January 2024 Forecast


January 2024 Forecast


A new year arrives and there is hope for change and improvement in all areas.  There is indeed change in the wind as we all continue to experience the results of the changes of the past.  This is going to be a year of adjusting and making the best of the last few year's shifts and new policies that have been initiated.  It would be best to tighten the belts and focus on that which is closest to you and what you personally have control of.

This may be a month in which there is confusion on many different levels and finding stable footing within your realities isn’t as easy as it has been in the past.  Things may seem to be out of sync and indeed they will be, but it won't last long so by the end of the month there will be a gentler flow for all.  On the personal level, many will be questioning their choices and directions and often making subtle and often major changes in their focus and careers.  This is a good time, although it may at times feel a bit chaotic, but in the end, it will be of great benefit to all.  Readjusting your focus at any time always leads to greater clarity and wisdom and allows you to view options not seen before.

This month brings new insight and opportunities that will be carried on synchronicities and coincidences so pay attention for this is a time when the spirit within is able to bring you additional guidance through those elements.  Paying attention and recording those hints as to the future will add great dimension to your realities and even possibly additional income, while caution is advised, it will be a time when many cards, so to speak, will fall into place and doors opened where you do not expect.  It is a time of good fortune where it is not expected but greatly appreciated.

Communication is greatly encouraged on new and deeper levels.  It is important to be aware of the words spoken and how they are received and interpreted.  A greater awareness of the impact is now open to you and being careful of words and gestures allows you to have a greater understanding of those who are closest as well as those who are in a more casual connection to you.  This is a month in which the law of Karma is very much in play and paying attention to the manner in which you get your points across may well resolve karmic situations and free you from a burden long carried.  This is also a time when laughter is very important within your lives.  This wonderful healing energy can easily break tensions and allow healing to take place.  The joy of laughter has the power to ease tension and bring light into situations so that solutions can be found that seemed at one time hopeless.

Focus on the home is important this month.  It is time to clear the air and let the winds of change and healing flow through your environment.  Opening the windows for a brief time letting fresh air in and clearing out the air is important. Being very aware that the season is not especially conducive to opening all the windows at once, do it room by room to prevent frostbite.  This is a time when fresh air flowing through your home lightens the atmosphere and allows for new perspectives on any and all situations that have accumulated over the past year, it is a time of fresh starts on many levels and physically airing out your home also transfers to the self as well allowing fresh ideas and philosophies to flow in and replace thoughts and concepts that grow tired and worn with time.

There are new beginnings that make you ready to become established within your realities and that includes new friends and quite possibly a new level of expertise within life as well.  Being open to new directions on all levels will open to new directions you may well choose to follow as perceptions of your ability to manifest changes in your realities become clearer and more within reach than ever before. This is a time when new opportunities and individuals flow into your realities and the more you take advantage of the talents and gifts they offer the greater the changes you will be open to as they present. This year offers much to all and the more open you are to the flexibility that is required the greater the changes that will be open for you.

Because of the world’s situation and the uncertainty that flows in many directions, this is a time that calls for greater creativity on all levels, especially self-expression.  It is important to share your outlooks and philosophies with others but caution is suggested in the manner in which you share your feelings and thoughts. The times in which we now flow through are not always open to change so be cautious and creative in the manner in which you share your differing opinions.  Sharing in creative ways allows you to express yourself without drawing too much attention to yourself.

There is a birthing process that is ongoing within reality and this process is not always easy or pleasant, but the end will justify the journey.  There are shifts and changes that will only be temporary so a wait-and-see attitude will be appropriate as this month is only the beginning of a great change that is in the offing but not yet here.  This year is full of changes and unveilings many of which will be of great surprise to all … watch for some of them from February on. Taking cautious action where injustice is obvious is absolutely necessary so long as it is done in a peaceful manner, recognizing and voicing outrage is appropriate though there may be consequences that are well worth it.

Thought to ponder – Hundreds of years ago, before central heating, electricity, indoor plumbing, or even telephones, in the dark of winter, especially when there was someone out in the wilderness (so to speak), there was always a light put in the windows to guide them home in the darkness.  That light was even there if no one was out to help guide in strangers lost in the darkness to welcome them into the light for comfort, warmth, and safety.

May I suggest that we all put a light in our windows during these times to remind ourselves that we do still provide the same service today only in different circumstances. Those who follow what that light represents can thusly remind all that those lights, though small, combined will create a glow that cannot be ignored and will eventually extinguish the darkness.

Or, to quote a master teacher – Follow the light we must.

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