The Hierarchy of Prognostication

The Hierarchy of  Prognostication

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The Hierarcy of prognostication – I have often been asked what the different terms and or levels are for those who do prognostication (readings). So many terms are used to describe these individuals it can be at times confusing to those who want to get a reading. So here are my definitions, if they fit for you use them, if they don’t there is always another opinion around the block. After over forty years in the field this is how I have come to understand the different levels.


These are individuals that literally “read” you, your appearance, your manner; your way of speaking the tone of your voice … everything about you gives them information. These are individuals who are very observant.


These are individuals who read and then also use their intuition to gather information for you and share it. They use that sixth sense and have most probably worked long and hard to focus their intuition so that they can tune into your energy and draw insight and information from your fields and share it with you.


These are individuals who are able to see beyond the veils that separate dimensions. They are able to see and tap into those who have passed over. Usually it is a one-sided conversation. They are able to hear information from the other side and share it with those on this side.


These individuals are able to reach into the spiritual realms and bring information through that helps us understand the here and now. They are able to apply the spiritual laws and energies to individuals and help them to understand the purpose and reasons for situations that are going on in their lives. They draw spiritual information and energy through the person they are reading and share it. Always when getting a spiritual reading the person getting the reading should feel positive and joyful, for that is the way of spirit.

Spiritual Empath / Counselor

They have it all. These individuals bring together all of the aforementioned qualities. They are the ones that can help to guide you with spiritual direction. These individuals have usually spent a great deal of time in the spiritual field. They are here to serve and will do so without hesitation. They do not advertise nor proclaim their own worth; they are identified by their actions and their deeds. You will know them by their gentle manners.


You will find all sorts of combinations of readers out there. Some do a little of this and a bit of that. Know what it is you’re looking for and select appropriately. There are spiritual ministers that are not psychic and readers that are. There are Channelers that are not mediums and mediums that are psychic. Please understand that one quality does not guarantee all of the others.


When you go for a reading of any kind understand that you are wide open and whatever is said to you will plant a seed. You want to plant spiritual seeds that can enrich your life so chose wisely and always try to get a recommendation from someone you know