Dreams – 

B - 30


Dreams give us insight into the future; the problem with dreams is that they are symbolic and we have to figure out what the symbolism is in order to understand what the unconsciousness is trying to tell us. Rest assured it is always of a positive nature no matter what the dream is. Sometimes dreams are strange to get our attention that change is coming. If you so choose to journal know that each has their own time frame in which the dream manifests its message. Once you figure out yours, whether it is six weeks or six days, it gives you an edge on others to a degree in that you know when to expect change or an alteration in the flow of energy around you. This is a time when there is a new vibrancy around each of you and how you use that vibrancy will determine the insight you gather that can be put to good use in your reality, and thus enriching you on many unusual and exciting levels.