Spiritual Healing

P - 6


Healing doesn’t come through prayer and promises – it comes to us through action and intent. How we live our lives in accordance with the golden rule – how we try to make sure our actions and intent do no harm to others … Our part in the healing process becomes harder but more challenging. All of us are here because we haven’t yet achieved saint hood … we have work to do on ourselves and how we relate to those around us and the environment as well. We are works in progress. We have been given simple guidelines, if we choose to see them, and all it takes is walking the philosophy already deeply ingrained within our souls. Letting it out, applying it to everyone and everything … walking the light within and becoming the rule within opens us to infinite healing, love and wisdom.


We ask the Infinite to send us healing and restore balance to our lives – in order for that to happen we have to open the doors and pave the way through our actions and intent. The light flows strongly and positively along those channels that are open to it, and willing to open to the illumination that comes with it. Those who so choose become beacons of light, living examples that radiate the wisdom and joy that comes from following that seed of radiance implanted within by the Infinite. This means that others who are not so fortunate, who are still seeking within get the benefit and the overflow of the healing energy and take in that energy to help open them to that which they carry within as well. The light acts as a magnet, attracting those who carry it and don’t know it – healing is achieved by proxy.


It is interesting and difficult at the same time, the healing process is one of behavior rather than words. It isn’t what we say that has the power but rather how we walk our pathways and apply our lives to that simple inner golden seed that all of us are gifted with when we enter each lifetime. The healing process is one of evolving into the light that is carried within, and by working on ourselves we best serve others.