Cosmic Forecast 2021 Overview


Cosmic Forecast 2021 Overview 


At the time of creation, when seeds of light energy were sent out from the source of all creation to plant themselves and grow and evolve throughout all of creation, they were released from the source and given free will.  To grow and evolve, to gather and expand, to choose and follow their own destinies.  There were no right or wrong choices for destiny is destiny and there is purpose and reason behind all, even if it is not always understood, the seeds of light have within them a purpose beyond human understanding and yet … the wisdom and knowledge beacons them forward.  Challenges and difficulties draw forth strength and courage, they enhance creativity and sensitivity and expand a spiritual wisdom that enhances understanding and insight.  The more difficult the challenge the greater the need for growth and wisdom. (note, wisdom of spirit not of the intellect).


In times of stress, conflict and frustration it is not the intellect that is being challenged to grow but rather the spiritual wisdom that is always available to all.   The intellect can only reason from an exceedingly small spectrum and a limited frame of reference.  The light energy within has wisdom carried through time to draw from, to give depth of understanding to situations that are often a repeat of the human experience if only one would reflect upon the patterns that are recurring over and over awaiting those with spiritual understanding to  break the pattern and create a new pathway for all of humanity.


 Humanity as a whole is going through a birthing process, as has been mentioned before.  It is one that will take decades to process and those decades will be difficult to navigate through for the individual.  This will be a time when much will change for all for over time our destinies call to humanity in directions that are as of now still wrapped in clouds of light waiting for energies to remove the clouds that have muddied the vision of the human spirit and limited the use of the powers that are within.  This limitation is one of education and indoctrination of culture and religion.  It is one of fear of the unknown and removal of seeds planted by those who intellectually feel they are more powerful and want to control those who are less.  Know that all are equal in spirit and that is all that matters.  All else falls away with the passage of eons.  Wisdom and knowledge rest within but each has their own individual journey, all are unique.  Teachers can only teach their own personal journeys and that applies to no one else.  Trust your spirit, not your mind for that is limited to only this lifetime.  This is an exciting time, one of awareness and discovery, light and insight, but one of great change as well.  Those who can flow with the changes will have an easier time of it.  Welcome the challenges for it means you have evolved and are ready for some of the clouds to be removed from your sight.


2021 is going to be a tumultuous time.  It is the beginning of great changes that are going on globally as well as nationally.  The analogy of birthing has been mentioned and it is very appropriate.  Humanity is going through changes and there will be painful times ahead.  Those who have been manipulating from the shadows will be identified and they will flex their political muscles.  Don’t be fooled however, for they themselves are being manipulated and there are at least two more levels of dark controllers after them, each thinking they are the ultimate force.  As each level comes into the light and is destroyed another will take its place.  There is at least a decade of unmasking ahead and each level will enable individuals to find greater power within themselves.  The beginning of 2021 will have upset and turmoil and much will be unstable.  Coming to light will be the real cause and purpose for the virus that even now is mutating.  The truth and the lies will cause upset in all nations and there will be unexpected changes because of the power many have tried to grab, only to loose it along with their stations in life.  The powerful will fall only to be replaced by those with different agendas, some good, some not so good.   Weeding out those with hidden causes will be difficult and it isn’t until 2030 that some sort of stability becomes a reality and then the world will have changed greatly with reorganization of most forms of government that we see today.


2021 will see the weather patterns shift radically with an increase of storms of all sorts that have greater intensity than we have seen in the past.  It should be noted that many of these storms will have been caused by mans attempt to control the weather.  The earth left to itself can restore the balance if we but get out of the way.  There is indication that internally the earth is shifting energies and there will be greater activity with earthquakes and smaller volcanos in the US especially.  Farmers will have to establish different planting rotations as the seasons are shifting and with this will come shortages of some crops until a new pattern is formed.


We are going to see the change of the coastlines of all countries that have boundaries on the seas and it will be very interesting to watch the major rivers world wide as they begin to shift their beds as well.  Inner magnetism within the planet will cause shifts that will alter the beds of these major rivers and divert their pathways to new ground.  Anyone looking for waterfront property of any sort should be careful and wait at least five if not ten years before making a decision.


Boundaries of all sorts will be changing starting in 2021.  Both globally as well as nationally.  Within the US many states will find that not only are the inner designations of the population changing but also the outer boundaries of the states as well.  Globally there are new countries that are coming into creation and several countries will combine to form new states.  Watch Rome for there is upheaval there as well.


There is rebellion in the air and humanity is waking up to injustice on a global scale.  The attempts to isolate and prevent group energy from creating a wave of protest are losing their grasp and there is a tsunami of energy that is soon to erupt that will bring on changes.  Be warned that it will take time for all to be worked out and often several stages of re working will be necessary.  Those who are presently incarnated on the earth plane have been through this process before each time a massive shift takes place, about every 25,920 years (give or take).  While they have also gone through their own evolution process there seems to have been an agreement that they would incarnate each time this sort of shift takes place to facilitate a sort of inner balance to all of humanity through this transition.  Know that all are in that grouping to cause and to shift the awareness and spiritual energies to a new level … it isn’t always pretty but it does seem to work.


2021 opens new doors for awareness and insight and creativity. Use the energies and flow with the inner guidance that is unique for you.  This is a time of new beginnings and the shuffling off of the control of others and a new inner independence.  Absolutely a birthing of a shift and opening of new energies within each individual and humanity as a whole.  There will be growing pains and times when nothing seems to be going right … but that’s how we learn.


There is new power within everyone that is awakening, be careful what you wish for because everything has strings and often the price for something may not be what you really want to pay for.  It is a time of shifting and change, growth and expansion.  As the power begins to manifest use it wisely … I’m pretty sure early cave men got burned many times before they respected fire …the power within is far greater than one could imagine, use it carefully and with great respect.


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