The UFO Conundrum


UFO Theories and Theorists

For the novice UFO researcher, there is a maze of concepts awaiting their investigation. If one has the mental stamina to research even the current theories, the result can range from confusion to outright rejection of the whole UFO concept. The spectrum of theories run from the government’s denial that UFOs even exist to the notion that they are blood-drinking lizards lurking in space with a plan to herd humans like cattle. They may be aliens from another planet monitoring our potential threat to the galactic community or ambassadors demanding their own embassy before they will share their technology. UFOs might be holographic images from a satanic conspiracy or have an entire culture flourishing deep inside the planet. Or could they be government clones or even the ancient gods?

Whatever the answer, the plethora of theories is, no doubt and in no small part, responsible for the skeptical view of the general public. Add to this the commercial exploitation of the phenomenon and the conditioned stigma of mental imbalance in the believers and you have a credibility gap you could fly a Death Star through. For those not willing to run the gauntlet and spend untold hours in serious research, there is only perplexity. For those who do invest the time and mental energy required, there is often a never-ending series of paradigm shifts from one theory to the next, often leading to the same perplexity in perpetuity.

There are no guidelines for serious UFO research, but, fortunately, the human mind is very adaptable and can reason its way through almost any enigma. We will approach this particular enigma, and perhaps the one most relevant to the past, present, and future of mankind, with only two suppositions. First, considering the preponderance of evidence available and with the knowledge that this is only a small percentage of the whole, the existence of UFOs in our skies will be considered as a fact. Secondly, logic dictates that, in all probability, only one could be correct or they are all wrong.

The Source

As with any theory, the credibility of the theorist is a very strong consideration. What is the true motivation behind the advancement of the theory? A classic example, that should immediately raise flags, is the case of extraterrestrials with financial needs. Pleas for money from those who claim the same beings that fly vehicles with warp drives and trillion-mile odometers would need money to accomplish their earthly goals is nothing short of a con game.

The track record of a theorist should also be scrutinized. Are they fudging on their credentials, over stating their expertise, or just outright frauds? There are precious few sources to check the reputation and honesty of a given theorist, but if they have made any impact, you can wager they have been investigated, and often exposed, if they are fraudulent. The greater the exposure of their work, the more detailed the examination of their claims becomes. A diligent search will often reveal hidden details about their credentials and backgrounds that will give the researcher some valuable insight.

The most important thing is to question everything about any individual that claims anything about UFOs. The very existence of an advanced civilization in our biosphere is not something to be considered lightly and those who would exploit it for their own gain are exploiting the whole of humanity.

The Evidence

The first and most obvious type of evidence one should consider suspect is that of the “Co-participants”, those that claim they have been chosen by the “visitors” as an ambassador or liaison to humanity. The sheer numbers of these “chosen ones” alone allows for a simple and superbly efficient process of elimination. They are all claiming to be the only one chosen, they all convey different messages and they all have different agendas. Again, logic kicks in and dictates that only one could possibly be the real deal, if any at all. What this presents is the problem of figuring out which one that is, a virtual crapshoot, as it were.

Channelers present the next hurdle and are as numerous as co-participants. These are the ones who claim to be recipients of spiritual messages, visions, or actual visits from apparitions that guide them to reveal certain truths to mankind. In some cases, this has led to literal reams of dictated messages. This is another case of figuring out which one is telling the truth.

Archaeological agendas present associations of ancient structural enigmas and their relation to star systems. These, of course, have considerably more credibility than word of mouth or spiritually generated agendas because there is physical evidence. When investigating these theories it is, of course, important to closely examine how such conclusions were reached. How does the researcher make the connections and how theoretical are the associations? At least in this field one has the option of forming an opinion based on actual evidence.
Ancient writings present not only a wealth of interesting information from our past, but also ample opportunities for manipulating that information. As with any research in the field of UFOs, check the source, especially when specific skills are required in the interpretations of those writings and make sure any academic credentials that should be essential are current. Avoid those who claim to have certain special talents or understanding. Claiming to be an expert by sheer intellect is not sufficient, nor is a claim that one understands the writing by simple prolonged exposure. Check the sources of the material presented. Does the original text actually exist, or is it accessible only to the theorist? Consult peer review of the work. What do others in the same field say about the validity of the theorists work? An individual producing reams of work from documents containing languages that are either known to be indecipherable or only understood at a rudimentary level by educated experts in the same language should sound an alarm.

Debunkers depend on the very enigma itself to discredit it and often use very manipulative language to achieve their goals. Many often dismiss proven fact as immaterial, the mass of sightings as mass hysteria, and believers as mentally challenged fanatics. As stated previously, we will give no credit to those who claim UFOs as atmospheric anomalies, hoaxes to gain publicity, or disturbances in brain functions.

The Scenario

When considering the validity of any UFO theory, the actual scenario presented by the theorist should be carefully scrutinized. In many cases there will be found scripts that are simply copies of older theories with basic name changes. Theories that contain elements of other theories or myths often are exactly that, a patchwork of many combined elements with no solid evidence behind any. Theories based on cultures having only mythical backgrounds are often more the personal imaginings converted into spiritual messages from the beyond. Many take known cultural writings and claim special insight to the hidden meanings of the authors which are often disputed by known experts or cultural realities.

There are many that claim direct contact with alien life forms that dictate warnings or directives to humanity, as a whole, using the theorist as a conduit to publicize their individual agendas. These are perhaps the most visible and almost always request money to support the extraterrestrial cause. Again, one must consider reality. There are certainly not thousands of separate galactic cultures all bidding for human attention so, again, we are faced with determining which one is the real culture, if any. This particular approach is highly suspect as it is usually controlled by the exclusive communications given to one individual. Beings are addressed by name, their individual cultures are described in detail, and often-lengthy messages using first person narratives from the alien ambassadors are presented.

The Researcher

With literally thousands of theories confronting the researcher, the path to understanding awaiting the serious UFO researcher is no doubt one of the most difficult to navigate.
1. Check the author behind the theory: Are they who they say are, where they say they are? And, most importantly, beware of those who are not open about these things.
2. Question the author directly: If possible address your questions to the individual making these claims. Often these claimants have no open forum for this purpose, but this, of course, should give one reason for suspicion.
3. Check the critics: Research information about the theory from sources not directly connected to the work. There are few resources for doing this easily, but those available on the Internet will be listed at the end of this writing. But most importantly, refine your own research skills.
4. Check the sources: Research the sources the theorist are using as the foundation of the work. Pay particular attention to individual references for meaning and context.

The Theories and the Theorists

Here we present the theorists and the theories most often showing up in Internet searches and other lists. It cannot be stressed enough that these are personal opinions and it is up to the reader to do the research on all theories:

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, SETI
We place this project first for two reasons. First, it is the only UFO theory that has the approval of the general public and second, it is the most benign project in the field. Approaching the existence of extraterrestrials by pointing listening devices into space with the grand goal of finding messages from the stars, it is the biggest bait and switch scam ever. Politically correct and as controversial as Disneyland, it totally avoids any recognition that millions of people on the planet have testified that the truth is not “out there”, but “right here”. Passive enough for kindergarten and satiating all the skeptics and denials, it is the most effective method of dumbing down public awareness of the UFO phenomena.

Government Denial
Starting in the forties with Roswell and recommended by the Brookings Institute in the sixties, this is the official government line backed up with all the smoke and mirrors of a cheap Vaudeville sideshow. Not much has changed since Roswell.

Government Vehicles
This theory claims that the government has captured alien vehicles and used the technology to make their own UFOs. Tied in with claims that everything from Teflon to microchips are nothing more than the same captured technology being released slowly to the public, it reads like a conspiratorial science fiction novel. Perhaps that accounts for its popularity among conspiracy buffs. There is evidence that the government has retrieved vehicles, but it is highly unlikely that these account for all UFO sightings.

Government Alliances
The government and the aliens are in cahoots, either for the benefit of or to the detriment of mankind. This one gets its share of devotees. It is hard to understand how an advanced race with superior intelligence would enter into an alliance with military officers or politicians with less than honorable agendas, but this reality seems to be ignored. If true, this scenario is perhaps the most threatening of all the theories and there are many factors that make it unlikely. The constant scrambling of military craft to intercept them would certainly indicate no contact, as well as the many reports of UFOs involved in thwarting aggressive military actions. The consistent passive nature of these visitors throughout history would also indicate a peaceful nature, at least for the meantime. And, considering the trigger-happy and power hungry nature of the likely human negotiators, an intelligent, peaceful being would soon realize the interest of mankind was not the goal.

Zachariah Sitchin
Zachariah Sitchin is the most recognized UFO theorist claiming that his discoveries virtually nullify every other. He claims to be an expert in the translation of ancient Sumerian text through self-education, but his claims have found no credibility with his more learned peers. Unsubstantiated claims that the Bible and most other ancient writings are just copies of the true Sumerian text, that there is a rogue planet in regular orbit in our system, and that the aliens are just after our gold place his theories somewhere between outrageous and science fiction. His inability or unwillingness to present the sources from which he derives this ancient knowledge immediately raises red flags. In defense, he often points to the many spin-offs of his work as proof of his credibility, which is no proof at all. Convincing others of your beliefs, no matter how successful, is not proof that your sources are valid, especially if none of your believers have ever seen them. A word of warning to those researching Sitchin’s work; do in-depth research outside of his own work and those of his clones and, most importantly, look for the proof within his work. There is strong evidence that it is fictional rather than factual.

The International Raelian Movement
A classic Co-participant situation; the leader claims to be the chosen ambassador of an alien race trying to make contact with humanity. Only problem; they won’t come until he builds them an embassy. And, of course, intergalactic embassies require astronomical budgets which the aliens won’t front. Tens of thousands have plopped down millions, but still no embassy and the chosen location, Jerusalem, of course, is out of the question, so they are shopping around for a new location. Meanwhile, the money keeps pouring in. Obviously bored with just an upcoming alien visitation, they have branched out into human cloning, which they claim is the alien way. A study into the claims, evidence and, most importantly, the finances of this group will give you sufficient reason for suspicion.

David Icke
Let’s start with a brief thumbnail which includes Icke as being a pro-Hitler, anti-Semite who endorses The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Tsarist anti-Semitic forgery that informed Hitler’s notion of a global Jewish conspiracy. This can easily be backed up in one sentence, his own: “I strongly believe that a small Jewish clique which has contempt for the mass of Jewish people worked with non-Jews to create the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War….They then dominated the Versailles Peace Conference and created the circumstances which made the Second World War inevitable. They financed Hitler to power in 1933 and made the funds available for his rearmament.” He also denounced the Nuremberg Trials as “a farce” and “a calculated exercise in revenge and manipulation”. He is a supporter of the U.S. militia movement, opposes gun control as a plot by this Elite, (the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission), has repeatedly posted anti-abortion literature and articles on his web site and he even accuses the U.S. government of carrying out the Oklahoma City bombing and murdering 168 people.
Oh, did we mention that the Illuminati are plotting to take over the world, but are actually a race of extraterrestrial reptiles in human form? These child-sacrificing, blood-drinking, Satan-worshipping lizards from outer space are a threat to democracy and capable of changing their shapes. Their ranks include George Bush, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Bob Hope, and Kris Kristofferson. For more insight into this there is more:
David Icke And The Politics Of Madness – Where The New Age Meets The Third Reich

George Adamski
George Adamski, a self-made man who had an interest in astronomy and oriental philosophies, was the most famous UFO contactee of the twentieth century. This self-made man, who had an interest in astronomy and oriental philosophies, claimed that he met a being from Venus who said his race was concerned about the radiation from atomic bombs harming other worlds. The alien also informed Adamski that races were visiting Earth from other planets in the solar system and beyond. Meetings with other humanoids ensued. These humanoids took him on flights into space and around the dark side of the moon. However, his description of wooded valleys on the dark side of the moon was not exactly accurate. His experiences are chronicled in several books beginning with ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’.


No doubt, the theory that UFOs are the evidence of alien visitors from other planets is at the center of at least 90% of all UFO theories. Some claim specific planets, solar systems, and other galaxies and the reasons for being here are as varied as the aliens themselves.

Satan and the Fallen Angels

This theory is the church’s theory of last resort to account for the UFO phenomenon. It takes various forms, depending on the source, but is always a satanic conspiracy. The “Holograph” theory claims that there are no UFOs, just holographic images projected into the minds of humans calculated to lure them away from the collection plate. The other more prominent theory is another “child-sacrificing, blood-drinking, Satan-worshipping aliens from outer space that are capable of changing their shapes” concept. But, for whatever reason, they are only here to corrupt the minds of weak believers and drain members, (precious financial resources), from the church. This has also been labeled the “Great Deception”

The Gods

This theory cites ancient text and structural and cultural anomalies to prove that UFOs are the same flying vehicles that appear in this ancient evidence and that they are either aliens from another planet or the creators of this one, AKA, gods.


This is the, “I am the chosen representative of ______ , from the ______ of ______ , and have been told to give you this message ______ , or this warning ______ , or this ultimatum ______ , and we need this amount, $______ , to complete the alien agenda.“

Hollow Earth

This theory claims that the UFOs don’t come from, “out there”, but “down there”, right under our feet and claims the Earth is actually hollow, which is actually the source of UFO activity.


Others include: The Aetherius Society, The Urantia Brotherhood, The Unarius Academy of Science, Dianetics, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, The Deist Research Institute, The Church Universal And Triumphant and the Great White Brotherhood, headed by Elizabeth Claire Prophet, The Theosophical Society, founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, The Unification Church, headed by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, The Brotherhood of the Sun, and The Planetary Activation Organization.

This is by no means a complete list and, again, this is personal opinion and should be researched carefully.

The world is not a prison-house but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions
of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks.
Edwin Arlington Robinson