Wisdom out of time

B - 6a


Wisdom is gathered lifetime after lifetime, like the pieces of a gigantic puzzle to be reassembled only when all of the pieces had been gathered. Through a lifetime the puzzle is brought back to wholeness and new insights and levels and dimensions of wisdom are brought forward into the consciousness of mankind. Eons ago, before recorded time humanity embraced these wisdom’s and used them wisely for the healing and abundance of all. And then there was a time of darkness when the magic and miracles were lost to the memories and stored within until it was time to open those doors once more and to use those skills and understandings to restore the peace within the human heart and consciousness. The emergence of those wisdom’s and their incorporation into reality will start slowly. Those who first draw upon them and remember their power will help others to do the same. It will take time but as there is the dawning of the memories once again. There is ascension of consciousness and new pathways will be found that bring true magic into the realms of everyday life.