Cosmic Forecast 2023 Overview



Cosmic Forecast 2023 Overview


          Evolution, transformation, and spiritual expansion on a cosmic level cannot be defined by the restrictions of time and space.  In human terms the planet titters on the brink of tremendous shifting and rearrangement of all physical elements.  The spirits residing here are experiencing inner turmoil as consciousness expands and opens new arenas to flow into and incorporate into the awareness that is applied to this reality.  There will be the tearing down and rebuilding to may structures both physical, intellectual, and spiritual in the days and decades yet to come.  We are just now seeing the physical manifestation of what has been boiling beneath the surface for decades.  On a cosmic level, however, there is a flow and a rhythm that has been repeated for millions and millions of years and draws us ever forward in consciousness, wisdom and understanding.  There is a continuous spiral that is being followed, and though at times it feels like disaster is right around the corner, rest assured there is a Master plan that is being followed and we are individually swept along even though we may not see rhyme, rhythm or reason.

          There has been the element of pause for the last few years.  As if the planet has been given a sort of time out where all can reflect on the pathways they are on and evaluate if their directions were the best and most appropriate for them.  Many made great changes in their lives and adjusted their journeys to be more compatible to the directions that their spirits leaned in.  This was a time when many have taken the opportunity to open those portals of insight and creativity and welcomed the flow of cosmic energy and wisdom to touch and flow through their lives.  The next year is going to be one of challenges no doubt, but how we meet them will determine a great deal how the next decades unfold for all of us.  Many may choose to spend their time and energy on reflecting on the past, preforming autopsy’s on difficult situations and trying to rewrite history, adjusting blame and looking for justice where it is not.  Others will focus on the potential of the future and all the promise it holds.  Fully aware that we create our environments and realities by our perceptions of it.  Free will is always a pert of our reality and it is up to each individual to choose their directions and their pathways.  There are no wrong choices, some just take the longer way and smell more roses, all pathways ultimately lead to the same place, to total spiritual consciousness and awareness, to the evolution into a greater journey cosmically and universally speaking. 

          This is a time when much will be revealed globally and the elements of governments needing to be reworked and reformed is very prominent.  It is very likely that we will see the border of several countries change dramatically as well as the borders of many states in the USA.  The times of one internal power struggling for total control are coming to an end and if there is not the element of different groups working together then all will have to be dismantled and a new form of government created out of the ruins of a system that no longer serves the people.  This should be a time of pulling together instead of apart.  The ultimate reality of what is going to happen is still up in the air.  However, in the first half of this year the lines will be drawn and there is no changing once it is determined whether or not there will be a joining or a tearing apart of those in power.

          Globally, populations are shifting, and borders will have to be changed to support the directions people are drifting in.  National borders will shift to adjust to the populations that are on the move.  Cultures and languages will be blended as never before, from time to time it may well feel as though the whole world is one great tower of babble as populations are mixed and great numbers flow over countless borders worldwide.  This is a situation that will take global cooperation to manage and unless there is a sharing of responsibility humanity may well take many steps backward and have to struggle rather than working together to solve the many problems that loom in the not-so-distant future.

          The atmosphere is adjusting to the shifts that are taking place on the surface.  The environment struggles to maintain a balance that is constantly spiraling out of control.  While the shifts in the weather are truly flowing in a pattern that is eons old, it may seem to us that there are changes that are new.  There is a pattern that is generations old, just because we have never seen the changes before doesn’t mean the are new, they are just new to us. In the year and years to come the seasons are going to change.  Farmers will have trouble determining planting and harvesting in the near future and new crops will be introduced to adjust to the new climates that the entire globe is going to experience.  The planet is totally capable of supporting the populations if only those in power focus on taking care of the people instead of creating pow struggles that support no one except for a very few.  We will see more super storms in the future, many coming out of nowhere and most probably of human origin than actual weather patterns.  The element of great flooding in areas not seen before is also looming, most pointedly in China and Japan.  Many Volcanos long dormant will flare back to life and cause upheaval to areas long quiet.  Watch for many under water volcanos to become violent once more causing tsunamis in the Mediterranean, US, Canada and India.  There also may well be a comet strike in the area of Northern Russia, the Artic and one near Antarctic.  The one near the Antarctic may well uncover areas of the Antarctic that have been under the ice for thousands of years and uncovering a civilization and culture not familiar to our history books.

          Times of great change are always accompanied by upheaval on massive levels.  Please be aware that those spirits that are currently on the planet have incarnated during this time frame many times before, There is a maturity and inner strength within all that recognizes the tumultuous atmosphere we are entering into.  The energies that are on the planet at this time are here because of the inner wisdom and strength they have available to them … they just need to awaken that strength and apply it to this present generation.  It has been written that at times of change and great stress that there will be those who are wise in the ways of the universe that will share their wisdom to apply to the times.  They are here now.  Though they don’t have name tags, they do have the wisdom.  They are not in “power” but their words of wisdom carry great insight and strength and will find where they can do the most good.  In the past these wise individuals have been put on pedestals and worshiped.  Not today, however.  The messages are out there … for those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to take action for the good of all.

          These are times of change, of great potential for all.  The species has evolved to a point that the ancient talents and gifts are not only available but accessible to all of us and it is up to us to blend with the universal and cosmic consciousness, to use our creativity and allow the information to flow through us and manifest it within our realities.  One person can crate a ripple, that causes a wave that manifests a tidal wave of peace, love and light … we just have to stop looking to others and reach within ourselves and open the portals to the magic we have carried thought-out time.

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