March 2024 Forecast


March 2024 Forecast

This month marks the beginning of the need for new habits and routines for all within their lives.  There is the need of adjustment to all aspects of reality as awareness begins to dawn that the times need adjustment and shifting to accommodate changes in lifestyle and preparation for the future.  Many have already begun this process and shifted their priorities, however, more alterations are going to be needed and the sooner you begin the easier the process. Though the times may be a bit stressful, this will continue for many years to come and the sooner adjustment is made the easier life will become.March is paving the way for tension among the populace which in future months may lead to upheaval in unexpected areas.  Watch for truth to be revealed in unusual and unexpected areas which will cause trust to be lost and change demanded in new areas.  The country is going through growing pains and often the demands of justice coming from the general population will destabilize those areas we have looked to for justice.  Aside from what is common knowledge at this time, there are also other areas that will be revealed that are unexpected that will call for revision or elimination.  What now is the great focus new areas will call for attention and shift focus by the end of the month.  The pinnacle of Justice will be the focus for concern and clarity and the need for house cleaning will be called for in that area.  Also brought into the light will be The branches of government and how they are not creating a balance of power but rather a battle for power and not representing those who they are supposed to represent.

Though much of this seems a bit dark it is important to remember that change is always a bit unsettling on many different levels and if laughter can be found the stress levels will lessen.  The changes will still be there but won't seem as drastic.  No matter how difficult situations may seem, the element of laughter can always ease the way and lighten the mood.  Try to always find that light in the darkness and the pathway will be easier and the journey more awakening.  After all, what is happening is that there is new awareness available to all and when that breaks through the lies and misinformation it enables us to balance the scales once more and find the new directions that are open to all of us.

Finding balance within our lives is very important in the month to come.  Focusing on only one area of life will cause an imbalance that will slow progress in all other areas.  Though there may well be a central focus it is also important to have other areas that will bring you into balance.  Singular focus eliminates other areas that could not only cast needed light but can also enhance your focus.  Many will be tempted only to focus in one area that in many ways will starve other areas that are needed for clarity of insight.  Diversify, spread yourself evenly and you will find a greater richness in all areas of life and the speed of accomplishment will be greatly enhanced as well.

March is also a month when the spiritual elements are reminding us of the need to enhance our practices.  Whether your choice is prayer or meditation or any other expression of your Spiritual nature there is a need of this focus as well on a more regular practice.  Sometimes the day-to-day events require more and more of our focus and we forget to touch in with Spirit.  These are times when the spiritual elements can be very useful, especially when it comes to important decisions that all will be called upon to make as the year progresses.  Keep those channels open for they will help to explain some of the situations that will be manifesting as the year comes to a close.  Don’t become a fanatic in this process, just establish a practice that will make Spirit more available to you in times of confusion and need.

The month of March is definitely a turning point in the changes that are flowing our way, pay attention to the new directions that are opening up to all, observe and wait for this is not really a time of action but rather one of observation and taking notes.  How one utilizes time and energy and financial issues will create a pattern that will be with you for many years to come.  Make sure you don’t fence yourself in but rather leave room for growth and expansion.  Seeing new options and ways of applying your energies could well lead to greater compensation on many different levels if your reality.  When the shifts of energy and focus go through the kinds of change that they are now beginning to go through it opens doors for new beginnings and stretches our potential for the expression of creative energies to manifest and greatly enhance your reality.

Watch the weather this month for some very unusual shifts are beginning to manifest as some of the past patterns are being erased.  Some of the flows of energy that we have counted on for years are shifting and moving into new patterns that will greatly change growing and harvesting in the years to come.  The crusts are shifting, moving at a greater pace than ever before and hot and cold areas will see the shifts more apparent than others.  The Gulf Stream is going to shift as well and that can be interesting for all who are influenced by it.  Watch also the Poles for there is a greater shift there than had been expected so weather may well come to the fore as the year progresses.

Though the Cosmic predictions are always channeled, often something of a higher-level sneaks through as well.  The information below is one of these times. I include it here because it basically demanded to be put out there.


There is a storm coming and it holds within it chaos and confusion.  The clouds have been gathering for eons and it is soon to break upon all of humanity.  We have seen storms such as this before but not in mankind’s memory.  There will be those who will play it down and tell you everything is under control … but they lie.  This is a time when much will crumble and fall into dust.  Those who are in power will vanish in the maelstrom never to be seen again leaving great numbers to rebuild and restructure using history as a template, hopefully this time to avoid those areas where power was given rather than earned.  Putting in guidelines and checks to prevent power mongers from getting control over masses who are not paying attention.  Power will be shared among the many and none will keep secrets.  This goes for all areas on the globe, all will have to struggle out of the dust for this is a world storm, not one just focused upon one area.

The earth herself will rise in anger and shake off those who have misused and abused her.  Earthquakes will ripple the surface for great lengths of time while volcanos long dormant will spew lava in all directions. Wind, rain, snow, and ice will touch areas and will blanket the earth, out of season out of reason.  And yet the species will survive.  There are no armies equipped to fight weather, weapons have no effect against the weather and the weather cannot be controlled by mankind.

The dust will eventually settle, and humanity will survive but with a new and different focus upon the future.  When the sun does break through the clouds there will be no borders, no countries just humanity.  All one and all will work together for the benefit of all.  It will take chaos to unite, but it will.


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