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UFOs in the Spiritual Realm

The realms of the unknown have always been an area of wonder and fascination. They trigger elements within the human consciousness that are unsettling and addictive; areas of the unexplained and present aspects of reality that challenge the logical and scientific minds, and awaken the potentials of fantasy and myth within our many spheres of reference. Often elements that at one time offered theories of the spiritual, supernatural, paranormal or metaphysical evolve into the reality of the times and remind us of deeper philosophies that carry messages that can be applied to the present. We have come to realize that, what once were stories and fables often replicate a history of reality that is frequently playing out once more before our very eyes. Perhaps, it is time to re-examine some of those “stories” that with current scientific reports and historical evidence have proven to be more fact than fiction.

No anomalous phenomena is as enduring through the ages, more witnessed and reported, or more discussed and debated than the UFO phenomenon. They spark fear in some and inspire hope in others; spawning movements with faithful followers and cults, both benign and dangerous. They have been seen and documented by the full spectrum of the earth’s population, and they are a reality not fully understood. But, perhaps the most perplexing thing about this bewildering reality is the way it so profoundly affects the witnesses exposed to them; an experience which, in many cases can only be defined as spiritual. And, the very presence of UFOs can alter time, defy natural law, and even heal those in their presence.

Despite the beliefs of many, the history of UFO sightings is not one filled with aggressive actions against humans, destructive assaults on property, battles with our military, or a secret agenda of control over the world. Yet, for the most part, the only spiritual consideration of UFOs is that they are satanic in origin, will deceptively attempt to convince mankind they are here to save us and establish an alien-worshipping religion, or are trying to alter humanity’s future with alien implants. Little consideration is given to the obvious power UFOs represent. Few realize that, with little effort, they could disable our weapons, communications, and security systems and take control by force; encountering little effective resistance. Nor does the fact that these craft hail from a universe that is billions of years old with trillions of galaxies, each containing uncountable star systems, ever enter the debate. They are too smart to play juvenile clandestine games, and there are certainly more promising and less confrontational races and polluted places to conquer, if that was their goal.

Throughout history the chronicling of the presence of UFO’s within our reality is undeniable; from pictographs to temple carvings, cave etchings to current day it is a fact that they have been present since the beginnings of recorded time. They have appeared in the night skies, hovered over towns and cities and brushed our realities without imposing their presence or their influence upon our evolution. They are clearly more technically advanced then we, they silently glide over our world observing; allowing our eyes to see and stirring within us the possibility that, not only are we not alone, but that our world and reality are not exclusively unique within the cosmos.

It is a tendency within the human condition to fear the unknown, to create illusions that often are unfounded to explain what we cannot comprehend. Early man feared thunder and lightning, today very explainable within our science. When we do not understand something we often turn it over to the fear factor within us and let the imagination apply that quality in a multitude of unpleasant scenarios. This applies profoundly to the aspect of UFO’s. Little consideration is given to the obvious power that they represent, that they could disable our weapons, communications, and security systems and take control of the whole planet despite our best efforts. Though this is obviously a fact, they have never done it, and clearly never will. They possibly hail from a universe or dimension greatly more advanced and ancient than ours from with trillions of galaxies each containing countless star systems. And yet, they are watching and waiting, a benevolent presence hovering within the atmosphere. But what are they waiting for, what is there purpose for this ageless vigil?

The modern media of today often conveys UFO encounters in a sensationalized manner, frequently suggesting that there is something to fear on physical and emotional levels. The reality is that close encounters of the very personal nature are very rare, and the authenticated reports of “bad” UFO encounters are miniscule. Those negative experiences are often related while under hypnosis, guided by “experts” whose livelihood depends on fueling the marketability of the events. The suggestibility of the consciousness while under hypnosis is a well known fact; documented by countless practitioners, who make their living demonstrating just how open the mind can be when in this state.

Sadly, what the media does not convey is that the preponderance of the evidence reported shows that an altogether different scenario occurs. The experience of a sighting often triggers inner shifts in consciousness that could be described as inspiring, religious, and even spiritual; in essence a life altering event. Those who experience this come to a greater appreciation of life and our place within the cosmos. The focus of life shifts from the self to the family of man, the need for world peace and harmony, and the acceptance and embracing of the differences that make each individual unique. There is an awakening to the concept that, only when we work as one can we reach for the dreams that are promised by antiquity, and ensure a brighter future for mankind. These experiences inspire hope, love, peace, sharing and caring, and a global empathy; not as sensational as the media would like it, but perhaps much more relevant and news worthy.

Although many of the practices of today’s reformed religions have abandoned the original deeper roots of their faith, those roots are solidly based on spiritual foundations, concepts, and beings. And almost all of the ancient religions from which modern beliefs sprang have, at the center, flying gods, who travel in wondrous and glowing, flying craft. Many are familiar with Ezekiel’s great and fiery whirlwind, Elijah’s chariots of fire, and the glowing pillar of the Exodus. But there are also the flying Shems, or Mu of ancient Sumer, the shining ones called sky gods and their disks described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the sky thrones of the Mayans, and the rulers from the heavens that flew in “fire-breathing dragons” of ancient China. The Tibetan Buddhist writing, the Kantyua, speaks of transparent flying spheres carrying gods, and there are the gods of the Mahabharata in cloud-borne chariots called Vimanas, and the almost countless flying gods of the ancient world’s major and minor religions.

The descriptions of the ancient flying craft of the “sky gods”, mirror those reported by witnesses to UFOs in our modern skies. They describe rapidly flying, flashing, spinning, metallic objects, which appear dark and solid like low storm clouds in daylight, while brightly lit or glowing, with projected beams of light at night. These objects descend to the ground, ascend into the sky, and hover above the ground for long periods. Sounds are broadcast from them, and humans and other beings are described as ascending up into and descending down from these objects. If UFOs are the same craft of the ancient sky gods, which logic dictates they are; it follows that spiritual nature and beings of the ancient world must also be connected to modern UFOs.