Readers and Readings

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Readers and readings – In these times of unsettlement and change all of us are looking for insight and explanations as to what and even more important why life has gotten so very challenging. I wish I had an answer for everyone but I don’t, I’m going through the same roller coaster as the rest … but I do have some advice and maybe a bit of insight. In times as we are now experiencing people are often reaching for straws, a glimmer of hope and a new direction to take to get their lives back on track. One of the places people often reach to are psychics, readers, spiritual counselors anyone who has insight into other realms or dimensions. Here’s a big secret, we’re looking as well.


Readers are just like everyone else. We have feet of clay and the same issues as the rest. What we also have is the ability to reach into other levels of consciousness and draw information, philosophy, and wisdom through into this reality. That information comes through those of us who channel and is flavored if you will by our lives and experiences. Information is received and then broadcast using our experiences, vocabulary and education. The only way that information can be shared is to use the channels tools for the expression into reality. So though we try not to add our opinions, we do shade the material through our personalities and perspectives. Readers are able to see a time line and highlights along that line if the person does not alter their path.


Readers can see possibilities and potentialities but they are not Gods and do not have the gift of celestial prophecy. It is not within our power to wave a magic wand and change the future; it would be nice but as far as I know not quite yet possible. Readers who are sincerely working in the spiritual field are here to help, to enlighten, to give options and insight into possible directions. They give what they see for that moment in time. But they do not have the power to change lives.


There is also great responsibility upon those who are getting readings. It is important to understand that the information shared is only meant to be used as additional insight so that they can make more informed choices in their lives.


Those getting readings should always gather as much information on decisions they must make and filter it all in order to make informed decisions. Relying only on a psychic for direction is giving away your personal power and that is not appropriate. We are all responsible for our own realities. They are our lives, our choices, our pathways and our journeys. We are the masters of our own destinies and to let another guide us is to in essence give away a lifetime of experience. Psychic readings can be very enlightening but expecting miracles to happen without leading a balanced life and addressing all aspects of life is quite simply foolish. We are all here to learn, to experience and grow and that doesn’t happen if we give away our power and direction.


Readings and readers can be very helpful, especially in the areas of spiritual development and growth. Understanding our lessons and applying them to our lives. Opening to spiritual philosophies and then living them … Readers can guide but you make the choices and you draw to you what you need to gather each lifetime. Use the resources the universe has provided, and this includes readers, make informed choices and take control of the direction your life is flowing in. Above all the greatest source of spiritual insight is that which you have gathered and is stored within … a little confirmation now and then along the way is most appropriate.