I Believe


I Believe

I believe that all souls were created in the same flash of light and then scattered across the universe, each with the purpose of evolving and growing so that it could, in time, evolve into a source of creation. I believe that each soul reincarnates time and time again in that evolutionary process. Each time the soul gathers greater insight and wisdom. I believe that we have free choice and also take part in the planning for each new lifetime. We have input into the lessons and areas that we need to work on. However, we don’t have input into how these are presented to us -- that’s what makes the process so very interesting and often frustrating.

We are here to learn and grow, to gather and assimilate. We are here to celebrate life and the light that is within, that is a part of the Infinite Spirit. It is at this point that we as humans, with human egos, often get off the beaten track and get mired in the physical day-to-day, trivial pursuits, forgetting that we are not humans on a spiritual journey but rather spirits on a human journey and it is supposed to be a celebration. The reality is that the more we celebrate the light within the more we’ll gather and learn. The greater the laughter and joy in our lives the more expansive our impact on our own evolution and that of those who are near to us. The greater the light we cast, the more we draw to us those of like energies and the more intensive the growth and wisdom we radiate becomes.

I believe that there are no coincidences – everything happens for a reason and it is always positive. It sometimes takes a long time for us to find the positive, but once we do, life begins to move toward the next lesson or moment of wisdom. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that we actually had a hand in arranging the circumstances that we find ourselves in, but they are needed to polish an aspect of our soul’s development. There have been times when I wondered if we could roll over some of the lessons to the next lifetime and lighten the load this time – haven’t quite figured that one out yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

It is my belief that all Religions are one and that at the foundation of all of them is the Golden Rule. Whatever is built upon it is fluff that mankind has added to enhance and build or create a Religion. I am a spiritual person and I accept all religions for they all, at their core, come from Universal Love and the Golden Rule. I believe that at some time in the future all Religions will be simplified and blended together creating peace and harmony, and mankind will finally get on with the celebration of life and the evolution of our souls, at that point we won’t need governments, army's or, for that matter, Religions.

My belief is of a spiritual nature, not bound by the dogma of any religion. The one guideline for my ministry is that we never sit in judgment of another. I truly believe that we are here to celebrate the light within us, share laughter (the best form of healing I know), experience unconditional love as it is showered upon us … and more than that, to recognize the potential in every person we meet and honor their choice of reaching for it or not. We are here to learn and grow and we do that by interaction and sharing. Every time I meet with someone a grain of wisdom is shared. There is value in everyone; sometimes you just have to look harder to find it.

Each day my understanding and beliefs grow and expand – part of the wonders of being human. With light and laughter the human spirit can do magical things if given the chance.

~ Barbara DeLong

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