Interview from Within Grasp

Excerpt from the book "Within Grasp" by W. Wallace Wayne

I had the honor to have been interviewed for the book Within Grasp by W. Wallace Wayne!  Below is the chapter dedicated to the interview with me.


Author’s notes:  I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a Spiritual Empath, namely Barbara Delong.  She is a very sweet, intellectual spirit with over 50 years of experience in the metaphysical incorporating myriad numbers of topics.  As with Dr. Paul H. Smith, she allowed me to record our conversation so it is more in-depth.


Barbara completed her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University.  She holds twin Master’s degrees in special education from The College of New Rochelle in New Rochelle, NY.  She taught school for 25 years until an unfortunate accident caused her to switch professions.  She now teaches adults in all things spiritual.  She is ordained.  She is an artist, documentarian and published author.  As an antidote, her late husband, Patrick Cooke, was a theologian and author who was a contributive guest on the TV programs UFO Files and Ancient Aliens.


Barbara created and published one of the first circular oracle decks, consisting of hand painted mandalas and focusing on cosmic elements for personal development.  In 2011 Eugene Botha, a documentary producer from South Africa, featured Barbara and her late husband in his documentary, Issues of Faith: UFO’s Aliens & Religion.


Also, in 2011 Barbara and Patrick created the documentary, Secrets of the Stones, for the Megalithamania Conference in CT.  Barbara wrote and narrated the documentary both of which are available on YouTube.  It is a remarkable and educational portrayal of the many stone megalith structures scattered around the New England states.  It is quite professional definitely worth watching.  It can be found here -


Barbara is currently the host of Night-Light Radio which is an online podcast on Blog Talk Radio.  Her show has close to 2000 subscribers and just surpassed the ½ million mark for listens.  Her websites are: and

Again, my questions and comments are in bold.


I know you are a Spiritual Empath, but what brought you to the point where you are right now?  I aways wondered and thought there had to be more.  Things couldn’t be exactly as they were explained to me, whether it was in a church or a school or wherever.  It felt to me that there were so many blank spaces.  No one could answer the questions I had.

So, very young in life I started searching.  I searched all over the place.  The more I stretched, the more I searched, I realized the explanations we’ve been given for so much of our lives don’t make complete sense.  There had to be something more.

For the last 20 years or so I’ve been doing the radio show.  At first, I was doing free readings.  Then I shifted to doing readings only, giving them what the spirit gave me.  Ultimately, I realized I had created thousands of co-dependent people who were listening but not acting on anything I said.  Finally, I started interviewing authors and that led to where I am at today.


You definitely belong in my book because I too agree that a lot of supposed truths we’ve been taught simply do not jive with me.   So, how long have you been doing Night-Light?  It is in its 14th year.  It started out small, but my intent has always been to stimulate people to think, whether they agreed with me or not, I didn’t care, as long as they were researching, looking, and thinking.  To me, that’s a good teacher, one who doesn’t always give you the answers and makes you find them yourself.


So exactly what does a Spiritual Empath do?  It is a title someone gave me whom I respected greatly because he said I’m not a Physic so he called me a Spiritual Empath.  For me, it’s allowing me to flow on the cosmic winds of creation and be open for whatever comes my way.  It allows me to incorporate what feels right and dispose of what doesn’t.  My teaching tool is my journey through time.  Empathically I am guided to whatever is meaningful and appropriate for that instant in time.

Somebody once told me you should be in the field full time.  I said to them when I get to the place where I feel I have something to share I’ll share if anybody is there to listen.  He said, “no, no, you don’t understand, arriving somewhere is not the point, it’s the journey that is the teaching tool.”  I have found this to be so true.


I’ve looked over your Night-Light programs and you cover literally everything, both seen and unseen.  Yes!  We cover the mundane to the magical, UFOs to Unicorns, and everything in between.


Let’s talk about NDE’s (near death experiences).  I consider those to be real.  What’s your take on this subject?  I believe they are real too.  Let me preface my answer this way:  I divide our essence into three levels: body, mind and spirit.  The body is the physical, the mind being the soul or the personality and mores of this particular lifetime.  The spirit is that part of our essence that travels through time.  When our body releases the spirit, it does travel, it is immortal and etheric.  The physical interpretation of the journey would be that of being drawn to a light while you are traveling through a tunnel.

We did a show of NDE’s a long time ago.  One of the participants said, “you don’t’ understand.  I left my body and was drawn towards a light.”  She said, “you have to understand, it wasn’t that you were surrounded by love, it wasn’t that you were supported by love, it wasn’t that you were drawn by love.”  She said, you have to understand, “you became love; and as such, you don’t want to return to the physicality but if it’s not your time you have to because you have work yet to do.” It's normally a tunnel with a light at the end.  Isn’t that correct?  A lot of people say that.  It isn’t that way for everybody.  Basically, it is what your consciousness perceives what the experience should be, and that is your reality.  We create our realities by our perception of it and I believe that death and the near-death experience is the same thing.  What my consciousness tells me is going to happen is what actually happens.  The journey beyond that moment is different for everyone.


I think you just mentioned something I totally agree with and that is we make our own reality.  Yes!


Let me ask you another question about the tunnel.  Have you ever heard anyone say that there are doors within that tunnel?  For some there are.  For others, it’s the same tunnel you go into if you are doing past life regression and every door leads to a different timeframe and different lifetime.  For some people, they do not go through a tunnel.  They realize they are floating, often above their body until they are drawn towards the light.  It’s kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you are going around and around until you are eventually drawn forward.  The one constant that I think is common with everyone is that there is a light.

I had a friend that was dying with cancer.  She told me she was afraid.  I said I don’t think there is anything to fear, I’m sure you will be fine.  She asked me to go with her.  I said sure, of course I will, figuring there was no way I could.  She seemed comforted and I was wrong!

About a week later, around 3 o’clock in the morning, I found myself standing in a tunnel with her.  I looked at her and said, “ well, I guess you have passed?”  She said, “I think so, I feel fine.”  I said, “I’m glad.”  Then, we just kind of stood there.  At first, there wasn’t any movement, and no  appearance of a light.  She asked me “what do we do now?”  I said, “let’s just wait and see.”  A few moments later we both saw what was like a little lightening bug bouncing towards us.  Then I said, “I hate to say this, but I think your spirit guide is a dog.”  She said, “no, that is my dog who died 10 years ago and I loved him.”  He came and jumped all over her and all over me.  He had dog slobber on both of us.  Then we began to see people in the distance and beyond that, a light.  Then I said, “I think you have your guide now and I think you are going to be okay.”  She said, “yes, I see them.”  I said, “if you don’t mind, I’ll just stay here and make sure you get to where you are going.  I don’t want to go too far because I really have stuff to do.”

So, I watched her as she went down the tunnel, then I woke up.  I was covered in dog slobber.  Dog slobber is substantially different than perspiration!  Later in the day I got a phone call that she had passed away and I said, “I know, it was around 3 a.m. wasn’t it?” “Exactly” I was told.

That was her tunnel.  I don’t know if that will be my tunnel.  There will probably be cats with me. [laughter]


I’m going to ask you an open-ended question.  Define the light people are drawn to?  The light I believe people see, the light that is there, is a blinding, white light made of plasmatic energy.   It is so bright it hurts to look at with physical eyes, but with spiritual eyes you can see the warmth and love within it.  It’s not like a flash of light.  It feels like energy moving inside of it.  It pulsates with its own rhythms and consciousness, radiating pure white light, pure love, power and wisdom.  The source of all creation – divine consciousness.  So, you sense love within this Light?  Absolutely!  It’s total love.  It is what I would call the source of all creation.  So then, all wisdom is included?  Oh yes.  And to me it’s a singularity, the source of all there is.  Would you call this Light Jesus?  No.  I would say that Jesus is a part of it.  This Light has no personality.  It is the source; not human, nor alien.  It cannot be defined as an individual.   I would also say that the light they talk about in the Bible is the burning bush light that Moses couldn’t look at, it’s the same light.  In occasions where the visions of the Virgin Mary are being seen, that white light is a part of it.  It’s not what people refer to as God because they typically refer to God as a person and God is not a person.


I’m glad to hear you say that because you really fit into this book!  [laughter]  Wait to you hear what I’m into.  We’ll talk about that after our interview.


I know from our previous chat, that we both agree on UFOs and UAPs, that’s pretty much a dead subject.  We both know they exist, and we’ve been visited throughout the ages and are still being visited.  But, give me your best estimation on just how many races have visited the earth?  The more I look into all of this the more I’m beginning to realize that a lot of what we are seeing is not actually from other races or species, rather from other time frames and are our own creations.  As far as other races, everything came from the same source.  Spirits take the form most appropriate for their environment.  The variety is as numerous as the stars.

There is a book by Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn pertaining to the Rendlesham Enigma.  Jim was walking up to the drone or little ship.  It was covered with a bunch of hieroglyphic looking figures.  He touched it and he was downloaded with a bunch of 1’s and 0’s which later were identified as binary code.  When it was actually translated, it gave the longitude and latitude of a lot of the sacred sites around the globe, it also said, “Exploration of humanity continuous for planetary advance – eyes of your eyes – origin year 8100.”

A lot of what we are seeing could be drones from the future coming back to check on us.  But not all?  No, not all.  I think, gosh, I hate to call them species, but I have no other word, out there.  But we all come from the same source.  Spirits have created avatars on the Earth plane as humans in order to experience the physicality and emotionality of the human experience.  Spirits that became indigenousness to other planets have different atmospheres.  Those avatars may well have developed into other kinds of species, but we all come from the same source.


So, would you say we are on the bottom of the totem pole in this Earthly experience in our human bodies?  I hate to say it, but yeah, probably.  [laughter]


It seems that we are always trying to better ourselves or to climb up the spiritual ladder.  We have missed so much.  Let’s talk about time.  I do believe time, as we know it, doesn’t actually exist.  Time is a construct just for us here on planet Earth.  Exactly.  Time doesn’t exist.  When the spirit is done with the Earth experience, it leaves the body.  Because the spirit is immortal and timeless, the concept of time does not exist for it.  It is concerned with where next do I go, to work on my development and evolution.

An interesting thing is they did a study testing the Human DNA and they found out that after many thousands of years, the DNA actually mutates.  And they took it back as far as they could so they could see where the original DNA came from and they were able to figure it out.  Turns out our DNA it is actually older than the Earth.


Do you think we had a choice in the bodies and lives we incarnated into or were we sent for this life?  Every spirit was created at the same time.  That’s where the journeys started.  They are all different and are all unique.  I don’t believe lifetimes are random.  I do believe we are searching to experience aspects of life, and emotionality and physicality so we seek for opportunities to develop certain aspects of our spirit.  You may need to stretch to your spiritual self or the ability to meditate or get into the higher realms so you will be put into a situation where that could happen.  Yet, the soul has free will and can take a look at that situation and say I’m sitting this one out and I’ll come back another time.  The spirit can request situations before incarnation but, once in the physical, the ego can and often does exercise free choice.  This throws a wrench in the flow, so to speak.


So, it’s like there is a mutual agreement?  Yes, there is an agreement, but remember, once you are in the physical there is that element of free will that comes into play.  If our body is an avatar, it’s one of those things that comes with it.  It’s like an option installed at the factory and, you are not given the owner’s manual.  So, it’s up to us to figure out this amazing DeLorean we are in; to figure out where all the buttons are.

As a spiritual worker, I work with spiritual consciousness and understanding and the expansion of those aspects of ourselves.  There are others that will be drawn to music and other things.  There are different options that you can activate and if you are really good at understanding consciousness, you can activate them all.  And, that’s what Master Jesus did along with the other spiritual masters who have walked the Earth plane.  Would you put Buddha into that same category?  Oh yes.  Zoroaster too.  All of the heavy duty avatars that are out there.

You’ve probably seen some of the programs on TV, pertaining to ghosts.  What’s your take on just what a ghost is?  They actually fall into a lot of different categories.  Sometimes when people see ghosts that are period dressed, that could be a folding of time where you are actually seeing another timeline.  It can also be a projection of your own consciousness to produce something you have no other explanation for.   I don’t really believe in all that demonic stuff.  That’s biblical stuff.  I don’t believe there are demons out there.  There are people that project those negative connotations or kinds of forms into their own reality.  I don’t believe our reality has demons.  I believe people have negative aspects that create an egregore that can take on that persona.

Often times people will see someone who has passed over.  I believe that’s a projection from their own consciousness that they have created to give them comfort and a sense of peace.  Once the spirit leaves the body, the spirit is on a journey.  It doesn’t look back!

It’s hard for us to let go.  You kind of want to see that spirit and talk to that spirit.  When someone comes to me wanting to communicate a relative who has passed, I will tune into their energetic field to get the picture of that person and then draw from that something from universal consciousness that spirit could send through me to them.  So, you use the Akashic Record?  Yes.


18 years ago, I visited Egypt.  Spent 3 days at the Great Pyramid studying every nook and cranny.  I’ve seen your YouTube presentation entitled “Secrets of the Stones” pertaining to the stones in New England.  It was captivating; I was wowed!  I gleaned a lot of information I did not know that exists here in the US including the number and size of some of the stones.  Do you think an ancient culture, perhaps prior to our native Indians, built them as a way to connect to the Earth Energy?  I believe that an ancient culture did construct these chambers possibly as much as three to four thousand years ago. The native indigenous tribes spoke of the chambers as always having been here and had no idea who constructed them.

At one time there were over 800 documented chambers in the northeast and now the number is down to less than 200. It appears that since no one can explain who or why they were constructed, they are either ignored or they will just go away.  That seems to be what is happening.  It’s very sad because I believe they speak of a very ancient time that we should totally pay attention to.  I believe that hidden in the mists of time an ancient culture of interdimensional travelers existed on the earth plane.

The only record I can find of these individuals is in Irish Mythology, they were called the Tuatha D­é Danann. This was a race of long lived and powerful individuals who had great powers to use and focus energy.  Their story is very interesting and worth looking into.  I believe as with other supernatural peoples and cultures because we didn’t understand them or their wisdoms so we made gods out of them and they became legends for folk lore.  But, they were real.  This culture became the foundation for the Druids who drew from their wisdom and energies and used what was remembered to create stone structures around the globe.  With both the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Druids, nothing was ever written.  Wisdom and the utilization of energy were handed down generation after generation verbally.  There is no sign or record of the power they were able capture and utilize within their time frame.

There is energy all around us, we ourselves are electromagnetic entities and the earth has its own power source that it generates.  Rocks too generate additional energy.  Tesla was able to capture some of that energy and focus it but he needed structures to focus it.  Ancient cultures were able to tune their own body energy to what is naturally around us, draw it in and focus it for countless different purposes.  Years of training and focus were required to awaken the process that rests within us all.  It is a matter us believing it is there and then finding it and allowing it to become a part of our consciousness.  Those ancient cultures were examples of what we were and are capable of.  Unfortunately, instead of taking the example and seeking it out and training it, we chose to make gods of them instead and not emulate them within ourselves.

Wow!  Is it plausible the rocks were used as kind of a conduit to experience this energy?  The purpose of the chambers has always been a burning question for me.  It has been easier to eliminate what they couldn’t be rather than what they were actually were used for.  I found that when you are in one of the chambers it has the same sort of feeling I have experienced in crop circles.  Sound on the outside is sort of muffled, almost as if  a cone of silence has been dropped over you.  There is a feeling of calm and peace that comes over you that is quite profound.  Because most of them in the area that I lived were constructed of granite, it’s possible they might have been used for communication given the amount of quartz in the stones.

Another possibility, is they may have been used for record keeping.  There have never been any pictographs or writing found with the exception of one stone that appeared to have Ogham script on it which would tie into the Irish mythology.  It feels to me as if they may have been record keeping chambers and we just haven’t found the way as of yet to unlock the records kept there. The fact that the chambers are slowly being destroyed reminds me a bit of what was done with the Aztec codices so very long ago.  Another good example of how humanity has, in the past, destroyed that which it doesn’t understand.  If they are all destroyed and they are record chambers, history will just have repeated itself.

Well, how do you think they moved these rocks that weighed up to 75 tons?  If you can lower the density of an object, no matter how large, moving it is a piece of cake. Both cultures mentioned above were very capable of that feat, as well as liquefying stone to fit whatever mold or form is desired.


Let’s talk about our brain.  Paul had the Damascus Road experience.  He did not become an apostle immediately after his conversion.  In fact, he went to Saudi Arabia for 3 years of training.  You probably know this, but after he came back to be a formal apostle, he was able to bring Eutychus back to life and he was able to blind Elymas just by looking at him.  What kind of training do you think he received and are we all open to that?  I’ve actually changed my mind about the Bible and the people in the Bible to a great extent.  I believe that Paul created a persona.  He said he saw Jesus in spirit, so he was inspired by that spirit to take up the calling that he thought he had.  Now once he had that calling, and this is just my personal belief, his ego got in the way and he created a religion which departed, to a great degree, from the teachings of Christ.  So, did he actually raise the dead?  I’m not so sure.

In many ways, the Bible is written by a lot of men trying to make a story that has a flow to it so that people will buy the whole concept of it.  There are stories and documents written by men, who were inspired, who were creating a religion and, in my opinion, to control people.

So, did they really cast demons out of people?  I believe that in many ways, those stories are meant to gather people in and give them stories they are comfortable with so that they can pray to a God who is literally an egregore that has been created for them who gives them security.  But it limits their abilities to expand their own talents, their own gifts and their own attachments to the light that is out there for them.


For my readers, please define the term egregore as I’m not familiar with it?  There are lots of energies in the universe.  They aren’t positive, they are not negative, they are clumps or bodies of plasma, similar to the source of creation but they have no direction, no meaning, no spirit, no soul.  If humans put a lot of attention or insight or worship into an egregore, it gives it form and power.  It becomes an entity in and of itself although it doesn’t have a spirit or a soul.

I drink Diet Coke.  I know it’s not good for me, but I drink it.  And, I give a lot of attention to it.  It has become an egregore for me.  It is something that is very real and, in many ways, it’s part of my life.  Do I need it to live?  No, but it is important to me.

The church itself is an egregore.  It has a personality.  People look to the church for wisdom, for direction.  It has become an egregore.  It is a being without a soul or a spirit that functions as a person or a thing but is not of the same material that carries the spirit that we carry within.

Mark Stavish wrote a book called “Egregores”.  It is fabulous.  It explains that a lot of things in life that shouldn’t have power over us but they do.  For example, people who are addicted to a drug, that drug becomes an egregore that they depend on and rely on and they crave.  Their focus gives it power over them.

Look at some of the people who are seeing some of the sightings of the Virgin Mary in the holy land of late.  They see a flash of white light which is, of course, the source light.  Thousands of people gather and they all see the Virgin Mary in that light.  They have created that because they are looking there to see Her and they see Her.  It’s like a holograph that people create after focusing their own minds on space and time.  We are far more powerful entities that we give ourselves credit for.

It's the power of our consciousnesses to create.  In many ways, people who say they are talking to Saint Michael, Saint Anthony or whoever, it’s my belief now that their spirit within is trying to give them a message about their life, about their direction, about a choice they should make and people aren’t confident enough within themselves to listen to that quiet whisper within, which is the spirit, so the spirit sends a holograph of Saint Michael or Saint Anthony that tells them the same thing.  Since Saint Michael says it, it has to be true so they follow the information.  They are creating their own reality, aren’t they?  Exactly!


Barbara, as you may know, I come from a conservative, Methodist and Southern Baptist, background.  In the Methodist denomination I've been taught there is no distinction between spirit and soul.  What have you to say on this?   In my personal philosophy I view the Human essence as a trinity of Body, Soul and Spirit.

The Body, is the physical avatar or container wherein all other aspects of the human condition dwell and work through.  It gives those aspects a way to communicate, share, react, manifest and move through the environment in which they exist.

The Soul is that element that contains the emotional, moral, personality and character of the individual -those aspects through which the individual interacts with the environment and other sentient elements of the reality wherein they dwell.

The Spirit is a seed from the source of all creation – immortal – the animating life force that supplies the fuel for the avatar to move through and be a contributing factor in any given time frame.  The connection to cosmic awareness and the enlightenment wherein consciousness resides – that which travels lifetime to lifetime.

At the time of transition (death), the body and soul are released and fall away from spirit.  Spirit alone moves on to other realities and dimensions for further experiences and wisdoms that are gathered and stored within.  With each new experience (lifetime), new bodies and souls are gathered and the spirit animates them for that individual time space, until yet another transition occurs.  As was so elegantly said, somewhere the mortal coil (body and soul) is shuffled off and the spirit soars toward the light of the source to find another area to experience.


Do you know Corey Goode or know of him?  Yes.  Do you think we are at war now out in space?  No, I don’t think we are.  I know that there is supposed to be a secret space program.  I know there is supposed to be a twenty and out.   I know that he believes it – that he was part of this program and I believe he sincerely believes in what he says.  I don’t believe it.  This is Project Pegasus and the Montauk Project stuff.  I think that humanity as a whole has created explanations for life as we know it and they believe it so whole heartedly that they don’t believe it’s not there.  It has to be there to explain certain things.  The reality is our spirits are journeying through time as we know it.  The etheric, non-physical aspect of our essence and consciousness.

Obviously, we are here for a reason.  It can be as easy as being kind to an old lady in the supermarket.  That could be the experience that you are here to gather for whatever your spirit needs to go forward, as far as its evolution goes.  We don’t know just who that old lady is anyway do we?  Exactly, we don’t.  I love to think that everyone I meet has part of the source of all creation in them and there is a magic there.  To relate to that magic is an exciting thing.  Just talking to them or saying something that makes them smile is the greatest gift you can give somebody.  Sometimes just paying attention to their existence is all they need and the reflection they throw back at you is such a joyful experience.  It’s wonderful.


Ever heard of Pablo Pio, as well as some other Catholic’s prophecy, concerning 3 days of darkness?  Yes.  I think there are many ways this could happen from volcano’s erupting to whatever.  There have been so many predictions and prophecies that they kind of blow you away.  I’ve even been right every now and then.

I know that a volcano erupted underwater in Japan that sent so much water vapor into the atmosphere that kind of put a blanket around the globe so that we are going to be abnormally warm for the next several years.  So, 3 days of darkness could certainly describe an occurrence such as that.  I would probably feel and think that it would be a natural occurrence though.


Are you familiar with a lot of reports coming out of Antarctica?  People missing, maybe a hole in the Earth and possibly some ancient structures that have been found?  I believe there probably are because at one time it had a tropical climate.  I believe at one time it was close to the equator but due to the shift of the poles, it’s where it is now.  So, I believe there are definitely ruins and signs of habitation that have probably been there since before the flood.

I believe the Nazi’s were probably there when Admiral Byrd and Project Highjump arrived.  It was the Nazi’s who repelled and sent our fleet back home.  The Nazi’s probably had a base under the ice.  I believe that in a heartbeat. So, you think some of the Nazi’s were in Antarctica and it was their crafts that sent our navy back home?  Absolutely.  I would agree with that.  Oh, me too!


I’m a firm believer that there have been multiple incarnations of human civilizations on this planet for millions of years.  You know, most of our history goes back 5000-9000 years ago.  What I want to know is what was before this last mass extinction?  There had to be cultures that were higher functioning that what we have here today.

You should look at Phillip Lindsay’s book, “Unveiling Genesis: Mysteries of the Rootraces and Cycles”.   He talks about how he has divided the evolution of humanity into 7 different root races.   The Golden Age is when we are at the top of our spirituality.  We are now in the Arian Age.  At the end of the Arian Age, there will be a cataclysm that will wipe everything out and a few will survive.  Then, at some point in time, wise sages from another time show up to give us tools and information that eventually lead us into another Golden Age.  And we have cycled through these 7 root races for many billions of years!  He has a YouTube video that might of interest to some.


I’ve been doing some study on America’s Indians.  Many tribes, whether it be Cherokee, Ute, Lakota, Hopi and others apparently, based on what I’ve gathered, had the ability to both summons and communicate with spiritual beings either through portals or perhaps other dimensions.  Have we have lost that ability?  Absolutely.  Studies have been done that show that thousands of  years ago all of the Indian cultures in this country came from Asia and Europe.  They all have a similar belief.  They don’t have a religion; they have a spiritual belief system.  They all say we came from the light.  Originally, when they beat on their drums or stomped on the ground, they were able to connect with the Shumann Energy.  This is also called Earth energy or the heartbeat of the Earth.  It made it possible for them to shift consciousness to enable them to reach other levels of consciousness and dimensions.  Are you referring to what’s called Shumann Resonance?  Yes!  It took them into a deeper understanding or consciousness; out of alpha into theta for sure.  It became hallucinogenic for those drumming or stomping on the Earth.  So yes, I do believe they opened portals to other realms.  If you go back far enough, humanity had a group or tribal energy consciousness.  They were almost telepathic with it.  We’ve lost the memory of that ability because we’ve lost that connection with the Earth and others.  We still have the ability, but we’ve lost our natural connection to it.  We can still get there without the use of drugs.  Again, we’ve lost our connection with the Shumann Resonance.  It’s better to use the Shumann Resonance to get to that place inside of you so you can let go of the ego.  Once the ego is let go of, then you are able to allow your spirit to be moved and taken into those other dimensions that are actually there all the time.


Okay.  So, what are you meditating and working on now, Barbara?  Well, for lack of a better term, I’ll call it Barbara’s Philosophy which is constantly evolving daily.  At some point, long ago, beyond time, there floated in the nothingness a singularity of plasmic white light.  It was composed of consciousness and unconditional love.  It was a singularity, complete within itself.  At some point, floating out there in nothingness, it desired to experience more, so it sent out seeds of light, small fragments of the source, of itself.  The seeds of light that It sent out became our spirits.

It sent out many, many trillions of seeds.  Some of those seeds created planets, others created entities such as us.  Some of them are still traveling.  Those seeds that sought to experience physicality and emotionality, created human avatars and rode within those avatars so they could have a human experience.  So, our avatar, our body, is similar to a car.  The consciousness of the vehicle rides within.  Human physical form was a new experience for spirit and because consciousness did not have access to cosmic awareness at that time, it created an explanation for what it did not understand – they created gods;  the Roman gods, the Norse gods, the Greek gods what have you.  The gods are merely a creation from consciousness that is within the human spirit.  The God of the Bible, is an egregore just like the Greek or Roman gods.  We did this to explain things we could not understand.  When we began to understand the concept of things they represented, they dissolved into history.

I believe Jesus existed and His teachings are the purest forms of love.  But He was as much of the source of creation as you or I are.   He had developed more than we have; therefore, His abilities were far greater that what we have at this point in time.  We can all ascend to that level of consciousness and when we get to that level of consciousness, we can do the same miracles He performed.  That is biblical.  Jesus said that we will, meaning future, be able to do miracles greater than He did.  Yes.  So, the Bible is really a story that created a church that bastardizes the teachings of Jesus.


Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with you regarding the church.  They teach us history and tell us we need to be like Jesus without promulgating the virtues of the inner self or allowing for advancement of the spirit within.  Correct.  Part of Barbara’s Philosophy is that creations like religion and churches tend to hamper and hold us down.  We are being held back because we are looking to another source instead of the power we carry within.  I totally agree with what you just said.  For most folks as soon as you start talking about the power within, they deem you new age, full of demons or occultic.  But wait, there’s more.  When people die, they say I’m going home or I’m going to heaven.   Surprise, there is no celestial nursing home out there for them or us.   We are on a journey and our journey is through time, if you want to call it that.  We are journeying, gathering, growing, understanding and becoming more and more in resonance to that source of all creation.  The further we go, the more we let go of the restraints that human constraints have placed on us, the more we become in tune with the source of all creation.  Our purpose as a spirit is to grow, evolve, and at some point, in time, so full of the wisdom and light that we have gathered, that we punch through into another dimension and become in that dimension, the source of all creation.

Our purpose as a spirit is to grow, evolve, and at some point, in time, so full of the wisdom and light that we have gathered, that we punch through into another dimension and become, in that dimension, the source of all creation for that region of time and space.


Okay.  I believe you just alluded to something that I believe in even though I’ve been called new age.  I believe you just said that we are all little gods.  Yes!  We have the potential. We are babes, we are on the bottom of the totem pole.  Probably!  I would agree we were all sent out but I’m not sure we were sent out at the same time.  I look at it this way.  Consider the dandelion.  It grows.  It expands, blooms, and eventually sends out seeds.  The purpose of those seeds is to grow and become like the Creator.  Another dandelion?  Yes!  I think religions are great, they give people solace, comfort, and a sense of belonging.  In many ways there are good parts to it; but there are also controlling parts.  We need to break away and trust the light within and be guided by that wisdom.  It’s all within, we have been carrying it through time until the time is right.


Well, I’m ecumenical now.  I no longer subscribe to any organized religion.  So, I don’t have a church to go to that believes like I do.  When I go, I get restless, except for singing, organ playing or seeing friends.   I sit there either agreeing or disagreeing with the preacher, often wishing he or she would go 1 or 2 steps further or at least recognize alternative scripture; sometimes within the same Bible.  Seems they always adhere to the “program”.  Yeah.


I’m afraid we’ve missed the point totally regarding Jesus’ teachings and purpose.   What we are being taught now is the same thing as it was 1200 years ago.  The purpose was and is to perpetuate the religion that was created and bring power and money to the church.   I believe Jesus was an amazing master.   His teachings were beautiful.  What the church has done to His teaching is awful.  I forget who said it but we are not a human on a spiritual journey, rather a spirit on a human journey.  We are here for the human experience.  Religion is one of those things we are to experience but not be controlled by because there is so much more.


It was Michael Carter who came up with the term the “gatekeepers of Western Christianity.”  They try to keep us within the gate, but once you step outside, you realize you are on a path where you are being led.  That is what has happened to me.  Michael is a friend.  Mention my name and he will definitely remember me.  He was on my show and he said to me let me give you a little bit of background, biblically, “do you have some?”   I said, “I have some.”  After a little bit I finally said, “Michael, I was married to someone you just might have known.”  He asked, “who was that?” I said, “Patrick Cooke.”  Michael said, “okay, forget what I just said!” In his first book he thanked Patrick Cooke for all of the work he did.  Turns out Michael and I went to the same college at the same time in New Rochelle!  I love him dearly.  Is it okay for me to say I love him dearly also?  He is the real deal.  He is.  He is as sweet as they come.  He is a cool, cool guy.


*** end of interview ***

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