Types of Energy

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Types of energy fields – Energy is spoken  of everywhere in the spiritual field. Healing energy, etheric energy, psychic energy and the list goes on and on. In my opinion there are really just two different kinds of energy that we deal with in this physical incarnation. There is the vital energy of the body, that energy that is generated as the physical body functions and provides the signals that trigger responses that we require for life. Then there is spiritual energy that comes directly from the other side, the spirit realms. This is channeled energy and not of this world or of the physical plane. It is limitless and flows from a source that is connected with creation itself. Spiritual energy, that which is channeled, is energizing, invigorating, it charges us and gives us a high that is not only legal but healing and limitless. Spiritual energy is channeled through the crown chakra and triggered by creative expression in the earth plane. We open the door with the creative process, creativity done just for the joy of creation.


There are those who think they can heal with the vital energy … can’t be done. They may give a good back rub or warm a knotted muscle into relaxation but it is the energy of the body and it drains the person who is attempting to “heal”. If you are drained you are using the vital energies. If you are charged, you are channeling and bringing through energy directly from the source. Channeled energy flows through you and is sent to another with the hope that is used for healing. Of course we can’t direct the energy but we can channel it and the recipient will use it in a way most appropriate for that soul’s development


So the next time you do energy work check out how you feel after it is over and you’ll be able to determine where the energy was coming from. If you’re drained, it’s back to the drawing board. And if you’re vibrantly charged you’re plugged into the right outlet.
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