The Price of Free Will

B - 28


When man was created by the Infinite Spirit, one of the gifts given which was not given other creatures was that of free will. Over the generations of evolution, over thousands of years, we often treat this gift lightly, not realizing the richness it provides us nor the price we pay. You see, it really isn’t free. Yes, we have the freedom to make choices that often are not those that a caring parent would recommend, and often we wander far from the pathway that the spirit within is trying to guide us towards. We choose how we journey and whom we journey with whether or not it is good for us. We can choose to take side pathways and to follow dead ends, or to not even journey at all within a lifetime, all along exercising our right to free will. However, there is a price we pay. Along with free will we must accept as well the consequences of those choices and alterations we freely exercise. When you look at it objectively, it’s only fair. The problem is, often we complain about our situations and circumstances, without claiming the responsibility for them as well.


This was one of my biggest AH-HA’s this year. I found myself looking at many situations that were not exactly comfortable and complaining to the universe. When I stopped muttering for a time to catch my breath a very soft whisper reminded me that they were the result of choices that I had made with my “free will”. That’s when I got very quiet and started to look around to see if anyone had been listening to my complaining, aside from the universe. On careful and embarrassing reflection I have started to rework some of my choices and amazingly, things have started to clear up and move once more. That “free will” is a powerful tool, and deserves proper respect. I try these days to see what my actions are going to create before I randomly exercise my “free will”. It makes me a bit more responsible and a little less spontaneous, but life provides those hidden surprises so it’s never dull.


“Free Will” is pretty expensive but worth it when used with care!