My Personal Passions

My Personal Passions


My Passions

Everyone has personal passions in their lives that fuel and energize them. Our passions often alter over time to reflect our direction and the destiny that calls to us. These personal passions are what provide us with joy and the creative outlets that open us to the spiritual energies that move our lives along. These are the areas of life that give us joy and solace, a place to go within ourselves for strength when we need it and healing when it is appropriate. Everyone is different and their personal passions are unique to their level of consciousness, spiritual awareness and destiny pathway.


We enter each lifetime preprogrammed with passions that will lead us into the most appropriate directions for evolution and abundance. As very young children these are the directions that call to us, giving us hints as to what talents and skills would be the easiest to draw upon. Sadly, often teachers, parents and culture direct us in ways that are not as spiritually or emotionally supportive of our spiritual growth. Those who find their passions and allow them to open the creative channels for the spiritual energies to flow through and manifest within reality are those who have full and abundant lives that are blessed by the eternal light ever seeking entrance to the physical reality.


Below I have listed some of the passions that are present in my life at this time. They comfort me and give me the channels I need to grow, be creative and expand my understanding of life and my purpose for being here. Some you may relate to … others not so much. But take a look and it may remind you of one of your passions that has perhaps not been acknowledged or used a great deal as of late.

1. Family and Friends

2. Pets

3. Garden and Home

4. Creative Interests – crafts, needlework, painting, writing

5. The Spiritual pathway


I always leave room for more passions, you never know when a new one is going to pop up and you want to make sure you have room for it when it does.