B - 14


Unconditional is a word that is used a lot but not always, I fear, fully understood. It means without question, without strings, without conditions … no matter what. Qualities such as love, friendship, trust and faith all, for them to truly flourish, require the concept of being unconditional. Often we, being human, use the emotions as a bargaining chip and in so doing attach a string or condition on our friendship or love. When we do that we remove unconditional from the equation and reduce the meaning of our love or friendship. Love given unconditionally is the rarest gift of all, beyond riches. Striving for the unconditional aspects in life is one of the most noble of quests.  There have been stories, operas, fables and legends extolling this amazing aspect we are all capeable of and yet few ever strive to embrace it.  one of the building blocks of the spiritual pathway is understanding this concept and incorporatint=g it into our lives to the best of our abilities,