Cosmic Forecast 2018 Overview


Cosmic Forecast 2018 Overview

The energies of humanity flow into a time frame where much is in flux.  All elements of life as we know it are seeking new levels of understanding and in doing so causing all to question elements that we thought were literally carved in stone.  Finding that much of the foundations that we relied upon not only are showing signs of cracking but are crumbling before our very eyes.  For generations humanity has been flooded with half-truths, covering up and in many cases eradicating the real truth from us.  The word conspiracy has often been used but it doesn’t totally describe the efforts at work to misinform and sway the total population of the planet.  This has been a global effort.  One that has used misinformation masquerading as truth to direct the spiritual and physical growth of the entire population of the planet.  It is not restricted to one country or even continent.  It is not focused on any individual country, but rather on the human race and its journey through time.  It is important to be very clear here, this is not an alien takeover, it is a small group of very powerful individuals seeking what can only be called world domination.

Throughout time there have been powerful leaders who sought to control the masses and usually they have failed after a short period of time.  This group has been working for generations to unsettle and de stabilize nations and they are becoming more and more successful as time moves on.  They have manipulated countries and governments and their presence is felt more and more as the populace begins to awaken and challenge areas where once they were apathetic.

2018 becomes a fulcrum, a turning point, a time when the awakening causes the crumbling of foundations and organizations that once held great power.  With this awakening, this time of questioning several in power will be challenged and many will not only fall from power but find themselves in places of restriction.  This is a global movement.  It appears the politics in every nation will be put under the microscope and questioned and challenged.  There is a danger of over reaction as the truth begins to be revealed and great caution is advised to wait until all of the facts are revealed before any action is taken.  History has shown that over reaction has led to condemnation and often extreme measures of punishment of groups rather than individuals.  Anger and resentment have often been the seeds of revolution that all too frequently have led to just another form of control and lies.

This is a time for a blending of the spiritual and the scientific, compassion and truth.  The possibilities for a peaceful future are always there if patience is used and judgement reserved until all of the pieces are pulled together.  2018 is just the beginning of a surge of new energy that will sweep the globe and it will be many ears before there is a strong new flow of energy.  During that time many governments will be totally re structured, new methods of communication will be developed and humanity itself will go through an awakening on new levels. How the new awareness is utilized and applied is still up in the air, it is up to the individuals to apply it to their lives and realities and wait and see where the balance settles.  Each is responsible for their own life’s journey, their own reality.  The purpose each lifetime is to grow and apply lessons learned to the individual’s pathway.  We have no right nor power to influence others and if or when we try we just slow everyone down.  Each is unique and individual and as such one person’s truth may well not apply to others …. This is a lesson for all of humanity.

The weather is going to be a challenge for the entire planet in 2018.  All elements seem to be out of control.  Water in all forms will challenge the population.  There will be an increase in storms that will challenge coastlines worldwide.  An increase in hurricanes and typhoon’s will pummel coasts in the coming year doing great damage to the coastlines of both areas.  This initiate a slow migration of the populations inland and away from those areas that seem weakest to the power of nature.  The Mediterranean as well will experience storms as never before in recent history.   The waters of this area will be stirred not only by the air currents but underwater disturbances as well.  There will be earth quakes under water that will cause unexpected tsunamis that will hit in unexpected places and cause much damage.

Earth quakes will increase globally.  Italy will be hit by several, one at least in a major city causing great damage.  America as well will feel an increase in frequency of the earth moving.  The center of the country will feel the shifting more so than the coasts but there is great possibility that the fault on the west coast that goes into Canada will erupt and cause unexpected damage to those areas.  Science has been warning that a major quake will hit the USA and is in face overdue.  2018 looks to be the year when it is not just politics that is causing a shaking up.  Watch the New Madrid fault line for there has recently been activity there and it is only a small warning of what is yet to come.  Also of concern is the Yellowstone fault line area … there are warning signs there as well.

Both in Canada And the US the element of fire is great.  Vast areas of land will be purged and wiped clean of habitation.  Forest fires will creep into populated areas and the damage will be great.  Winds will whip the flames and they will cross state and national lines as the earth burns.  Some will be from natural causes others set intentionally and there is also the possibility that the earth will be hit by a small meteor that will set off fires in areas not populated but the fires will reach the population and cause great damage.

Watch for this to be a year when dormant volcanoes come back to life and new ones are born in unexpected places.  Vesuvius appears to be awakening and with it the ring of fire will be more active than ever before.  Off of the coast of South America another volcano will come back to life as well as one in the Mexico area.  All over the globe countries will struggle to relocate populations that need to be shifted by natural occurrences.

This is a time when air, earth, fire and water seem to be attacking the population and it is not just nature that is responsible for this.  Science is being used as a weapon as never before and the population is at the mercy of those who use the weather as a weapon rather than a tool to help humanity.  The problem is that when we try to control the balance of the planets natural cycles we interfere with a system that has gone on for millions of years and the planet will always balance itself in spite of what man does … often in violent ways.  Meteors will also become a problem this year as we pass through an area of space that has more cosmic litter than most … not an attack by aliens but rather nature holding to its own course. 

Politics on all levels is going through a change and many will find it disillusioning and unsettling.  There is most certainly a change of the guard to a great degree, but it is not what one might expect.  Logic and reason do not apply to this time frame. For those who try to apply reason and logic to the shift in energies you will be even more confused.  One day at a time as truth emerges form unusual and unexpected sources, this is not a time for simple answers, rather there is a very complicated web of misinformation that will need to be unwoven and that will take time, maybe years. Do not prejudge, reserve judgement or great mistakes will be made.  This is a very complicated and deep organization that has used politics to maneuver money, people and nations.  It uses all parties to its advantage and plays one against another, their leaders being merely pawns in a game we are not aware of.

Spiritually speaking there is a great awakening taking place.  Many are opening their eyes to the understanding that there is so much more to be discovered within themselves.  The element of religion is slowly giving way to a more cosmic understanding of the inner spirit and the purpose and direction of the evolution of that spirit.  There is a greater understanding of the journey of the spirit and the realms and dimensions, planets and stars that the spirit travels and the understanding that the spirit is part of a greater consciousness than ever before realized.  Humanity as a whole is slowly beginning to understand the purpose of taking human physical form and the experiences that can be gathered.  Humanity begins to transcend the awareness and move into a greater understanding of spirit and the gifts and talents we bring into this reality. All spirits travel through time, space and dimension taking on the form that is most applicable for that part of their journey.  We have been human and alien, pauper and prophet.  We have been all types of life forms in our journeys and will continue to shift as we move forward in our journeys.   Most importantly we will come to realize that all are a part of a universal consciousness, we are all one.  And when that happens, there is peace, love and harmony … and then of course we start on the next leg of the journey.



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