Cosmic Forecast 2016 Overview


Overview 2016

This cosmic forecast 2016 is an unusual one,this time frame marks a pivotal point for all of humanity. Future generations will look back at this shift and mark it as the beginning of a new awareness that changes and shifts the destiny for all of humanity. Many have noticed the increase in energy surrounding all and how the awareness and perceptions have awakened within everyone to varying degrees. There is a tsunami of energy washing over the entire planet and it is almost as if the masses are awakening from a state of lethargic slumber and realizing that they have been controlled and manipulated by those they trusted. The masses have been lied to and those they put in power have greatly abused that power. There is an undercurrent of anger and frustration that will begin to erupt and shake the very foundations of society all over the globe.

There is a sound of drums and marching feet that drifts upon the energies and applies to global spots, most especially to the U.S. at this time. A feeling evocative to the mid 1700’s. At that time the population was over taxed, not treated as individuals free to make their own choices, ruled and controlled by a powerful organization who did not recognize their independent worth. There was a revolution and they declared their independence, fought and won it and declared never to be in the same position again. Several hundreds of years later history is repeating itself and the masses are again calling upon the aspect of revolution that is planted deeply within all. The methods of this revolt will be different this time but make no mistake there is a war brewing and it will take on many different forms of manifestation within this reality. This is a process that begins this year but will be ongoing for decades yet to come. Those who live with lies and use them to control will find that their worlds will crumble. Those who have gathered their power with untruths will find that they are shunned. Large corporate organizations who do not serve humanity with integrity will find they experience great losses, for the law of balance and justice will begin to imprint reality to a much greater degree that ever before. The U.S. will experience much upheaval as it begins to reclaim the integrity that its leaders have ignored for generations.

There will be similar shifts all over the globe as the individuals claim their independence in different ways but the results will be the same over time. Some of the larger nations that have had prominence over the last decades will find the populace demanding a change and those changes will evolve in different ways with ultimately the same outcome. Humanity moves towards different methods of governing and there will be shifts in monarchies that will come as great surprise to many. Several will find they have come to an end and traditions will be relegated to museums as the populace begins to move forward into new expressions of their independent thinking and living.

The Weather patterns will be unpredictable in the years to come and there will be a greater frequency of unusual shifts in the weather patterns. Those models that have in the past been used to predict patterns will no longer apply. The changes and shifts are indeed following a pattern but one that is eons old so we have no frame of reference to apply to them. There is a deep resounding thunder inside the earth and it reverberates towards the surface in the form of earthquakes in unexpected places that give warnings that are ignored until it is too late. There will be storms of unprecedented intensity as well, many will relocate to different areas in anticipation of what is yet to come … they show great internal wisdom. The element of water figures greatly in the weather in the decade yet to come. Streams and rivers changing their course and shifting directions. Look to the great rivers, the Mississippi, The Nile, The Amazon, The Yangtze, The Ob, The Congo, The Yellow River and Angara, all will have shifts that effect millions. That which has flowed for thousands of years may well change course and surprise many, opening new territories in some cases and revealing antiquity and the missing pieces of history in others.

There are those who will try to control the weather and influence the patterns that nature has created. There will be some success in this but for the most part nature will eventually prevail. Those who try to use this ability for reasons of dominance or to harm others will find their intentions backfiring on them. All over the globe there are those who are trying to use the weather as a weapon … for those the caution is being given “What you send out will return to you greatly magnified” so be cautious as to your intent for it will come back at you. This applies to the weather as well as the element of fracking, the earth will retaliate in its own time and way.

This well may be a year of extremes in all levels. Individuals will find that those who are utilizing their creativity much will occur. Creativity opens the individual to inspiration and the ability to manifest more than ever imagined. This is a time to reach for the stars in many ways for the energies do support new endeavors and those taking a risk will be greatly rewarded. Communication on new levels will open up and new networks will be available to many … helping to dispel the efforts of many to flood us with false information.

While space has been heralded as the last frontier for exploration it is going to become very evident that the pursuit of the deeper realms of the human psyche have far greater wealth, knowledge and richness than any other direction. Those areas that were once condemned are now becoming more accepted and even incorporated into the greater acceptance of science. There is a new birth of interest in that which was once feared as many discover hidden talents and gifts within themselves. What was feared in other time frames now is more accepted and many are questioning religious and spiritual aspects in the light of new understanding. Foundations have been out there for centuries and now humanity begins to build upon them and reach beyond old philosophies and open to the new paradigms that have always been there but are now beginning to be embraced by many.

Turmoil and chaos are the heralds of creation and enlightenment.

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