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Internationally known radio and pod-cast host, spiritual intuit,  author, artist, lecturer and ordained minister, Barbara DeLong has been working professionally in the spiritual field since the early 70’s in addition to being a full time special education teacher and a single parent. . In the 80’s she began painting personal Mandalas for friends. Since that time her paintings and the life readings that go with them are now worldwide with over four hundred of them in private collections. These individual paintings evolved into a circular oracle card deck called The Cosmic Deck of Initiation. The deck was published in 1991, as a peaceful and more spiritual substitute to the standard Tarot deck, with many thousands purchased around the world. Barbara toured the country with The Cosmic Deck of Initiation for over five years presenting them at conventions and book stores nationwide.

Barbara has done numerous radio and television shows, and conventions .  Her radio show/pod-cast, Night-Light is intended to be just that in a time when many are awakening to the gifts and talents that they carry within.  Her interviews with authors and gifted individuals help others to gain insight into themselves as well as the reality in which we dwell.  She provides a platform for many to share the truths they have uncovered and the insights that can change our perception of the world in which we live.

As an ordained Spiritual Minister Barbara served a local Spiritualist Church as one of the rotating ministers from 2003-2008.

Her website, Barbara DeLong – Spiritual Empath , is a teaching site, combining personal information and a plethora of spiritual material and energetic forecasts for each week of the year.

Barbara is now also a Reiki Master!

“Secrets of the Stones”, is a  project Barbara has been involved in, completed in 2011 it was presented in a Megalithamania conf.. She wrote and narrated, and is co-producer of this video. Drawing attention to aspects of our past that have more or less flown beneath the radar.

Her book, “Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom” published by Oracle Publishing. It is a collection of her poetry and short insightful spiritual insights. The book has gotten a most impressive reception.

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