Cosmic Forecast 2024 Overview


Cosmic Forecast 2024 Overview


The year 2024 ushers in a time of awakening and enlightenment in many different levels of our reality. For decades, humanity has, as a whole been slumbering, led astray by large conglomerates and political manipulators who tell us what we want to hear while they pillage our resources and slowly but surely steal our freedoms and power.  This is a time when the veils are being removed from our eyes and Humanity begins to rise and struggle to retrieve what has been stolen from them. 2024 begins a decade or more of struggle as political machines are taken down and a new form of government is slowly built.  These will be times when the lies are laid bare and those who have been the manipulators are called to justice.  The political practice of inserting worthless items in bills is gone and a simpler form of passage will be instituted.  No more will political votes be for sale and terms will be instituted as well as age limits to provide for a fresher view of all politics.


In the US we will start to see the overhaul of all houses as well as the call to justice for those who have manipulated the system.  The old adage of rats leaving the sinking ship is already in process and over the next year you will see many who choose to retire rather than face prosecution.  Many of the forms of voting will be retired and a new form instituted for coming elections.  There is great outrage building throughout this country, and as more and more is revealed the populace will express its anger in many different ways, some, most violent.  Over the next year, riots will break out in many major cities.  New York, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Huston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are but a few that will see great unrest over the next year, and many will flood to new areas for safety.  The element of riots will be breaking out in many new areas that have not seen them before.  Disregard and disrespect for the law will overflow and anger will break out where it is not expected.  In many areas, the militia will be called out and violence will pave the way for The establishment of new laws that are enforced in a military manner to reestablish peace.


Shortages of all sorts will plague the US and many farmers who have been paid not to plant will decide it's better to feed the hungry than be paid to not plant.  Though the seasons are changing and making it difficult to anticipate the proper time farmers will ignore political dictates and provide food to those they can reach.  The weather is going to swing to extremes and there will be great heat where it has never been and cold where it is unexpected.  Though the government is able to control the weather to a great extent it will not and anger will rise from unexpected sources … these may well be times when it appears that the government is not looking out for the populace and their agenda is called to question by the masses.


On a global level, the earth is going through changes and shifts that largely influence the seasons.  The ring of fire will be greatly activated as well as volcanos long dormant becoming active once more and flowing over ancient ruins hiding them from future generations, who will sadly forget and/or ignore the history they tell.  Earthquakes and tsunamis will be more active and a possible shift of some of the earth's plates will cause disturbances not seen for generations.  There will be changes to the borders of many countries, the US included.  Watch for Japan to shift greatly and the sea to reclaim what once was hers. Watch as well for some of the states to shift their borders as well and Canada and Mexico shifting there’s and creating a dead zone between us,


It appears that many shifts are taking place in many countries.  King Charles III will be the last monarch of England.  At his passing, which is many years in the future, The British Government will call it quits and there will be no more.  The royalty will keep their titles but will no longer be supported by the government.  Their personal property is theirs, but palaces and other property owned by the government falls back to the government.  The days of pomp and circumstance are gone for Great Britain. The Pope as well will be going through challenges and the papacy will be challenged and reorganized on many different levels.


The element of one world order is becoming more and more apparent as countries strive to claim more land and begin to war against each other to a greater extent grasping for territory and control over greater expanses.  This is not the time for one world order though that time will come.  We now see countries building armies and striving to expand their influence and power.  There is no indication at this time that any would blend together into a one-world order at this time, though that time will come.  China will reclaim Taiwan and then set there sights on other territories.


With chaos and confusion here on earth the sights of many are on the Moon and Mars.  There will be landings of both this next year and the moon will see the start of a colony there as well.  There is history on the moon that will be discovered, and the dark side will reveal prior habitation as well.  Much of the information gathered will be held from the public until it is leaked causing great disturbance to those who have been held in the dark.  This time, those in power will not be able to keep the general population in the dark and a revolt will take place that causes a reorganization that releases much information and changes the face of the US.


The next decade will be one of shifting and change, of taking down and restructuring much of society as we know it.  While it will be chaotic it will also provide a new structure that is more beneficial to the populace and when all is said and done a better world for all.  It will be up to the individuals, not the politicians, to build a better world for all of us on the planet and that will happen.  Being alert, attentive, and creative will ease the struggle and allow for new forms of energy and new forms of AI that will improve life for all.  Times of change such as this heralds new beginnings in all areas and enhances life as we know it.  Though it may not seem as though we are ready to join any cosmic confederation, the truth is we already have.  We just have to take back our personal power for in many ways, we are who we have been waiting for, we just haven’t figured it out yet.


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