Family and Friends

family and friends

Family and Friends

There have been many constants in my life. As far as passions go, my family has always been a primary focus. My son, who now lives in Nashville, Tenn., has always been first and foremost. It has been a lifetime of joy growing up with him and continues to be to this day, I hope neither of us ever completely grows up though. For years I thought there was never going to be a more magical moment than when I held him after he was born, but I was wrong as I was blessed to hold both of his children shortly after their births … There is absolutely nothing that matches the magic of being a grandmother, that is the greatest miracle I have experienced so far, possibly great grandchildren will to Everyone has passions in their lives that fuel and energize them. Our passions often alter over time to reflect our direction and the destiny that calls to us. These passions are what provide us with joy and the creative outlets that open us to the spiritual energies that move our lives along. These are the areas of life that give us joy and solace, a place to go within ourselves for strength when we need it and healing when it is appropriate. Everyone is different and their passions are unique to their level of consciousness, spiritual awareness and destiny pathway.

As my mother grew older she required constant care and I was honored to be there for her. She became my best friend. Though there were times that were difficult, her sense of humor and the grace with which she dealt with all circumstances made my life richer on all levels. We often joked about how, when “the marbles” start to roll, life becomes very interesting and challenging. I often threatened to write a book about our experiences. The process of her journey was a celebration of light and laughter interspersed with occasional tears. She gave me more than words can ever express and helped me to understand more about the spiritual relationship we have with one another and the other side. She will always be one of the most important spiritual and inspirational teachers I will ever have. She was very worthy of at least one book and it’s in the works.

I have a sister who has taken her own unique path and, much to our surprise and amusement, we find that we are more alike now than we ever could have imagined when we were young. She has followed the pathway of an Indian Shaman. She has traveled and continues to travel the world visiting mountain tops and breathing the air of the ancients. She has assimilated her experiences into her unique and very personal way of expressing her spiritual talents and healing methods. She has written a book called, The Magic Garden, which is truly inspired. Through our Mother’s passing we have become much closer and have found a footing for friendship that surpasses that of just being sisters.

Friends – last but surely not least. They are golden and precious and I have been blessed with a few of the most wonderful friends ever. You never know the true depth of a friendship until the chips are down and you look around and see who’s left to help you pick up the pieces. I am truly honored in that not only were there several there when my life was going through transition, but they also helped me pick up pieces, find humor in everything and cheered me on to create a richer reality for myself. To those who were not required to be there during times of trauma and change, but chose to be there because of friendship and love, what can I say? They taught me a priceless lesson in unconditional love that I will always treasure and share whenever appropriate. Thank you, one and all.