Linking to the Rhythm of time


Linking to the Rhythm of time  

          Energy, no matter the kind or source has a rhythm, sometimes loud and obvious and at others imperceptible to the five senses yet there none the less.  The energy in our bodies, when in balance allows us to flow spiritually with greater ease with those around us, it allows us to harmonize on an energetic level and blend our talents with others and the universe as well.  Bringing ourselves into balance within is the first step in a rather amazing process.  First the self and then the planet for there is a profound rhythm there as well.


          There is a process called Earthing that allows us to connect to that earth energy or the heartbeat of the planet.  It is simple really and makes a great deal of sense.  We as a culture have separated ourselves from nature.  We wear shoes, have wood floors or concrete, walk on sidewalks and drive on roads … all of which keep us separated from the earth.  If we take the time to reconnect, to stand or walk on the earth and reconnect we can, over time feel the heartbeat of the planet and then the energy that flows from it.  Take the time, weather permitting, and spend 15 to 30 minutes a day and restore that connection.  Earlier cultures and communities spent a great deal of their time and a lot of it was in direct contact with the planet.  Studies have actually fount that it decreases inflammation and can help with many of the ailments that clog our society today.


          After the earth comes Mother nature.  The energy of nature is very influential upon the energy of our bodies.  We relate and connect to the seasons and how, on subtle levels our realities are reflective of the season we are presently in.  The subtle energies that are broadcast by the seasons affect us on not only physical but emotional levels as well.  If one pays close attention the season and how our perceptions and feelings are affected it opens, you to the flow of energy and you become on with it instead of resisting it and getting stuck in one place.  For those who are finely tuned and aware of their own energy even the shift in barometric pressure will register and alert you to the energetic shift. (Not enough to predict the weather… but earth quakes around the globe have been known to cause headaches. So next time you have an unexplained headache … check out the computer and see if an earth quake has occurred … you may surprise yourself.)


          The moon draws on us and our energy fields as well and not only do we react to the seasonal energies but those of the tides and phases of the moon as well.  There is some proof that the full moons do create an energy shift that many react to.  In these days of many being aware of Mercury in retrograde and what it means it seems just natural for us to also be aware of the full moons and how they make us far more sensitive and give everyone a little more slack than usual.


          Once we have learned to bring our own energy into balance and to blend it with the other energies that have influence upon us the next step is to connect to the cosmic energy that surrounds us and has an even greater influence upon our lives and the destiny not only of us but humanity as well.  Many will visualize the connection to cosmic energy is one that reaches out into space but that would be the wring direction.  Connection to cosmic energy takes place within us.  It is the connection to that fragment of the source of all creation that we carry within, the spirit that takes the energy and balance and focuses us deeply into the cosmos that we become the portal for.  Through our consciousness, beyond out higher consciousness (soul), across a bridge of inner awareness and finally to the spirit within that opens us to Cosmic awareness and the akashic records that we all search for.  This is an inter dimensional journey and one you don’t need a passport for … though you do need a balance of energy and an open mind and heart.