November 2023 Forecast


November 2023 Forecast


These are times of change, of shifting ages and enhanced levels of awareness in all levels of the consciousness.  There is an unexpected shift in perception and a broadening of the ability to draw upon enhanced levels of the spirit’s memories of times long past.  Humanity as a whole is reacting to this download if you will and finding a level of exhaustion never experienced before.  All will feel this energy in different ways and reactions will be as unique as we are.  The memories of long past are coming to the surface, times of revolt and oppression and the reactions to these feelings are being expressed in ways that will appear to be over reaction to present days activities. When we speak here of long past we are referring to ancient times, times lost in the mists of time yet still a part of the evolutionary process. These outpourings will take on different expressions in todays world and the process will continue for months perhaps even years before a calm of some sort restores a kind of balance to society as a whole,


Many will begin to reflect upon their directions in life and the choices they have made.  Be aware that in a time of change and evolution we often are harder on ourselves than is necessary.  It is more important to reflect upon the positive resulte we have achieved rather than on the what ifs.  This is also a time when projects of a variety seem to crop up.  It is almost as if the focus and ability to focus for a great length of time is almost impossible.  Make your lists and touch on as many of those projects as you can for this month and as the year comes to an end is reborn, then bring as many as you can to completion for the new year.  Should anger and or frustration on any level enter into your consciousness remember what society as a whole is going through and take your own personal contribution to that energy down a notch.  It is going to be a challenging time but one we are all very capable of turning that frustration into a positive force for creation within our own personal lives.


This is a good month to declutter and let go of those which you no not need or projects that you have no intention of completing.  It is also a good time to discover new ways to bring in additional finances (all legal please).  There are new opportunities out there for those who can take the initiative and reach for them as well it is a good time to explore some of those talents that you haven’t reached for yet. The more you let the element of creation flow into our life the greater the rewards are as we move into the new year.  Don’t let talent get in the way of the joy of expression, just be selective as to where you express that joy.


This is a good month for renewed communication with the inner you and some of the dreams that have been put aside.  It is never too late for most things story expressing some of those inner dreams and start manifesting them.  Reaching out to those  who you have lost contact with and stretching out to find new contacts is another element that flows to all this month.  Expressing your voice and words will often lead to better digestion on all levels, Often when we swallow words that should have been spoken can lead to problems with our digestion.


It is important that the home gets more attention this month.  Though the world may be going a bit crazy it is important that security and peace are an important element to instill within the home.  On a physical as well as emotional level this is a place where you have great control as to the energy within and it is important the it be addressed before the end of the year.  Getting your foundations secure enables you to have greater security for whatever the future holds for us.


For many the creative energies will begin to flow with a greater intensity this month and many will find tat their ability to sleep may as well be a bit compromised as well because of it.  Watch for those times when the creative spirit ignites within you and take advantage of it for what flows from this kind of ispiration often has greater meaning for not only you but others as well.  Please remember that creative projects as much like children and need to be guided with a gentle hand and manner and always with a positive flow, Encouraging growth of any kind, whether it be personal, creative or individual will flourish and have many and unusual results.


Work and how it is defined is going to change for everyone and it will be how you perceive it that will determine the energy for the year to come.  It seems that society as a whole is going through and will continue to go through many and sometimes massive changes as to the element of work.  For those who are adaptable it will be an adventure.  Often, we hear the term of wanting to go back to normal … normal no longer exists and in the future, there will be constant shifts as we get used to one direction and another takes its place.  Be flexible and adaptable and life will become an enjoyable though challenging adventure.


Spiritual energies are flowing with great intensity these days, and many will begin to have unusual experiences.  Spiritual thoughts and philosophies are changing and many will find inner challenges will often create inner questions for them.  Its always a good idea to be open to new elements as they flow to you.  Some you will take in and incorporate them into our inner self and yet others you will just let through you.  Though we all come from the same source we are all at different aspects of spiritual development.  What works for some will not apply to others and all will be right for the one who is the source.  We are all on the same journey, just on different sections of it and on different pathways, no two ever on the same one.  The times are providing opportunities for change and growth and neither are optional so buckle up for the next decades are going to be quite a ride.


Special hint: What seems to be truth on a global level is simply a false flag that covers the preparation for a far greater conflagration that any of us could imagine.

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