Why Babies Laugh

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Have you ever wondered why very young babies laugh? Recently I had the pleasure of baptizing an eleven-week-old baby and found that she erupted with laughter at the most interesting of moments. It occurred to me that perhaps they understand more than we give them credit for, and if that’s the case it opens even more to wonderment. I asked the universe to give me some insight into this and my answer was an ah-ha moment for me big time.


When babies enter into this world they carry within a fully developed soul energy that is aware and fully present. It is a soul energy that has full access to the complete spectrum of the soul’s development; past lives, purpose for this lifetime and future incarnations. In other words, way more evolved than any of us. The only problem is that the baby isn’t able to articulate any of this wonderful information to us. We must seem pretty silly talking baby talk and cooing over this fully evolved spirit; and so they laugh at us, they throw back their heads and laugh. We think it’s our behavior, and in a way it is, but really they are laughing at our total lack of understanding of the situation.


As babies grow, their personalities and ego’s for this lifetime come to the fore and the spirit energy, with all that wonderful information, slips into the recesses of the consciousness so that the lessons for this lifetime can be experienced and whatever experiences that are needed can be gathered for the further development of the soul carried within. The soul has to work through the ego and the personality selected for this lifetime and learns all over again; to bring the inner wisdom into the consciousness by reminding itself through experience.


So the next time you get to hold a very young child look into those eyes that will reflect back to you a fully evolved spirit with total awareness. This is a good time to impart your wisdom’s to the spirit within. Speak not as one who is informed but rather one who is seeking; and if you get laughter you know your journey has amused the spirit within. Should you get laughter, know that in some way you have amused a spirit who has come through time; still has access to total recall of all lifetimes past and holds the secret of evolution within its tiny hand. Only problem is, the lines of communication aren’t there yet, and when they are the spirit will not be able to share the visions that are so clear at the moment that is present.


So there is laughter at the moment, at the process that is in motion, at the humanness of the situation. Laughter in its purest form, expressing the joy of the total knowledge of the infinite spirit. It isn’t our funny noises or faces the baby laughs at, but rather our ignorance of the situation and attempts at communicating with someone who is wiser beyond our imaginations.


To be honest I really don’t mind being laughed at by a baby, sharing that laughter is the closest we can get to pure joy and the infinite spirit on this plane.