Spiritual Path


The Spiritual Pathway

A pathway through time, ever guided by light
Weaving lifetime to lifetime, improving our sight
Gathering wisdom and insight, letting go of the fears
Expanding our vision and drawing us near
To the Infinite Spirit, Creator of all
To a oneness with creation, beyond the last wall.

Life is a journey, and at some point in our lives we realize that there is a pathway we have been following. Gently guided and directed by the situations and lessons that the Universe has put in our way. It took me several decades to realize that in order to be on a spiritual pathway you didn’t need to put on a white robe, sandals, or go to a mountain top, eat roots and pray. We all are on a spiritual pathway, in our own unique and original ways, suited to the level of evolution and awareness that we bring into each lifetime. On your spiritual pathway you shouldn’t be focused on what you do, but rather how you do it.

The more I learn, the more I experience, the greater insight I get into this whole process. My pathway isn’t like anyone else’s; no two are ever the same because we all bring different tools and understandings to each lifetime. We have to discern what direction we need to take using just what we brought into this lifetime from lifetimes past and what we have gathered this lifetime. To follow another is to try to walk their pathway and it doesn’t work. Each lifetime we seek within and apply what we carry with the lessons and hurdles we climb over and do our best to follow the Golden Rule and not hurt another in the process. I have to admit I wanted it all spelled out for me along with a road map so I wouldn’t make any mistakes. However, if we don’t make the mistakes we don’t learn and we don’t move along our pathway. The lessons open doors for us. They bring light into areas that have been in shadows and they awaken memories of lifetimes past along with the talents and creative gifts that were gathered there. I have, reluctantly, learned that there is great truth in that old saying that we are never given more than we can handle, and that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and wiser.
The lessons we encounter along our pathways were put there in order for us to reach within and find the wisdom, strength and gifts we brought into this lifetime gathered over countless other lifetimes. They are the way we grow and add onto the experiences of this lifetime. Without them we make no progress in either wisdom or evolution. The pathways lead us to our final destinies, but what those are we only discover when we get to the end of the pathway. If we knew where we were going there would be no purpose in the trip or the lessons encountered along the way.

I have been following a spiritual pathway for many years now; it has brought me great joy, many surprises, unusual, experiences and often bruised knees. No pathway is always downhill and easy. There have been times when it has been difficult, but always doable. I often realized, after a painful time, that there was always purpose in the road block and that had I trusted the Spirit within me I most probably would have had an easier time of the whole process. That little bit of ego we all carry sometimes gets me into greater difficulties than if I had trusted that small voice within that would have directed me in another direction if I had only listened.

The pathway is a journey, one that we take each lifetime. Unique to that lifetime and the spirit we carry within. We both flow with it and gather much along the way, or we paddle against the cosmic current and get lots of blisters. Speaking as one who has had many blisters in countless lifetimes, including this one…. I recommend going with the current, follow the inner light within and allow the Universe to open the doors. It makes for a lot more fun and joy and that just fuels the energy and improves the journey that much more. It is a celebration of life … the pathway leads us to greater oneness and joy … it is a dance of creation and wonder … join in the dance with your own unique steps and rhythms, it only expands the wonder of the universe for without everyone, the universe is not complete.