To Know Thyself

“To Know Thyself”


          Since the beginning of incarnations upon the earth plane humans have been seeking answers to questions as to their origins and source, their purpose and direction.  They have sought out prophets and sages, mystics and seers, teachers and philosophers attempting to discover the answers to those deep inner questions.  Theories abound and are as numerous as the grains of sand that flow through the hourglass of time.  Each theory spinning another scenario as to the source of creation and humanity and claiming to be the one true answer.  Each generation creates new philosophies and answers, each generation looks to others to supply the answers for them, to give them a story to explain the whys and how’s we came to be here on planet earth at this point time.

       Before we go any further lest get some terminology clear.  In human form we have a consciousness that is aware of the day to day activities, the here and the now, the physical elements of this life. Within also is a soul. This aspect carries the personality, the values and the morals and the character of the individual for this lifetime. Finally carried within is the spirit, that element of us that is eternal and flows lifetime to lifetime gathering lessons and information, expanding over the eons absorbing and learning. It is through the spirit that we get our connection to the cosmic consciousness and the source of all creation.   The Spirit is etheric and without physical form, cannot experience, to gather and grow in wisdom.  At the time of death, the body and the soul dissipate, it is the spirit that moves on taking with it the lessons, memories and wisdom with it to be assimilated and incorporated into its essence to be applied to future experiences.  In human form our consciousness and soul strive for the answers as to purpose and direction, we look for answers and seek out teachers to teach us and give us answers and more often than not those teachers are seeking as well.  There are a few, a very few that actually have some insight into where the answers actually are.  They will tell you to go within.  Problem is they don’t know how to tell you to get there.  In the 8th century BC, engraved over the entrance to the Temple of Apello at Delphi, engraved in stone was, “To know thyself”.  Centuries later Socrates wrote,  “The unexamined life is not worth living”.  Thousands of years ago the answer was there and yet its easier to look for those who you think have the answers, that just weave complicated stories to distract you from where the real and true journey lay.  Going within is where the answers are, and they are different for each and every individual.  Our journeys through time have been unique and different….

          So, let me add yet another philosophy to the story of creation and our purpose for the journey we are on.  There is a source, a higher power, an energy that was/is etheric and has what we’ll call, for want of a better word, cosmic consciousness.  There came a time when this source sent out seeds of creation, released them to the cosmos to a journey of wisdom.  In order to gather that wisdom, it would be necessary from time to time to take on a physical form to experience and gather.  Some of the seeds did not find a place to manifest and so they dissipated, others fell on sources of energy and took on form and still others are still traveling through the ethers.  Every living thing has a seed within, we call them spirits, they are our connection to the source and the wisdom carried within.  Each seed carries within it the road map, the direction that guides it through time.  That road map is carried within the living structure and is called to us now our DNA.  So you see our answers are carried within, we need only learn to connect to that element within, to find the bridge to the spirit that rides within to find the answers to all our questions.  The spirit creates experiences that allow us to gather what is needed for evolution and transmutation, and they are different for everyone.  Our journeys are all unique and structured for the expansion of the etheric spirit who travels with us through each physical experience. 

          To know yourself is to trust to that connection to cosmic consciousness that is carried within, To connect to it one needs to put ego aside and listen to the wisdoms that are also carried within… not always easy but trusting that there is always a positive purpose whether we see it at the moment or not helps us to travel that invisible pathway we have latterly created for ourselves.  The source of creation has fulfilled its purpose, it created … and now it watches but is unable to intervene, for it does not have physical form, nor will it ever for it has evolved to a place where that is no longer a part of its journey.

          The journey that our spirits are on has gone on for hundreds of billions of years, probably longer.  Each physical incarnation adds to what has been gathered.  When the individual learns to reach within, to connect to the spirit and draw upon the wisdom and cosmic consciousness that are available, the physical reality changes and opens even greater wisdom to the individual for that lifetime.  Everyone will find their own individual way of making that connection, trust, love, compassion and insight will flow when it is made.  Letting go of preconceived philosophies and allowing new wisdom to flower within, growing from that seed, that spirit that is carried within is a step.  Trust in the wisdom that is carried within, not the intellectual aspects that have been fed you, but the spiritual understanding the is yours, and yours alone for the spirit that travels this incarnation.

          The road map is there my friends, but it does not take you back to the source, it takes you forward, into a future time when you become another source and take your place in the cosmos to eventually spread more seeds of creation to a time yet to come.