February 2024 Forecast


February 2024 Forecast

The energies become explosive as they build to a point when all are feeling the tension in the air.  It enfolds everyone and everything and each in their own way, looks for ways to release the pressure within themselves and their personal lives.  Many will look for changes in their environment and even their personal philosophies.  This is a time of seeking for new directions within and without to ease the global tensions that have been imposed on all.  There is a cosmic storm brewing, and all will feel the energies as they continue to build in the months yet to come.  That it will eventually manifest is a reality, how we prepare to meet it is up to us.  This is a time to search within and reach for those sources all have, but have not yet developed.  A time for discovery of talents and richness that have been carried but not recognized.  Creativity will be the key, and all will find unique ways to open new portals within for wisdom and insight.

Though the times will be challenging, at the same time the enlightenment will overshadow any discomfort.  For the most part, the challenges and changes will all be internal and involve purpose and destiny.  The physical realms will show little change, it is how we view them that will alter greatly.  This is a month where attention is drawn within to the spiritual aspects of the self and how it relates to the environment wherein it dwells.  Spiritual questions are asked, and answers given within.  This is the beginning of a new insight and direction for many and there is great excitement as the clouded veils of misinformation are lifted and truth on many levels in many different aspects of life are finally made clear to great numbers.

The weather is going to show some changes as well this month.  The seasons are changing, and the changes are more noticeable this month than ever before.  Even nature is a bit confused as well as there are many shifts of temperature that will be unexpected.  The strength of major storms is on the increase and February will see unusual activity in all areas.  Because of the cosmic activity, lightning will be a problem in many areas and be the cause of fires in some remote areas.  Within homes watch for batteries to drain more rapidly than advertised, this applies to car batteries as well.  Flooding will cause problems in areas not used to this aspect and there will be issues of excess water in places not used to dealing with this experience.

This is a month that will see conflict in many areas of the world as well as within individuals.  Tempers will have short fuses because of the energy fluctuations that surround us.  Watch for flaring tempers and count to ten before responding to situations that could escalate into greater intensities.  On a global level, there is great unrest as conflicts intensify.  There is movement and shifting of people as well as philosophies and history is being repeated without recognition of the outcomes from the past.

Bridges have become important this month, not just the physical bridges that span large expanses of space but also those that connect different thoughts and philosophies.  In order for any of them to connect, both sides have to be working towards the same resolution with no hidden agendas.  It appears that before the physical can be built the emotional and psychological ones must lay the foundation and though it may appear that this may be taking place, trust is not yet present.

There is inner shifting that is taking place both on the surface and beneath the surface of the planet.  Balance is off and that throws everyone’s balance off as well.  Watch for balance in all areas of your life and when you see a problem address it, don’t think it will return to normal on its own because it won’t.  This applies to relationships as well as pictures on the wall and for that matter governments.  Where once there was a balance now it is gone and finding new ways to address issues is required.

Creativity and color call out to all.  Using these qualities to enhance your life at this time of the year opens you to new and exciting aspects of life that you may not have been paying as much attention to as you might have. Color, especially will help to brighten your environment and bring light into areas that you have been struggling with.  The more you reach into the creative energies that are abundant within, you will release laughter and joy, even in the darkest of times.  Though the month may well hold challenges, how you perceive them can lighten them and sometimes even illuminate solutions you might not have seen.

The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay.  Love isn’t love … till you give it away.

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