Cosmic Forecast 2017 Overview

Cosmic Forecast 2017 Overview

This is going to be a year of incredible ups and downs.  The energies will almost constantly be influx as new directions and philosophies begin to be formulated and applied.  The consciousness of all of humanity is going through an awakening and for many that will mean confusion as the truth begins to emerge out of the fabrications of those who have been manipulating the masses for eons.  Only the tip of the iceberg is visible at this time and there is decades of illumination ahead.  Enlightenment on many levels starts to make its way to the surface and thus the element of trust is questioned in areas that once were thought to be rock solid.  We have ahead of us at least a decade of uncovering truth that will shake and shatter the very foundations of history and evolution.  For many it will be a time of wonder and magic, for others a sense of disillusionment and in some cases fear, and for others there will be denial and a refusal to accept the truth as it is manifest within our realities.

Foundations will start of crumble and dissolve as new forms of government begin to rebuild and shift the balance of power and corruption on all levels will be revealed and in some cases punished.  Large corporation’s will be compelled to break into smaller entities to serve the masses, and the element of serving becomes more the focus rather than the accumulation of vast fortunes.  There is a greater sense of service towards mankind and though the shift will take possibly decades it will shift the destiny of humanity and the planet as well.

The environment is going through a shift as well and our seasons will flow in new directions and another will be added to balance the energies.  This next year will be one in which Mother nature shakes things up in new areas of the planet.  Earth quakes will be more frequent and of greater intensity as well as several volcano’s that have been dormant for centuries will awaken and cause devastation that will require all to work together to rebuild.  The element of water seems to be prominent for this next year.  In storms and in the oceans, there is much disturbance and this will cause many to have to relocate at a moment’s notice.  These times of chaos because of the weather will draw humanity together as never before, and we will find that our similarities are greater than our differences.

New borders will be drawn this year and the globe will look very different at years’ end.  There will be new countries, some a blend of others and then several entirely new.  This will be done in an attempt to create peace and it will be hard won, there will be much unease as this process unfolds but in time there will be a better balance within the globe.  As there is a shift in power there is a shift in cultures as well and new philosophies create new belief systems that redistribute humanity on many new levels.

This is a time of new beginnings as old ways and paradigms are retired to the past.  This is a time when the consciousness and the spirit blend more into the reality than ever before and all are able to perceive with greater vision and insight than ever before.  The old ways and traditions will not leave memory but rather be a part of reverence and honor … they will be celebrated because of their history and truth and the contributions they made to our evolution and our belief systems.

As Spring arrives there will be a time of unsettlement when there will be a feeling of confinement.  This could be both literal as well as symbolic, many will feel as if movement in their lives has slowed down and the need for greater patience is called for, as well as the need for greater creative thought and deed.  This is a year in which creativity will determine the vibrancy of your realities …the choice is yours but the creative you are the more enhanced all areas of your life becomes.  It need not be excessive or elaborate, just fun and creativity for the sheer joy of creation…. A small aside, you can’t be financially compensated for this creativity, the sheer joy is payment enough.

The summer will be one in which there will be an undercurrent of unrest.  No one will be able to put a finger on it but it will almost be as if everyone is waiting for a show to drop, and there is indeed.  This is going to be a time when more truths are uncovered and there will be elements of the population will feel it is tome ot make other living arrangements.  There is a shifting of power and those who thought they were above the law are discovering that this is not the case and their influences have evaporated and their facades have crumbled.  Their actions that once were thought to be humanitarian and now reveled to be shellfish and egotistic.

Fall into early winter there is much unrest.  Those who thought they could flaunt the law will find that their actions are being watched and there will be a penalty to pay.  The masses who thought they were untouchable will find that is not the case and the unrest will erupt and overflow to the streets.  There will be at least three months in which many different cities learn the hard way that laws are for everyone and there are consequences for actions that go against the law.  Those cities that are considered sanctuary cities will be of the greatest focus.

This is going to be a year with much reorganization on all levels.  From our personal lives to the governments in power all will be in upheaval for a time but when order is restored and the flow of power established we move into a time of greater abundance than ever before.  This is also a year in which the element of new beginnings and fresh starts.  It may sound a bit simple but the element of intent is the most important element of life.  If your intent of pure of heart you can’t fail …if things don’t seem to be working out the way you want them to look inside and check out where you’re coming from and make an adjustment … You will indeed create your reality by your perceptions of it.  It’s all up to the individual to create the magic!

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