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At the moment of creation, when all light energies flickered into being a process was begun that will take eternities and perhaps more to complete. The creator of all sent out these energies, these small infinitesimal specks, that were a part of the source light to gather and grow, to expand and evolve, to embrace that speck of core light within themselves and to eventually become co-creators.


For eons they floated in the nothingness, they learned eventually consciousness and when that process was complete, around them appeared suns and universes, stars and galaxies’. The light energies were scattered throughout the universes to take form, gather density, and have the experiences of the different realms and dimensions that they had settled upon. Those who touched upon the earth plane took physical form and eventually evolved into human form, this process took millions and millions of earth years to accomplish. As consciousness became more and more developed, awareness and then evolution of the spirit within began its journey upon this planet.


As humanity emerged from the darkness that was the beginning on this planet, many things were unexplainable. The unknown was a fearful place for these early beings, and so myth and later religion explained. Lightning strikes were bolts sent by the Gods to punish mankind. Earthquakes were other Gods shifting the earth, and thunder was the Gods as they tumbled through the clouds fighting. All natural phenomena not explainable through reason, no matter how basic, have myths surrounding them to make them more acceptable to humanity.


Every generation brings forth wise writings and prophets some ancient and others present within their own times to explain what is not explainable … to ease the fear of the unknown with myth and prophecy, to foretell the future and assure humanity of their evolution and eternal spirits. The sight of prophets is limited to their vision within the human form and though their spirits may well have the sight of eternity it does not translate often into human reality.


Your spirits are on a journey of evolution, consciousness is expanding and greater and greater insight and wisdom is constantly available to you. Eons have you been growing and gathering, brighter and brighter have the lights within you grown in brilliance and radiance … but the journey has just begun and levels and dimensions are yet to be achieved. As this process takes place, old habits return at times of transitions and around what is not understood attracts the soothsayers of the past, to weave their magic around the fears of the present and bridge the transition into a new age for the spirit to evolve into.


They will find signals to point to in the physical that open portals into the future for the simple minds to wrap around. Those who need no magic hear a different message at times of transition, they often carry the light body energy and “know” that change is eminent and embrace it. The great masses will follow the myth and eventually come to the knowingness of the others … your history will reflect these shifts and the patterns your species has followed each time the shift in consciousness happens on a global stage. Such a time is near.


Humanity has had a shift in consciousness and as the awareness expands life changes and alterations must and will take place. The speed is determined by the individual lights as they reach for and embrace the lessons of the moment and the changes that occur within the physical reality. The journey is a long one full of challenges and growth, love and light. This planet supports those upon it, has and will continue to be a source for experience for the spirits who evolve here. The blue print for evolution has always been within each and every light soul, the map they will follow is within as well. No messages from the source are necessary for when the spirit is ready the doors to understanding open and the information and energy, the power and talents are there for them.


Every generation to this point in time need their soothsayers, they should be security blankets for those who need reassurance and comfort. Those who use their talents to frighten and plant seeds of fear, well they as well are evolving and when their words are empty they will learn to seek the higher truths and to share them. There is a place and purpose to every light energy, not always seen or understood but a larger purpose is in play within the evolution of the spirit. Please be assured that total ascendance into those magical realms that are just out of reach is absolutely a direction that humanity will one day achieve, embrace and utilize as new and even more profound abilities become suspected and then known. The journey has just begun!