How to Use the Cosmic Deck of Initiation

How to Use the Cosmic Deck of Initiation by Barbara M. DeLong

How to Use the Cosmic Deck of InitiationHow to Use the Cosmic Deck of Initiation, by Barbara M. DeLong dives deep into the Cosmic Deck of Initiation and how to use it.

"There is magic inside. Contained herein is an oracle deck and book for the moment. The Cosmic Deck Of Initiation’s power is truly unlimited and its’ transformational potential, vast. While that might sound like hyperbole, it is not, for I know first-hand that such potential is palpable and real. The Deck has been in my life since 1993 and has changed it, so much for the better. It has been shared with friends like fine wine, and in the decades since its first printing the deck has become impossible to find. The irony is that when the first edition was released in the nineties it was far ahead of its time. Today people are so much more open to exploring their inner selves with energy work, vibrational therapies and other modalities as an accepted part of modern life. Yet the cards simply share a return to ancient truths. The messages of the Cosmic Deck are eternal and timeless.

Barbara DeLong has lovingly brought into physical manifestation a fundamental system of growth and healing that will help to create change in any way you wish. The system works from our own energies to bring what is needed in the moment. It works on multiple levels: first and foremost with the Mandalas themselves and their esoteric wonders of color, shape, design, and geometry, all encoded with power and grace. Do not underestimate their power. Accompanying them is the new interpretive book that expands exponentially upon the original edition offering brilliant and clear systems of interpretation that peer deep into the soul.

The deck can be used as simply as selecting a single card or by diving deep into vast wells of wisdom when exploring the different spreads and meanings shared in Barbara’s powerful book. There are six categories or levels explored in the text: Body/health, Career/Finance, Future, Mind, Love and Spirit. She stresses that it is truly up to each one of us to find what we are looking for here, and the book will respond in kind as a gentle guide along the path.

It is my sincere belief that the Cosmic Deck will exponentially grow in power and influence and shall one day be recognized as an eternal classic. Enjoy."

~ Michael Feinstein, May 19, 2023


A Transformative Experience
Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2023

"This work is my new favorite of the author's. There is a articulation and refinement in the book that wasn't there at the inception of the Cosmic Deck many years before. Reading this experience re-energized the ways I work with the Cosmic Deck. Barbara Delong has a way of making the higher spiritual realms accessible to all. She brings new meaning to seemingly mundane events and highlights how Spirit is visible everyday in our lives.

Reading the first few chapters was revelatory. the energy builds with the text. It was exciting to read through the development of the original paintings, the production of the cards, using the cards in divination and the subsequent writing of the book. It takes you on a journey, like going through the looking glass. The text coaxes you along with it as you discover new lessons. As the momentum builds, it awakens an inner knowing within the reader.

In reading the new material I started to see the cards differently. I could see the value in meditating on the cards individually. Placing them on an altar with crystal grids to energize different lessons. I'm intrigued to work with Cause & Effect, Law of Abundance and Universal Abundance together and separately in my manifestation practice. I believe this book can be used in many ways, least of all in looking for answers to daily questions. View it as a wink from the Divine in moments of confusion.

I love the Author's description of Karma! Favorite sentence ' concepts to old issues untie knots.'

Light coding is present and downloads from spirit are plenty as you work your way through.

To call this a spiritual teaching tool is an understatement. This work is only limited by the level of the user.

This is a valuable tool that everyone should access regardless of their spiritual path.

It's wisdom comes from it's higher truths while it's beauty is in the warmth of a trusted companion."

Love to Barbara!!
Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2023
"Love this absolutely beautiful frack and book!! Love Barbara! She is mindfully insightful, beautifully brilliant and a wide-open heart ❤️ Love this!!!"

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Paperback: 317 pages
Publisher: Dimensionfold Publishing (May 20, 2023)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1989940773
ISBN-13: 978-1989940778

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