Many Gardens



There are many gardens that each of us are responsible for within this lifetime. There are the spiritual gardens within, wherein we tenderly work with growing new truths and beliefs that apply to this lifetime. We nurture those concepts that are just starting to emerge and we protect them from all manner of threat. We feed and water, so that they can grow and be added to the arsenal of creative tools that helps us to manifest love and harmony within our realities. There are no weeds in our spiritual gardens, for whatever grows there was planted by us in lifetimes past to grow and mature at just the right time. The spiritual gardens are a wonderful sanctuary for our spirits, for not only do truths grow there but also peace, wholeness, creativity, and healing. There is a harmony of spirit here and fantasy and reality blend for a magical wondrous inner realm.


Then there are the conscious gardens where thoughts and dreams are scattered and nurtured as best we can. This garden is a bit unorganized for our attention is easily drawn from one area to another and often we do not balance that attention. Conscious gardens often do not have the flow and beauty that the etheric ones do but they can be abundant and pretty in their own wild way. Weeds here can be distracting but often random thoughts are the answers we seek so don’t pull any. You never know what the flower will be like unless you give it time to bloom … The same wisdom can be applied trees that bear fruit. Everything should be given the chance to mature and prove its worth; for everything has worth if we give it a chance.