Cosmic Forecasts 2014

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Forecasts 2014

2014 is going to be a year of shifting and change for not only us as individuals but the planet as well. There are going to be above average storms of all types as well as an increase in natural disasters such as earth quakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Blame will be put on many different causes, the reality is that all will be to blame and we will find that the environment, Mother Nature, is going to prove to be most challenging this year, and frustratingly, uncontrollable …even though there are those who think they can manipulate the weather. Those individuals are going to make catastrophic errors that will not only cause disasters but will set in motion elements that are irreversible. Instead of earning acclaim they will find themselves hiding from even close friends.

There is an unsettling aspect to this year as far as governments and political situations are concerned. There will be many outbreaks of civil unrest all over the globe and the US will not be exempt from these. There is great dissatisfaction for the state of the union and there will be many attempts to alter and change the status quo, some requiring military intervention. That which has simmered under the radar is going to erupt into common view with most interesting results. There will be new faces and names coming to the fore with solutions and an unknown will emerge to be a front runner much to the surprise of the establishment.

The economy will struggle and have bursts of recovery only to slip back when no one is looking. While the charts and numbers can be used by all to their individual preferences, the reality will be that the housing market will remain where it is now and the job market will most probably get worse not better. It appears that the consciousness of humanity is so use to being manipulated by the establishment it does not remember to question and hold accountable those who abuse the power they have had bestowed upon them. The masses will be complacent no longer and fractions that have been quietly gathering will find their voices and call to question those who abuse their offices …no matter how lofty. Watch for molds to be broken and voices to be found. One who leads will not be followed and tradition will be broken so that balance is restored.

The sky’s hold new questions and information long held will be revealed and changes long overdue will occur. Knowledge and wisdom find their way into the public domain and shake the foundations that were once thought to be carved in stone. New awareness awakens a shift of focus and history takes on new light and meaning. What was once thought to be fact becomes fiction and fiction fact … a world turned upside down only to finally find truth that has been hiding in plain sight.

The only reason there is poverty, hunger, homelessness and not enough jobs is because that’s the way the large corporate entities want it. Just so that there is no misunderstanding, the large corporate structures include governments and religions. Those are the forces that use fear to gain power, empty promises to manipulate us and threats to control. For them to succeed they need those circumstances to exist. The moment that humanity realizes that we are one family united by love connected by spirit and more powerful as one unit than all the governments of this world, then and only then will there be no need for the corporate structures. But it must be all, each and every one of us that realizes this, and not only embraces but lives it that we cease to be lemmings, and join as one family, united by spirit, heart to heart hand to hand and move as one into that cosmic brotherhood, that has for eons been waiting for us to grow up. Until that day we remain, to quote a much used phrase, the sheeple of the planet earth

January 2014
There is a gentle flow of energy this month as the element of universal love weaves into every aspect of our lives. This is a time when we see a better kinder aspect to everything around us and there is a feeling of compassion and brotherhood that has been absent for some time. The energies open us to the understanding of others and their agendas, we see the strings that are attached to emotional connections and begin to understand to a greater extent, the behavior and reactions of others. This is also a time when we seek within, we look for the channels through which the element of love has flowed and find that it has broadened and our capacity is much greater than once we thought. Tempers are softened and words of understanding come more easily than ever before. This is not to say that you become a door mat, only that there is greater insight and awareness as to the source of all that comes your way. There are always choices as to how you react and deal with this new skill … the choice is yours as to how to apply and use this new aspect to your demeanor.

A new balance comes into play and all are able to balance more than they thought. New energies swirl and there is a greater ability to take on more than ever before. Be ambitious, stretch yourself and reach beyond those limitations that you set for yourself last year. If you don’t reach you’ll never know how far you can go. Often we limit ourselves by not stretching …this is a time to stretch, to go outside the box and open yourselves to the magic that is there for you. Having a balance within your life gives you a better foundation to build those magical castles you have been dreaming of. Remember that our dreams are just reality waiting to be manifest …so balance and dream, there really is no limit when the foundation is firm and there is balance both within your spirit and your reality.

The aspect of home on all levels becomes a focus this month as well. That of our physical reality, our spiritual reality and then, for the first time, our cosmic reality. The home of our physical reality, that place that shelters us from the environment, needs some work, small repairs and a bit of TLC. Often we become so immersed in other aspects of life we lose sight of the simple obvious elements of life. Step back, take stock of what has been ignored and attend to the simple repairs, least they become major and costly over time. Our spiritual home within our reality; that place wherein our spirit dwells as we move through this lifetime, our physical bodies also need to be tended to. This is a time when we need to focus on how we are nourishing our bodies and what we are doing that could bring harm to those bodies. Now is the time to adjust habits that are not of the best kind, to shift our intent and take care of ourselves. It matters not what our philosophies and focus are if the body can no longer support the spirit it carries.

Often we ignore the physical to follow the spiritual only to find that there is no foundation to work from nor a stable reality to manifest in. The process of evolution, awakening and ascension is one that is slow and meticulous. We can’t skip a step and have to move a step at a time, embracing each one in order for the process to carry us to the desired destination. The physical leads to the spiritual, that sanctuary within that we have carefully constructed through study, lessons learned and wisdom sheltered within applied to the lifetime we now journey through. Understanding what we carry within is as important perhaps more so than trying to copy another or replicate what others have done. The design is entirely unique unto us as is the spirit that dwells within.

The truth that we have a true and unique home within the cosmos is becoming more and more a clear fact within our reality. Our true home is not of this world, or even for that matter this galaxy. Our true home, the source of our creative spirits lies beyond our intellectual comprehension and begins to awaken the spiritual memories of thousands, perhaps even millions of lifetimes of spiritual evolution. The true understanding of our place within the cosmos has not yet been conceived of even by the most profound minds. We have created philosophies from our human frame of reference, stories and myths to explain what we could not understand and tried to bring reason to our very existence. The truth? The actual truth is we do not know because we are not ready to understand, we cannot comprehend because we are so tied to the physical problems of the intellect we are unable to expand consciousness beyond this small reality and planet wherein we dwell. But the truth stirs within us and the memories begin to reach for consciousness. Humanity is not ready for the absolute truth because humanity cannot embrace itself as of yet let alone the vast cosmos that calls to us. The truth lies within and slumbers still but stirs from time to time reminding us that we are not alone and that we are the ones we are waiting for.

February 2014
The energies this month flow in spiritual and intuitive channels. There is much energy around the third eye and many will feel a sense of vertigo or frequent headaches. The cause? A shifting of the awareness, a clearing of the vision (not the sight) and an awakening of the consciousness to the greater levels that are available to us from deep within. A stirring of memories long carried from times when insight, precognition and prophecy were common among the masses. Those memories lead us to unused portions of our consciousness and the remembrances of talents, gifts and skills once mastered that now remain dormant within us. Each on their own level in their own time frame will begin to awaken and use these talents to bring greater clarity and wisdom into our realities. For some it will mean the hunches become more accurate, for others the insight becomes more focused and they will see the directions that now call more loudly to them than ever before and to still others the flow of information and insight will be amazing, they will see the true intentions of all around them, the strings that are attached to gifts and the intent behind kindnesses. While all are true gifts of spirit, they are as well, a double edged sword. The true friends will stand out from the masses but some you thought were friends have agendas you had not seen before. Sometimes knowing the full truth makes life a bit harder to deal with, but the truth also allows you to make better choices on all levels.

As this new insight blends with your energy and synchronizes with your consciousness reality opens to you a greater beauty than ever before. The environment and the aspects of nature take on a new vibrancy that you had not picked up before. The energy that radiates from all living things shimmers before you and there is new beauty in the world you had never seen before. This is a most wondrous gift of spirit and those who use it for healing and kindness will feel its strength and power and find that their lives are made richer on all levels. It will not bring wealth on a physical level, nor can it be used for personal profit, but the sharing of it enriches and enhances you beyond measure. The more you use it the greater the energy you draw to yourself and the more intense it all becomes. The more you give it away the greater the abundance within you have to share.

There is a new flow of energy within the home and there is added excitement, almost an anticipation of newness and expansion. Home is the source of power this month and what is generated from the home will find great reception wherever it is sent. This is indeed a month to expand from the home, this does not mean add a wing or another floor to the present dwelling, it means any project started from within the home will find great acceptance wherever it is sent. The creativity should be in the home and then sent out to your intended sources. The element of “home” connected to creative projects is the key for this month so get to work on planning, and vision boards for the universe is very accepting of those kind of projects and will greatly amplify their impact on all that receive them and help in the manifestation of all projects that are put into play this month …more so that before.

The Law of Karma flows throughout this month and all will feel the loose ends being tied up in some very unusual ways. Often you will find that there is over reaction in places where it is not expected. Frequently you will find yourself over reacting to situations that do not warrant it. These small out bursts are often karmic energy tying up loose ends from lifetimes past. Most of them will be small flare ups that are over as soon as they happen. There is a huge balancing going on within our universe and not only within nature but within us as well. It is as if we are being made ready for a huge shift of energy and all loose ends need to be tied up before it can be made. The feeling is that this is one of the first shifts of karmic tie ups and over the next year or so there will be several more. Often these flare ups will be with perfect strangers so don’t be surprised when this happens, remember we incarnate with a huge soul family and strangers this life could well have been family in lifetimes past, leaving loose ends that need to be tied up. Be kind to yourself and others when this happens, don’t get carried away with it or you could well create more loose ends that will have to be tied up at a later time.

There is major healing energy surrounding us this month. We are all letting go of the clutter we have gathered over time. Some of it emotional some of it physical, some of it just plain junk. We spend time de cluttering ourselves and freeing our energy fields so that there is a new vibrancy that radiates from us. We let go of what is no longer needed, what no longer nurtures our journeys and what we no longer require to validate ourselves. By the end of the month we have greater strength and flexibility, we no longer carry the burdens that have weighted us down and there is lightness to our steps. There is a feeling of freedom here, which means we can gather more treasures, just be a bit more selective and discerning this time.

March 2014
This month there is unity of focus. We draw together similar projects and blend them into a whole. We draw together like philosophies and weave them into one that expresses our current direction. Understanding where we are and what our own inner truths are at this time gives us a starting point to evolve from. Often we start extrapolating before we establish our foundation and then everything falls apart at some point because we had not established ground zero. Everyone is seeking, in their own way, reaching for those truths that explain what is unknown to us. Some will be searching on a personal level and others on a cosmic level. Whatever the direction we need to own our personal truths and philosophies and be aware of where we are working from. Once there is a unity of focus then there is a foundation and we can reach for those truths that have been calling to us for generations of our soul’s evolution. Now, for the first time, many are considering the possibility that those in power have not been truthful, and if that is so what else have we been misled on. The consciousness of all of humanity now opens to the fact that those in power, those who influence the masses may well have been purposefully misleading everyone for reasons not in the common good. Questions once whispered internally are now being asked a loud, some even louder. Humanity is shifting into a time of truth and reason, a time when no one is too lofty to be held accountable for their actions or false statements. We come to a time when truth is required so that everyone can form their own opinions rather than being told what they should be. Whether it is politics, religion or the huge corporate structures that have grown out of control, all should be held accountable. Humanity will no longer be blindly “guided”, nor accept what is filtered for others profits. This is a time of awakening and many will find that great changes are necessary in order to put things back on track. While we slumbered, those in power plundered. It hasn’t been just finances they took from us but our ability to think for ourselves and make our own choices given the honest truth. We come to a time of reckoning and all will once again take control of their lives and thoughts as we move into a kinder time. It will not happen overnight …but we will see the very beginnings of chance this month …watch for it.

Humanity evolves into a time where there are many questions that are being asked as to our source, our purpose and our destiny. We experience a time when even history is challenged and as truth comes into the light even those sources we thought carved in stone crumble to allow a greater truth to emerge. Our past abounds with philosophies as to our history and even the beginning of time, and all will shift and open to even greater understanding as to our origins and purpose here upon the earth plane. As the human consciousness expands and is able to grasp even broader explanations magic and miracles occur that open us still further. It will take endless generations for the full story to emerge but it does begin here and now. The understanding that within us all there rests a master teacher, a fully evolved spirit on a human journey begins the understanding. The gifts and wisdoms brought into this lifetime are available to all if we embrace them. This will be the first generation that will open and embrace that thought, and as time goes by and the gifts are brought forward and come into common knowledge and usage the numbers will increase along with the love and light that these gifts bring. For they come not to be used with greed or avarice, but to be shared with love and compassion. Society, humanity is beginning to change, it is a long process but the shift is there and finally there are enough upon the planet to make the difference, and shift the direction towards the light and the universal brotherhood that calls to us in the deepest part of our soul.

This is a month where the law of attraction flows freely through each of us. If you have a vision board, or a written contract with the universe, if you have somehow put your hopes and intentions down on paper and cemented it into this reality the universe will work with you to manifest it within your reality. What you send out there is returned to you, what you are is what you attract. The law of attraction is really very simple and provides each of us with a mirror as to who and what we are. It shows us what we can become if we sink to what others are doing and if we choose other directions the possibilities that are there for us. Pour out love and do it unconditionally, with no strings. And the universe will send it back to you. If there are strings or conditions this does not work so be careful as you send out energies for the universe cannot be fooled. You will see yourself reflected in those around you. You can’t change anyone else but you can adjust yourself and as you do then those around you have to shift themselves in order to remain. Remember to look in the mirror and do it without ego or vanity …this is a great tool and can help you shift much within your life if you want to.

There is a new, energetic harmony within the universe. Healing and creative energy weave together to provide a new energy available to all. Open to creativity of any kind and you will find that a new strength and deeper ability to draw wisdom from within. Creative energy opens us to wisdom and talent carried within; it releases joy and celebration and expands our ability to nourish our spirits. Healing energy as well opens us to the love and empathy of the spirit realms. Being open is all you need to do as the energy is always there for you. You need not use any particular modality or tool for it is your intent that directs the energy and channels it through you. Tools can often become crutches and by so doing make you forget where the real power and energy come from. Once you have mastered working with energy it is wise to let go of external tools and allow your spirit become the tool.

April 2014
This is a month when the cosmic energies want us to take care of ourselves, to remember that we are of no good to another if we have drained ourselves of vital energies. Anyone who does spiritual work is aware of the fact that by channeling the energy through we use universal energy and don’t deplete our own vital energies. This is a time of pampering ourselves making sure that enough sleep is gotten and enough water taken in. Those who are care givers, or healers, or just being their compassionate empathetic selves often neglect themselves to help others … and often experience burnout at times within their lives. Go for the balance, take care of yourselves and make sure that what you give is of quality so that everyone benefits. This is a time of taking care of the vessel that carries the spirit and enabling the spirit within to touch in a more intense way those that you come into contact with.

This is a month that the element of truth is of great import to all of humanity. Firstly to the self and then to the universe. Knowing your own truth is as important as speaking it. Often we get so caught up in wanting to please others or to keep the peace within our realities that we forget what our truths really are. Take some time this month to reacquaint yourself with what is really important to you and what you claim as your truth. When asked for opinions give it from your heart not from desire to please another. After all if your opinion is valued buy another it would not be honorable to give less than you really feel.

The truth becomes more and more important this month as not only are we called upon to rediscover our own personal truths, the philosophies by which we live our lives by, but to walk them as well. Having personal truths does you no good if you don’t live them and become a testimony and example of what you believe in. Walking your talk and inner beliefs will become more and more important as this year progresses. We will be called to live our beliefs and truths and we will hold others to the same practice. There will be conflict when some prefer the “do as I say, not as I do” concept and they will be called to task. If you cannot live your words, you should not speak them and those who continue to put falsehoods before the masses will find that no matter how polished the presentation it will not be embraced, and no matter how smooth the talk, if it is not the truth it will fall on deaf ears. The masses will move as one to shed those who lie and pretend to be leaders. Precedent will be set as many will leave places of power; some of their own volition and others because they no longer have the faith and trust of those who selected them. You don’t have to take the beliefs of another, create your own and follow them …Be true to yourselves and so not sit in judgment of others for each path is unique and demands a different and unique direction.

This is a time of unusual awakenings and dreams may well be unusual as well. Remember to keep track of them for they are prophetic and can give you hints from that spirit within what is coming your way. These hints are always of a symbolic nature so may be up for some interpretation but when you figure out how many days past the dream you understand the images, you have a lock on all the other dreams you’ve had. The number of days is always the same and the messages are always important if you take the time to figure them out. Everyone is going to experience a greater opening of their crown chakra and new energy will be available to all, how you choose to use it will be very interesting. Those who choose to expand awareness and open to the wisdom’s that have been carried within, the talents and gifts that have been perfected through time will probably enjoy this experience the most. Those who “think” there is nothing new to experience will of course become self-fulfilling prophecies’ for if you don’t believe in magic then you will never experience it. The wisdom and magic are there if you choose to reach for it and make it your own. This energy can become the bridge you have been seeking to the universal energies and wisdom’s that have for so long evaded you. The understanding and insight this new energy brings, opens the windows to more light than you could ever imagine and as it shines upon your belief systems it will show you much that you never realized was there before and it changes everything.

This is a time of new beginnings, for new insights and perspectives. Time is opening up before us and with new vision we can see much further and more deeply than ever before. We find truth within others and embrace it and those who do not have truth within fall from the fore and will have to start all over again, hopefully with greater insight and honor. Projects emerge from all directions, each holding out new wisdom and philosophies … the paradigms are doing radical shifting and for those who are able to keep up, it will be quite a ride. Creative energies flow more easily and what once were just filaments of thought now become solid and manifestational. This is a time of excitement and celebration for greater numbers than ever before see the new directions and are in full support of them. There is new hope that is founded on strength and truth and a leadership not compromised by greed or lust for power.

May 2014
Commitment, not a simple word, but one that holds deep meaning and requires love of a very special nature, a love that transcends the love of the self and declares a dedication to a cause or a person; an allegiance and a loyalty that goes beyond expectations. Commitment holds within it faithfulness and fidelity and a promise that is timeless. It is this energy that surrounds us this month Most of us use this term lightly even though we know on some level what it really means. This month take a good look at your commitments, whether they be small or large the definition holds for all of them. Make sure you are treating your commitments with the great respect they deserve. Often commitments are made and then not kept, sending a message that is not always pleasant. While not all commitments are carved in stone the word itself carries great weight and should not be used lightly. When we commit to a cause or a person we are making a promise that resonates with the spirit within. Perhaps we all need to do some housekeeping and adjust not only what we say to others but the manner in which we say things. In the past many have given their lives for causes they have committed to, and I’m sure we all have in turn; passed because of a cause we were committed to in lifetimes passed. Take some time to remember what it felt like to really feel committed, and put that same intensity into every promise and commitment you make. The first and most important is to the spirit within and the journey you are on through time. To the light that you carry, that you become a living example of walking your talk and that when you make a commitment it is with all of your being.

This month is a time of balance and justice, a time when,” what goes around comes around”, is illustrated in many different aspects of your life. There is new insight and reason that dawns and justice well may no longer have a blindfold on. The universe is bringing balance to every aspect of this reality and many will be very surprised as to where the shifts take place. Please remember that when the universe puts this quality into play within our reality it takes all lifetimes into consideration so that many will be a bit surprised as to how this all plays out.

This is a time of tying up loose ends and letting go of that which is no longer useful to you, a time of moving into new directions and opening those doors to the gifts and talents that have been carried within to be used in this time frame. Everyone has talents and gifts and all we need do is look to those passions that came with us into this time frame. In a way we were preprogrammed with these skills. We need not focus careers on them, though that would be the best of all possible worlds, but to incorporate them into our realities so that they can open us to the joy of creation and the pleasure of expanding ourselves into new venues. By utilizing creative energies, no matter how limited the final result, we open channels for the spiritual energies to flow through, manifest within our realities and move our lives forward. Without those channels we become creatively constipated and our lives stand still until the creative energies are called into play. (Just a note – you can’t get paid for your creative attempts, if you are then the channel closes. So not having any talent is really a plus on this one.)

We are reminded this month that life is a journey, one that has challenges along the way. It is important to remember that each challenge has been put in place upon our request before we incarnated. We asked for experiences that would enhance aspects of our spiritual evolution. We are never given a challenge that we are not fully capable of conquering. Within each challenge or lesson there is always a single, pure crystal of spiritual truth, a gift to us from us. Hidden inside a lesson that has challenged us to grow and become better individuals, a pearl of wisdom that, once found dissipates the challenge and the difficulty, of course making us ready for the next one. Once this concept is understood it makes all the rest of the challenges, though difficult, easier to understand. Sometimes when we are on the other side, making ready to reincarnate, we may get a bit ambitious and find ourselves a bit overwhelmed at times. Remember we made the contract and never, absolutely never are things too difficult for us to endure or solve.

There are many who are not comfortable with the lessons they have requested for this lifetime, often saying they would never have signed on for this or that they are in their last lifetime here on the planet. The reply is very simple …they (their ego) didn’t sign on for any of this. The ego only has this lifetime as a frame of reference, the spirit however, has all of eternity to draw from, and the spirit did indeed sign on for everything. As far as those who say they are not coming back, well, they’re right in a way. Their personality will never be on this planet again. The personality is a one shot deal, exclusive to this lifetime. Much like a car, we drive it until it no longer fits us and then we trade it in on a newer model, we never go back to what we have out grown. The spirit, well the spirit has been here and other realms and dimensions since the beginning of time. My suspicion is that their spirits will most probably be back to do more and greater work, to evolve to new levels of wisdom and understanding. When a personality has the audacity to proclaim it has cosmic wisdom in a human ego it only suggests that there are going to be many reincarnations yet to come so that humility and understanding can be achieved.

Body, Mind and Spirit flow together this month and much is reflected in the synchronicity this brings about. This is a time when there is a new sort of inner peace that is reflected from everyone and there is greater clarity of vision for all. How you use the information that is gathered will be most interesting and how it is applied to your realities even more so. This is a month when all will feel a better understanding of the pathways they are on. Not so much where they are going for that would make the journey worthless, but the feeling of going with the flow will be there for those who have developed the sensitivity to feel the energies of the cosmic whispers that constantly, gently guide us along our pathways. This is a very wise and gentle energy; take the time to enjoy the ride … for a time.

June 2014
We come to a time when there is another shift in the energy that surrounds us. Everyone will feel this shift in a different way, in accordance to the manner in which we deal with energy as a whole. Some will experience a time of vertigo, others a time of intensified senses and still others will find their ability to touch and communicate with other realms and dimensions greatly improved. All will take in this new energy and use it as is most appropriate to their soul’s evolution this lifetime. This is a joyful time for there is a sort of graduation feeling to the whole planet … an inner acknowledgement to having reached a new level of experience and manifestation. A time when new gifts and talents will begin to emerge, according to our spiritual understanding of their purpose and application and our ability to use them for the higher good.. There will, for some, be a bit of frustration for while the knowledge is there of the gifts and talents the ability to utilize them appropriately has not been achieved, and so the trigger is missing. This will send many on a quest for the levels necessary to utilize those skills and talents, a search for wisdom and understanding, and here’s the key, it all lies within, so put away your passports. We all carry within a master teacher, one who has made this trip countless times and has full awareness of all that has been gathered, and the directions that our journeys will take us. Connecting to that aspect of our spirits is the greatest lesson for this lifetime. Many achieve it within the dream state and still others are able to channel information from that link to the infinite that is carried within. When we truly channel to that link to the infinite within ourselves we, for the briefest of moments, have a connection with the Infinite as well. It is a simple truth; we are a part of the Infinite and all of creation. Our soul’s journey is through eons of lifetimes gathering experiences and polishing the facets that reflect out the light and love of the universe. A time will come when the human experience is no longer needed, but for now, we travel on.

There are many who claim to have connections to other entities, and there is no doubt that they are touching into the consciousness’s of greater realms. What needs to be noted is that it is not an individual they are touching into but rather the philosophy connected to the energy to that consciousness. It is sometimes difficult to conceptualize from a human standpoint the majesty and vastness of what the cosmos has to offer and in human form it is impossible to experience. For now, please realize it is a philosophy not an individual that is connected to.

This is a time frame where we will work with greater diligence’s not only on our own spiritual projects but on those areas within our reality that earn the money that keep body and soul together. This is a time when the focus should be on gaining a better balance within our lives, prioritizing and re arranging the goals we have set for ourselves on a personal level. A schedule should be something we all think about as that helps most to accomplish the greatest amount. This is not a time of recreation and play but rather a time where the focus is on completion of projects begun after the first of the year and of starting new projects that have been waiting over long to get our attention. These projects are not just work focused for the personal is here as well. Things have been put aside for a long time, until we have had “the time” to get to them. If they are important enough to be on the list of things to do, then they are important enough to attend to. So start them as well and feel your lives come into a new and better balance than ever before.

Healing flows around us once more as we let go of still more of what no longer applies to our realities. We feel greater lightness as we realize that much of the “baggage” carried was of no use to us at all. This is a time of healing so find your own private sanctuary and give yourself time to let those small wounds heal. Let go bitterness and fear and allow the light to enter and heal. Try not to reopen the past for it is over and gone. Focus on the here and the now and just “be”. Be the best that you are able, be in the moment with every fiber of your being … just “Be” and the universe will take care of itself, I promise you.

There are those who feel restricted by their realities, prevented from reaching the greatness or success that they are sure is theirs and their due. The reality is that nothing stands in your way from any level of success you want to achieve or accomplish. Stumbling blocks or lessons were put in your way because you requested challenges to help you grow and evolve. Nothing beyond your capabilities will ever be put before you. The only thing limiting you is you. Often the way to eliminate a challenge is to be more creative or to go outside the box. When straight forward only results in headaches from hitting your heads against a brick wall then the logical choice is to find another approach. There are always endless approaches to every situation and until you have tried them all you should not give up. The reality is that when you give up, the lesson will just come in another way so it is much simpler to meet them head on, and find the creative way to achieve your goal and then move onto the next one. Our simple self, the ego, quits easily, the higher consciousness is always up for the challenge and the harder the better. Sometimes it’s easier to just turn the entire situation over to the higher consciousness since that’s who actually requested the challenge. This doesn’t mean you take a break and go on vacation or sit by the fire and eat Bon Bon’s, it just means you let that higher part of you be the inspiration for the right directions, they will come and they will be brilliant.

July 2014
This is a time when wisdom of all sorts floods our realities and changes everything for us. Wisdom from out of time, wisdom from beyond time and wisdom of a most spiritual source, and each will experience these wisdom’s in many different ways. There will be those who no longer can carry on their lives of deception and so drop the false images they have been projecting. There will be information that is released that shocks us and causes us to doubt much of what has been generated on several delicate issues. There is wisdom that is uncovered that, despite the efforts of the corporate structures, finds the light of day and cracks the very foundations upon which many lies have been perpetrated. And there is wisdom of individual nature that shifts the understanding and focus of each and every spirit upon the planet. Wisdom is a most powerful tool and when released and shared the very fabric of reality changes and we see with greater clarity than ever before. Wisdom and knowledge from out of time, awakened and manifest within the here and now, opens to many new directions and philosophies that change the very direction for humanity.

We all carry within us the total of all the experiences and wisdom’s gathered through all lifetimes past. As we evolve we draw from that vast storehouse of information and wisdom, incorporate it into our realities so that wisdom from the past helps us to flow into the future. This is a time of stretching, of using the wisdom’s from out of time that we personally carry and use them to light our way into the future. There are great wisdom’s and truths that have been covered up and those that have been hidden from us, that will begin to emerge in the next decade. Watch and be open for the impact and what is revealed will explain much that has been held in mystery and hidden from view for eons. The understanding that we have for the most part been manipulated for generations will come out and finally humanity will start to take control of their true destiny, as soon as they figure out what that is.

This is going to be a month in which the energy is going to feel like a large roller coaster ride. Each will feel over whelmed and then everything will slow down. Try to pace yourselves for this is a time when all will feel run down. There will be sun spots that impact the earth and all electronics, pulses from an undisclosed source that will confuse all electronics and have many questions as to the wisdom of giving some cart Blanche on what they were experimenting on and with what. There will be technology that goes rogue on its own that again will affect the web and all electronic devices causing us for a short time to be both blind and deaf. There is an important lesson here as to how much we are to trust that which we cannot see.

Many will find themselves doing the work of two or even three. The element of work intensifies for all and there is a new push to do more in less time, a feat not all are capable of doing. Putting your shoulder to the grindstone applies here. This is only for a short period of time so plow forward, efforts will be recognized and rewarded in a most physical of ways …it will be worth all the effort you put into this time frame.

Always are there spirits around us, some of relatives who have passed and others of other worldly entities attempting to share wisdom and understanding. As individuals we attract the attention of others who are watching and guiding to the best of their abilities. While direct contact isn’t possible at this time they use the spirit realms to intercede and give us subtle suggestions leading us to towards the answers that are, of course, stored within us. We as a species can at times be most frustrating and single minded, but they have all the time in the world and so they do demonstrate extreme patience with a race, humanity, just now coming out of infancy and beginning to stand on their own. Guidance is always there, we only need to ask for it.

August 2014
There is universal balance within all of our realities, and often we don’t see it, but rest assured, it is there and it is what keeps the energies flowing and all of us moving along our pathways. Those things that are done out of unconditional love, with no strings attached or conditions bring back to us compensation of the most unusual kinds. It does not mean the compensation is of a monetary nature but rather a richer and more meaningful kind. When we operate on an unconditional level there are no expectations of reward of any kind, nor compensations, but the universe rewards come to us none the less, eventually. Often it is in new insight or understanding, or a door opens to us that is unexpected. Universal compensation is the most precious gift of all and it comes when we let go of the ego and do things from the purity of the love that is within. When we do not seek acknowledgement, when we do not seek confirmation, when we simply give from our hearts and let go, then what we receive back is far richer than one could imagine.

Compensation is the focus this month, and we all take the time to pause and review our intentions for the kindnesses that we have offered to others. This is a time to reexamine our intent and reason for what we give out. This applies to good deeds a well as actual gifts given, of a physical as well as of the etheric kind. When a gift is given with strings or agenda’s it isn’t a gift, it’s a bribe. Making sure there is a clean release is wise for often we think there are no conditions or strings when they are very subtly present. This is a time to reflect and a time to let go of those etheric strings that carry conditions. Remembering as well that the greatest gift we could give another is our time and attention for that enriches everyone involved.

Our hearts open to more of the cosmic energy that ever flows through our reality. Some of those barriers we have in the past erected to protect ourselves are lowered and we find ourselves flooded with all sorts of new energies. They bring with them new insight and understanding. We see to greater depths within others and realize the great complexities that are connected to the evolution of the spirit and understand that we are all alike in more ways than ever before realized. We find that we often can see the lessons that others struggle with and remember when those were ours at one time, and may be yet again. Though we know how we managed to pass that particular threshold we realize that each must create their own unique method for each lesson, so we silently Listen and empathize knowing that they will find their way on their own, in their own time. Your answers are yours alone as are theirs and the two have nothing in common. Time, empathy and a friendly face to share with are the greatest gift you can give to another , knowing that they will find their answers on their own …your advice can only make the whole process a longer and more confusing one. At moments like this Empathy is the greatest gift you can give.

This month all will feel as if there are two different levels of awareness that are being applied to every situation that occurs. Each will find that the ego will have one view point and the higher consciousness will have yet another and a part of you is caught right in the middle. It often will feel as if you are caught between your heart and your head, and that is indeed another insightful way of looking at things. The reasoning side of you goes for logic; things are black or white, period. The feeling side of you will see different shades of all possibilities and often will lean in an absolute opposite direction and you will feel torn, not knowing which way to go. Spiritually speaking, it is always wiser to go with the gut (feeling side), though there is often no logical reasoning behind that sort of a choice. Flowing with the feeling side of yourself will always lead you into situations that will open you to new experiences and often lead you towards those passions that you brought into this lifetime. When making choices please remember to go for those which hold joy rather than money. When all you have is money you cannot buy joy, but when you have joy everything else just flows to you.

There will be lots of choices this month and the first advice that comes through is “When in doubt, don’t”. Good advice, if you are pressured, back up, if someone tries to push you in any direction, take a break. Please know there are always alternatives and if they are not immediately visible, wait for them for they are there even if you don’t see them at first. Knowing that there are always choices gives us a chance to weigh the directions that are the best for our lives and the evolution of the spirit that is carried within. Even though there are many different pathways, they all lead, eventually, to the same source of all creation. Because we are all unique, so too are the ways we evolve and reach for the spirit that is carried within. No two will ever journey in exactly the same way.

September 2014
This is a month in which a cosmic spot light will illuminate different aspects of this reality. Attention will be drawn to areas in need of restructure and perhaps even reorganization. On all levels, whether they be personal or global, the foundations upon which we have been constructing our lives need to be inspected and mended, and in some cases rebuilt altogether. This is a time when all is under a microscope of sorts and if the foundation is not true and firm then all that is built upon it, no matter how grand will come crashing down around our ears when least expected. It is the foundations that seem to have crack’s in them, cracks created by lies and falsehoods uttered by those who were trusted and depended on. This is a time when if you take care of your own personal foundations and make sure that truth and honesty are at the very core of your lives, then you have no problems. However, if that is not the case then the cracks will begin to show for all to see and stability will not be yours. In the case of large corporate structures, the cracks are already beginning to show and the general public is beginning to ask questions , which result in alarming answers when the real truth begins to be uncovered. The cosmic spotlight illuminates falsehoods and shows the true characters of many, resulting in a rethinking of the structures that have for so long led us astray. Powerful elements will lose trust and control and there will be an awakening that for a very long time has been the worst nightmare of those powerful entities. We really don’t have to fear an enemy from without for they are already within the core of the structures that we have for so long trusted.

This is a time of awakening and taking back the responsibility of ourselves. There is great strength in taking responsibility and not trusting it to others. Many will find great strength and wisdom within themselves and this will be a time when creative energy holds the keys to a much brighter tomorrow. Re structure, re working of systems and accountability all combine to a new direction for all of us. There will be work that goes above and beyond the calling of the individuals and because there is a common effort much gets done that in the past might have taken years, to the applause of many.

This month the energies are working overtime for all to get their houses in order. To make sure all the details no matter how small have been taken care of and to make ready for change. Change in a very good way, for it means that we have grown in many ways and there is a need to make changes to allow for that growth. This doesn’t mean everyone is going to move but it does mean that all of us are expanding in our awareness and that we need to expand our consciousness to allow for all the new information and insight that will begin to flow within our realities. Many have left aspects of their lives full of unfinished projects or business …this is a time to make decisions and either choose to finish them or let go of them so someone else can finish them. There are those who have difficulty releasing things and people when they no longer have relevance to their lives. This would be a good time to allow that which no longer nourishes your reality to drift away and make room for that which will.

This is a month in which a great deal is happening both within clear sight and behind closed doors. Remember that what is put on the table and put in motion now will eventually come full circle, though perhaps not in the desired time frame. We set the ducks in order so to speak and then wait. What is initiated in this month, what is conceptualized and cemented into this time frame so to speak will have its desired effect. This is a time when great things may come from simple promises and many will be amazed at what can be accomplished if we but take the time to record our intentions.

This is also a month when record keeping of all kinds is very important. Keeping track of where things are stored and the commitments that have been made. From the very simple to the most complex a record is always a god idea, that way no one can be misquoted at a later time and the facts will always be clear. The element of back up is very strong this month, relating to electronic instruments, where it is appropriate, make sure there are back up systems in place just in case the lights go out.

There is a strong flow of continuity that flows through this month, and as things are released they are swept away by the current to clear the slate and make ready for new growth and foundations. This is a time of strong current and many will find new strength because of it, they will find their true callings and find a new pathway towards the goals set so very long ago. This is an unusual flow of energy and does not happen frequently. Those who have new projects will find that they develop more rapidly than expected and will manifest sooner than planned. This is the kind of energy that makes immediate gratification almost a given. Blockages will be swept away by this energy and the way made clear for projects that are focused on utilizing natural energy, there is a new frontier and many will see it coming before it emerges into the public eye. Those who use this energy will have an advantage and those with humanity at heart will use it to create what has been missing for so very long.

October 2014
The cosmic and universal energies swirl around, then weave together and create a new fabric of reality for all of humanity. Abundance flows into all aspects of life as humanity opens to a greater intensity on all levels. Talents and gifts carried through time are once again available to those who are ready to implement them for the unconditional good of all. This is a most interesting time as many begin to realize how much wonder and magic is available to those who are ready for it. It will flow most abundantly through those who have creative channels open and to those who are truly unconditional in nature. This will be a most interesting time as many will try to convince the universe that they are ready for these gifts and others will just patiently await what is theirs. This will be a time when true authenticity shines most brightly and those who have truly worked within themselves will be the recipients of unusual insight and wisdom. Abundance on all levels showers down upon us and for some it is an awesome experience and for others one of understanding that what we send out usually comes back to us in unusual ways. Abundance does of course come in all sorts of packages and some will be very surprised that the facade almost everyone believes in, has not fooled the universe at all, and what goes around comes around is illustrated most appropriately.

Universal love embraces all of humanity and everyone will feel the love of the cosmos. This is a rich energy that when applied to creative projects expands the meaning and intensifies the energy instilled within, a new kind of magic is born and the magnetism is alluring to say the least. A new feeling sweeps all of humanity and the emotions swell in answer to join in the dance of creation that is created. There is new insight and inspiration within all as this new energy awakes to reality and opens many to new directions. Inspiration, when fueled by universal love and creativity reaches to new heights and triggers wisdom’s from deep within. A new school of creative expression is born and touches all who use it. The thread of love, family, creation finds new venues and areas to weave itself into and the fabric of all of humanity is drawn more closely than ever before. Gently and subtly the consciousness of all are reminded of the fact that we are one family from one creator and that there is great power and wisdom when we blend together. It may be decades, or generations or eons before the seeds of understanding finally bloom, but they are once more planted and in their own time and way they will manifest within reality and bear fruit.

This is a time of miracles, of expecting the unexpected and of allowing those aspects to become a part of our realities. It has been said that those who do not believe in miracles will not experience them, and that is true, but it is also true that it is never too late to become a believer. Miracles bring magic into our realities; they bring joy, love and laughter. They lighten the spirit and they sing of the amazing possibilities that are yet to be experienced within this reality. Magic can happen at the drop of a hat and often does, it can light up a room and bring hope into a situation. Believing in the element of miracles and embracing the possibilities they bring into your lives opens us to the vast potential the universe can share with us. This is a very precious aspect that the universe holds open to us at all times, most especially this month, everyone hopes for miracles, whether they are large or small, believing in them, makes them a very real possibility. This has been demonstrated throughout all of time, and yet there are still some who play “I doubt it”. This will be their chance to join the rest, to celebrate and share in the joy that is always present when one or more of them manifest. Magic is going to happen; the intensity depends only on how many believe.

Hearts open to the songs from the distant past. Within us there awakens memories of lifetimes when the world was a very different place, one that even history does not remember. These will be memories of times when all were united; there was no war or hatred. Everyone shared and all followed their inner passions and manifested magic from deep within their souls. Remembrance will come in flashes, in dreams and even day dreams. These were times when that which is now fable and mystery was common place and the usual. When elementals mixed with humans and there was a magical peace and love that united everyone. Each will experience these flashes and the questions as to what happened and where did it all go will take many upon a search that will open countless doors closed for eons. Perhaps it is time to uncover some of the mysteries of those times long past, lost in the mists of time. Perhaps it is time to dispel the theories science has made up to explain the unexplainable. Fantasy becomes truth and theories evaporate as they hold no reality.

November 2014
This is a time when the energies begin to flow with greater direction and strength. There is a rhythm that even those who have no sensitivity at all will feel. The vibration will move in synchronicity with the life force that surrounds us all. The flow draws even the most skeptical into a dance of creation and there is a feeling of togetherness and brotherhood that sweeps all into the same rhythm and vibration. Levels of consciousness reach out and are able to link. Where before there was no connection, understanding happens and the element of connection is most profound. This is a time when it is possible to make great changes with the least amount of effort for there is a tsunami of consecutiveness that can wash over all, sweeping away that which is not for the common good and leaving in its place the opportunity lay the foundations that are for the common good. Lies, deceit, avarice and greed can be replaced if the masses so wish it. This is a time when clear vision and truth can win out if the courage to start over is there. This kind of flow of energy is not frequently encountered so this kind of opportunity may not arise for many decades, to seize the moment can change the destiny of many.

Each in their own way makes choices that will influence their lives for decades yet to come. Moving in new directions opens us to change and excitement, the opportunity to shift focus and change much within our realities. Listen to that silent whisper within you and follow its lead. Let the gifts and passions from lifetimes past manifest to greatly enrich you and your reality beyond your imagination. The spiritual opens you to insight and wisdom. Information hidden for eons, moves into the light for the first time in countless generations. This will mean a shifting of most of your understandings and concepts, beliefs and philosophies but what it opens you to is a whole world, reality and destiny … an adventure your spirit has been waiting for patiently for eons.

Those who are willing to embrace new thoughts and ideas open themselves to experiencing aspects of the human spirit that have remained dormant for countless generations. There is no hurry for the spirit, for it is eternal, the choice is up the individuals and each will choose what is most appropriate for them on an individual basis. The choice is always there, but it must be made freely and when the time is right.

There is sense of Laughter, light and joy within the human spirit that bubbles to the surface when challenges take place. A new sense of adventure opens all to discover more of what has been carried within for so very long. A better understanding of who we are and why we are here, the purpose of the directions we all feel called to and much, much more. Laughter is one of our strongest healing tools as well and many are just beginning to discover that. The element of laughter breaks down all sorts of barriers and allows energy to flow and healing to take place. Laughter brings with it joy and abundance, the possibility of magic and miracles, it embraces all and takes us out of the moment and swallows us in the exuberance of the moment. Laughter is one of the most precious tools we were given to use in this reality and not everyone understands that. Take some time to remember the laughter of childhood and how it could lift spirits and make us forget whatever problems were touching our lives. Laughter is powerful and has the capability of mending hearts and stopping wars, never underestimate the power of this gift that was given us and use it as much as you can for spiritual energy flows from it and enables us to reach even further than we ever could imagine.

The element of laughter this month will enable all to transcend whatever blocks, or lessons that present themselves for this time frame. Instead of beating your heads against a brick wall, find the humor in the situation and share it. By sharing you find a common ground and then anything is possible. Often differences occur when common ground has not been found and there is no commonality to work from. Laughter presents a wonderful bridge and once shared opens lines of communication that were not before present. This is a precious, underused tool that all of us have, use it more and it will open much for you that you didn’t even know was there.

The element of free will flows abundantly this month and there will be many choices that humanity will be confronted by. The choices are always there for us, however, do remember that though we have “free will” to make our choices it isn’t exactly free, for we are always responsible for the consequences of our actions. Our spirits chose to incarnate into this time frame for many purposes, one that we cannot on a conscious level possibly fathom. The choices that we make from ego with just this reality to draw from may well not be in absolute agreement, one with the other. In short there may be times that we prolong the journey because of our short sightedness. It would be a good idea if we were careful to consider the flow of energy that we are traveling on from time to time and make our choices accordingly, this might bring us into harmony with the spirit within and most certainly make the trip a much more interesting one.

As we near the end of the month there is an energetic shift that takes us all to the brink of a most interesting transition. We come to a time when, as a whole, we cross over the threshold to greater understanding of ourselves, our world, and this and other dimensions. This is a shift that opens us to a greater understanding of our place within the universe and perhaps a greater understanding of who and what we are. This may cause a bit of an upset to some and will unleash some very unexpected reactions from others. All in all … worth the price of admission to watch the fireworks and see how many take just a small bit of absolute truth. It will turn the lives of some upside down and inside out, and others will just smile and silently say to themselves, “I knew it all along”.

December 2014
Creative energy comes alive in this month, inspiration of all levels and kinds pummel the consciousness and anything is possible. Restraint is not a word you could apply to this month, each seems to have found inspiration in new forms and all are in hot pursuit of creating new wonders for the reality. Some will find talent not used before, others will find a talent that has called to them for years and just never answered, and still others will find inspiration for new technologies or techniques. The creative energies spice up reality with magic and imagination and draw entirely from that wealth of information and wisdom that has been gathered through eons of generations of your soul’s evolution. There are new ideas that flow abundantly in all forms and all are touched by this experience. Creative energy links directly to the source of creation and draws us nearer to the creator of our consciousness. There is an excitement as we flow and blend with the creative energies; there are glimpses of lifetimes past and of worlds long gone. We dip into a wealth of insight and information and are for a time drunk with the experience.

This energy of creation that is so abundantly flowing at this time helps to open new channels for the spiritual energies to flow through and to manifest within our realities. Creativity is and always has been the key to change, to breaking through the log jams of the intelligence and to opening the door, to touching for a time, that master teacher that we carry within us. It is through the creative experience that we touch the purest elements that are carried within, and allow them to wake up elements of ourselves that we had not yet brought forward this lifetime. What is so remarkable about this energy is that we all have it; we just don’t use it as much as we should. It is the connection or bridge between the creator and the creation, a link to the source of all. And it is the element we put aside the fastest as life gets full and complicated. It’s really too bad no one has ever told us that to get creative is the way to bring greater balance into our lives, to break whatever blockages are in our ways, and to answer any questions we might have. Perhaps someday someone will just let the secret out of the bag and then life will be so much richer and full of light, love and laughter.

This month the intuition becomes sharper than ever. Insight and clarity are more focused and everyone sees with greater understanding than ever before. Connections are made that had not been noticed before and many find that there is greater understanding of life and the interplay of individuals than ever before. Often some will ignore what they see because facades are easier to cope with than reality. Others will shift their perspectives in accordance and change the directions of their lives because of it. Still others will use this new insight to start working on the newest paradigms that are just now taking form on the fringes of reality. New ways of looking at ourselves, others, and our realities are emerging from the mists of time, and with this new vision everything changes once again. We expand our awareness to embrace the new information and insight that truth, long hidden, brings to the surface, and we are faced with truths about ourselves that no one ever imagined. Life, the times, the reality are all shifting and changing and our destinies along with them. Without realizing it we have been living in one of the darkest ages of all, and the light starts to illuminate the truth for us, and everything changes.

A new balance is established within our reality and many find great personal strength because of it. Many will finally find their footing and begin to move forward, at last. This is a time in which great numbers find direction and a means to move into the future and they do so. Balance is very important on all levels. Firstly, it is needed within each individual and then their own lives and then within the planet. This is a quality that opens much to all and the new balance allows many to start reaching within for the wisdom stored there, to take wisdom from the past, draw it into the present and apply it to the future.

Balance allows us to pile projects upon each other, to achieve more than ever before and to do so with creative insight and inspirational focus. Balance comes from firm foundations and trust, without those two aspects everything crumbles eventually. New balance gives everyone new security and with that the sky is the limit.

There is a greater sense of connection and understanding; a feeling of linking, one to another, not only in families but throughout the planet as well. There is a flow of energy that connects not only on a physical level but on energetic and spiritual levels as well. The connection is there, tenuous, but there, and time will make it stronger. Focus on the common good and connection on new levels is the way the energy is flowing and light, love and laughter open the doors that darkness closed so very long ago.

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