December 2023 Forecast


December 2023 Forecast


 We are presently experiencing the cosmic shifts that currently flow throughout our realities and are currently enveloping us in new perspectives as to our present and future within our awareness.  Change flows in all elements within our lives and reflections of the past cast a stark contrast to the present day.  When such shifts and changes take place, they flow quietly in the background at first, and as they gather momentum, they become more and more evident within our present realities.  As we move through the coming times those changes will become more and more visible to everyone as we regain our balance and move into the new energies that are even now becoming more and more evident within our realities.  Times of shift usually create imbalance as awareness expands and new philosophies and insights open to our consciousness.  While it may well be a bit unsettling it is also very exciting as new portals of wisdom and awareness are opening to us as we expand into the vision and understanding of the cosmic energies that are available to all.

Many will find that balance may be a bit off as these energies flow more abundantly throughout present reality, but as these energies become more vibrantly a part of our awareness balance with greater vision will be available to all.  This will be a time when the only thing that prevents forward motion is your own self-doubt.  Realize that when a pathway seems blocked to you often it is because the Spirit within, your direct link with the Source, is slowing you down for a reason.  Sometimes it is because perhaps more thought is needed or perhaps there is a better direction for you to consider.  This next month is not one for spontaneous shifts in direction, whether it be location or profession, new perspectives or closing doors.  This is more of a time of reflection and introspection, a time of taking stock and decluttering to make room for the newness that the new year will bring.  A time of tying up loose ends and shifting your focus to new perspectives and philosophies that are just now beginning to take seed within your consciousness.

This month signals a need to bring yourself back into balance within your reality.  There should be equality between your energies that are focused upon your own personal journey within this life and those energies that are shared with others.  You cannot be of service to others if you have not taken care of yourself first.  For many, it seems easier to focus on others rather than your own personal issues, but then if you haven’t dealt with those issues yourself you cannot be of counsel to others unless you speak of lessons you have personally learned yourself.  This is a time to focus on those aspects within that are still in need of attention. New inner vision is available to you so take the time to find the inner balance and move forward with greater determination than ever before,

This season calls for greater creativity than ever before.  Take the time to stretch yourself and find the unusual and unique manner to share with others.  Remembering always the greatest gift you can give is your time and attention.  Sharing love and laughter with others can be far more satisfying than a gift bought with little thought.  We are evolving into a time when spirit and compassion are more greatly valued than physical gifts.  Sharing time enriches both the giver and receiver and creates gifts of spirit and memories that are priceless.

This is a time when communication of all sorts is most important.  Words and music come into play in this month and memories from the past flood into our realities and remind us of times long past.  Record those times to remind yourself of the great richness that is a part of your past, and to reflect back on as time moves forward.  By reopening those channels of communication with the past you share a richness with the present that will help as time passes to share love and laughter with others and will create an energy you will carry forward in time.

There is a new foundation that is being created within everyone as new energies flow into our realities and greatly enhance vision and understanding.  A new time, a new focus, as new understanding of our history, our evolution and destinies become clearer to each according to their level of insight and awareness.  As portals become more visible and information and insight flow to the conscious inner awareness our understanding and grasp of the Spirit within becomes more clear and the journey we are all on takes on greater understanding, Though times may seem chaotic at times there is a greater understanding of the purpose of those changes and the understanding that sometimes things must be removed for greater aspects to be constructed.  Those elements of foundations that remain fluid will be able to stand the test of time and grow and evolve with the times.  Those foundations that are rigid and have no flexibility will eventually crack and fall into ruin.

This is a month that holds magic within it.  There is laughter and joy as many move into new aspects of their being.  This is a time when many will see the magic that is available to them and begin to evolve to move into a new level of understanding as to where the universe is drawing us.  New meaning and direction will be found by many as they are challenged by new directions and find that their pathway has suddenly changed, only to open to vistas and opportunities never before imagined.  This is a time of discovery and the more you are open to change the greater those discoveries will be.

This month opens all to changes and shifts not expected.  No matter your age all are being sent back to school in one form or another.  Everyone is always in school, it’s just the presentation of the learning experience that changes.  The more active you are in stretching into the learning experiences the more wisdom in all areas you gather.  We are coming into new phases of evolution and new aspects of the human condition as well, some may feel the stretch differently than others but all will move into new phases of perspective that will radically shift their approaches to life as we know it.  A new focus, a new phase of awareness and insight and a spiritual evolution of spirit, whether you think you’re ready or not … hold tight, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Special hint – There are going to be some unusual changes to our moon visible to the naked eye …keep looking up.

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