Garden of the Cosmos


The Garden of the  Cosmos

 While I spend the cold frosty months of the winter waiting for my garden to awaken and burst forth I began to realize that we are the Infinite creators garden. Seeds of light scattered throughout the universe; nurtured over the eons to grow and spread, evolve and multiply.


Imagine what it must have been like to watch us as we evolved and spread … expanding our awareness and reaching even further towards the light that created us. As individuals we are as the different plants that occupy the earth plane. Each one individual and unique, beautiful, and important. Each one with a purpose and all needed to create a balance within the universe. Using this analogy and applying it to my life, I know a few people who have thorns, others that (if one were to judge could be considered weeds, and even others that are poisonous and at the very least could cause a good rash if given half a chance. Yet everyone is needed if there is to be a balance within the universe.


One of our lessons is to learn is to exist in harmony with each other and with the environment. Just as there are plants that can be invasive and can choke out other weaker plants so too are there people and cultures that have tried to do that to their fellow man. Plants can learn to adapt and so can humanity. Plants strive to find a balance in the eco system and so should we. Plants have been known to take root in the most uninhabitable of places, cracks in rocks and the deepest of deserts … so too have we as we strive to find that precious balance within ourselves and our relationships with one another.


Each springtime we are reminded that there is rebirth and renewal even in areas that have experienced scorched earth. Volcanic earth does break down into fertile soil given time. Springtime reminds us of the balance that is possible and the abundance that is found when that balance is achieved. The springtime is a reminder from the Infinite that life is a cycle; we die, and we are reborn just as in nature, lifetime after lifetime / season after season. We evolve and grow, expand and reach for greater awareness. Just as in nature we also must remember that the balance is crucial to our very survival, not only with each other but with the environment that we share as well.


It is with kindness and love that we have been nourished through time by the Infinite and that is the same expression we owe to one another in order to restore our lives and planet to the balance that was there upon creation.  Just as some of us watch with bated breath for the seeds we have planted to take root and grow, so too has the Infinite Creator watched over us for eons as we have sought for that balance that was here before humanity entered and disturbed the balance of creation. I can just imagine how it must have been for the Infinite Creator to watch as some tried to overpower others; some tried to eliminate others and still others tried  to transplant whole groups of peoples. There must have been moments when free will didn’t seem like such a good idea after all.


As the evolution of the human spirit continued to grow the balance of the whole planet was changed over and over again. Scattering seeds of light to create a garden of beautiful souls was indeed the work of a Master creator, providing the environment and nurturing those seeds through thousands of generations of evolution and maturation – it is beyond the scope of imagination. The patience the creator has had with the seeds/us as we grew and sought for balance in a universe/garden we were unable to fully comprehend is limitless. The human spirit has planted itself in unusual and wonderful places … we have continued to surprise the Infinite spirit I would guess with our free spirit and strong will, often without the insight needed for informed choices.


We, all of us in our diversities, create a wondrous garden full of unique and individual beauty. We all need each other for there to be a balance within creation. We are all different and require different environments in order to flourish, and we all must survive in order for there to be wholeness within the universe. Creation is a very interesting concept, the ugliest of plants can provide the most magical cure, the strangest most twisted trees bark can provide a soothing salve and the most unappealing looking root can serve up nourishment for a hungry body and a thirsting spirit.


So, the next time someone becomes a “thorn” in your side or someone has a poisonous tongue or an abrasive personality, try not to judge …they must indeed carry magic like the rest of us and after all you don’t have to take root next to them. Everyone, no matter how strange, has a purpose in the wholeness of the universe just like you. You don’t even have to be in the same bed with them, but you do need to exist with them within our world in order for all of us to grow and flourish. Nature has provided us with a great lesson, unfolded before us each spring … all we need do is take notes and pay attention. Poison ivy is a beautiful vine and won’t hurt you at all if you don’t touch it. Allow the diversity to exist and co-exist with it and there will be balance and wholeness within our entire universe.


 We are after all flower children from the stars.