April 2024 Forecast


April 2024 Cosmic Forecast

      As our energies flow into the month of April, many will feel as if there is additional pressure being imposed upon them, and that is exactly what is happening.  The day-to-day activities will take on a greater intensity and there is the need for more structure in everyone’s lives.  This is a time when there is great focus on work of all sorts, balancing your lives and making sure you're touching all aspects is of great import.  While spring is a time of getting the ground ready to plant, it is also a time when we need to look at our lives and see where weeding of some elements and people that don’t work, while making ready to plant the seeds for greater expansion in our impact upon our realities.  There is a great deal of static within the atmosphere and that will cause communications to get garbled from time to time.  This static is of an electrical aspect and also impacts the etheric energies as well, so watch carefully your communications on all levels, including spiritual, to make sure you are giving and receiving with great clarity.  This has nothing to do with Mercury retrograde though it might intensify everything to a greater degree.

Balance is going to be important this month in all things you do and are.  Inner ear balance may be affected as well so make sure you are always stable before you make choices or decisions.  Many will lose focus and that will cause problems with balance as well.  Though you may not normally keep a journal, this would be a good time to start one, just to keep track of where you are focusing your energies.  This will help you to maintain your balance.  World events will continue to put added stress in everyday life and cause many to change plans and directions for the next year or so.  The element of unrest is going to spread and often events will determine travel for many.   Unrest will cause agitation for many which will cause explosive outbreaks in unexpected areas.  While adults may be the cause of much of this, please remember that the children are watching and taking notes and when their time comes to be in charge, they will follow the patterns set by the adults.

We are all going through the element of evolution, each in their own level depending upon their degree of awareness.  This is not always an easy process, and we are just at the very beginning so changes will often be difficult but always positive.  Changes are in the wind, and we will be witnessing many that will raise an eyebrow or two. The changes are necessary for the development of the species.  However, some changes do not come from source so wait and watch for a while before you choose to follow and embrace any of them.  This isn’t an easy process, but the rewards are great at the end.

Touching into the spirit within is an area many will open to at a greater level and intensity.  No matter what form of spiritual practice, or not, every individual will feel the draw to tap into that spark of the source that is carried within and open to a greater degree to that small quiet voice that ever guides everyone.  In times of shift and change that connection to the spark of the source within each and every one of us glows brighter and illuminates the connection that carries inspiration and creative expression to inspire our pathways.  This enables each individual to follow their own unique pathway towards the destination set before incarnation.

We are beginning to see how the element of truth has been twisted and used in inappropriate ways.  Truth is an element that this month is going to be revealed in some very unique ways.  Those who have been using lies to advance themselves will find that the truth will be their undoing.  This is a process that will be ongoing for at least the next five years and perhaps even longer.  There are more seeking the truth than there are profiting from lies and those who live by untruths will be undone by them.  The term “hoisted on their own petard” comes to the fore here, so watch as many convict themselves by their own words.

This month is one where planting seeds of thought and inspiration will absolutely bring in a great harvest in the fall, so long as you tend it and guide those creative elements in the months to come.  Remember you are here to learn and grow, to gather wisdom and apply it to your expressions within this lifetime.  Those who gather and learn and then apply that wisdom to their own lives so that they are the living expression of that wisdom will have a greater harvest than those who simply think they can throw money at a problem and then bask in the success of a project.  It is crucial to become the living expression of the wisdom gathered in order to experience the spiritual glow of your inner success.


Often when working on material to be shared I am gifted with material that comes through me but is not of me.  The below flowed as I was doing this forecast and feels as if it might be of interest to some of you, so I share it here.


I speak here to Spirit to the seeds of the Source within each and every one with eyes to see and ears to hear, to the seeds within all of humanity.

     I speak here to Spirit. Not the small human consciousness nor the soul or ego or personality.  But rather the eternal Spirit that rides within the physical form created by the perception of that energy, that conscious awareness that is connected to the source of all creation.  This is a reminder of the purpose of the physical reality that was created and manifested so that experiences available only in this dimension could be gathered and applied to the wisdom that is within and continues to evolve lifetime after lifetime.

All that you see, feel, touch, taste, hear, and experience is a result of your perception of this reality.  But it goes further than that. This world, universe, and galaxy, is also a perception, a creation of thought to provide a physical reality for spirit to learn and grow within.  This realm, that some call reality, exists only so long as there is a need for a physical platform to gather experiences from. This reality, dimension is only one of infinite platforms created when the need arises for new experiences and when that need is completed the energy of the perception goes back into the energetics of the Source of all creation, what some will call the Divine.

The Divine has no form, it is etheric consciousness.  The source of this energy is hidden within the folds of eternity but the energy that is generated from it is well known, it is universal, unconditional love.  From time to time over the eons this Divine Source casts out seeds, a part of the whole and scatters them throughout all of eternity.  Each seed complete within itself a small replica of the source sent out to journey throughout the dimensions, to gather experiences and wisdoms, to manifest in whatever form is appropriate, to merge with the physical to gather what is needed for the evolution and expansion of the seed. Spirit, journeying forward in time and space, eternal and with the same wisdom and power of the Divine, flows with unconditional love.  Those seeds will gather and grow, creating physical realities through their perceptions when needed and flowing with the currents of consciousness seeking out new wisdoms as they travel.  Their purpose ultimately is to expand to the point that, when the time is appropriate they flow into a new dimension and cast out seeds, thusly the created becomes the creator, The Divine in new realms that will be created by perceptions as well.

The small consciousness of humanity is often confused by the ego and searches for meaning and guidance from external sources rather than opening to the higher awareness which is linked with the Divine and rests within each.  They often create teachers, gods, and other sources to follow instead of the seed of the Source within.  They have created perceptions of holiness where it does not exist and have turned their power over to sources who blindly lead them in directions that deviate greatly from the true pathways, they would have followed had they listened to the Source within.  They look for direction and laws rather than flowing with the unconditional love that is ever available to them … They create religions and institutions and worship them instead of the True Source of creation, the Divine in them and in all things.

The Divine does not seek worship or adoration.  The Divine does not judge, nor does it watch over each and every seed it sends out.  The seeds are given free will and become creators within themselves.  Their journeys and deeds are created so that they can gather wisdom and evolve to new levels of manifestations.  The power of unconditional love that rests within every seed is available to the small consciousness within each … and when touched and made manifest within reality adds a greater richness and worth to all it touches.  Reaching and claiming that energy is part of the journey, using and expressing that energy is a rite of passage.  The Divine releases seeds and does not watch where they fall nor how they grow… Unconditional love of a Divine nature will remove perceptions and create new dimensions where there is a greater blending of the trinity within the seeds (Body, Mind and Spirit) as they flow along their pathways becoming clearer with each new experience and wiser with each new reality, generation or perception experienced,

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