Secrets of The Stones

Secret of the stones patrickIn April of 2010 my partner, Patrick Cooke, sent me an email with a clip about the stone chambers that dot the landscape here in New England. He suggested that we do a Matrix Radio show on them and asked me to look into them. Neither of us had any idea at the time that a simple curiosity would lead to a growing passion that would evolve into a website, a video and soon, a major documentary. To say that we have approached this project with passion and dedication is to put it too simply. We see the stone walls every time we leave the house and they seem to appear where ever we go. They are more that a curiosity for us now, rather they call to us and ask to be understood, preserved and protected. Below you will find  the video that opens the door to a book and perhaps even a major documentary.

I hope that you enjoy this as much we enjoyed the journey!  

Patrick Cooke and Barbara DeLong