO phenomenon be easily accessed by the printed and spoken word.  Of course, this final bastion of free speech is also being threatened by the need for censorship in the name of national security concerns and for the preservation of patriotism prompted by the recent terrorist attacks. For the most part however, and for the time being, the cover-up has only a very weak foothold in the alternative media.

There are, of course, rumors that the government has contact with the aliens, in negotiations, or in some other such communication.  We can only hope that these rumors are false because certainly politicians and military leaders would be doing the negotiating.  If such a scenario were true and assuming that advanced technologies and advanced intelligence go hand-in-hand, the negotiations probably wouldn’t last very long.  Any self-respecting alien would probably give up in frustration in minutes.  If the aliens capitulated to the dishonesty and insincerity of power-hungry and lobby-controlled politicians and the aggressive, overly protective and government-controlled attitudes of gun toting career military officers, they wouldn’t be very intelligent.  We know that the government would not consider our best interests in any negotiations and would be more likely to first protect their own power.  If these aliens are peaceful and intelligent, we, at least, have the hope they have the welfare of all mankind at heart and would be able to see that negotiating with our leaders will not benefit the people as a whole.

All things considered, it appears as though the cover-up is almost complete and in the eyes of those supporting the cover-up, their actions are justified.  It can be clearly seen that the lifting of this cover-up would have a major impact on many areas of society and the ripple effect would carry through all of the world’s cultures.  As it stands now, it is basically a minor irritant because UFOs seem simply to fly in, do their business, and go away.  Until social values and public priorities that compromise the status quo are changed, the UFO cover-up will continue and this quiet power, a power that seems to be waiting and watching, will remain officially “Unidentified’.

Whatever their reasons for being here and regardless of what the government does or does not know, there is no justification for deceiving the public solely to preserve wealth and power.  Unfortunately, the status quo is ingeniously set up mainly to preserve an entrenched system of wealth and power controlled by the elite.  Until that system is changed, the deception will continue. The power elite are the direct source of, and in control of, this deception and they will resist anything that threatens their power base.  Not only could an alien revelation cause a major social change, but also a major social upheaval must first take place which reclaims this power to control public information from the rich and returns it to the people where it rightfully belongs, before it will ever become public knowledge. Unless of course they land on the White House lawn, which is more likely to happen before the rich and powerful ever lose control of the truth.