The Puzzle of Life

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Life’s puzzle – Often it is hard to understand the meaning of our lives, the purpose of our being here and even more important why lessons have occurred they way they did. When I was looking for a good way to explain this to a group I took a deep breath and asked for some clarification and the following is what came through.


Each lifetime is like a huge jig saw puzzle. We gather pieces during our lifetimes and try to sort them out and fit them together into a cohesive whole. Each lesson we process provides us with another piece, often a pivotal one. We spend our lifetimes gathering pieces and finding usually by our thirties or forties that at least the outlines are complete, and we can sometimes gather a hint of where we are going and why we are here. There are always areas that defy interpretation but, given time they do clear up and often surprise us. By the time we make ready to go into the light there are only a few pieces remaining and with our passing the puzzle is complete and we can view the picture that this lifetime created. There is always time spent when we cross over viewing the picture we created and drawing form it the wisdom’s and the lessons that were so carefully gathered. Each piece holding its own story and wisdom.


Among the many lessons we gather each lifetime Patience is one that is eternally worked upon. Putting the pieces of your lifetime together required patience as well, often there is a piece missing in an aspect of your life, so you work on another area where you have more pieces. It’s impossible to force pieces to fit where they do not belong. Patience is a cosmic quality gathered over time and generations of the soul’s development.