Secret of the Stones Maps



 The Purpose of Secrets of the Stones

There are hundreds of thousands of miles of ancient stone walls, and thousands of stone chambers,
stone circles, and standing rows of stone covering the New England landscape. Little is clearly known about how, why, or when these stone structures were created, and not only need to be studied but valued for the hidden historical treasures they must represent. However, these silent monuments need to be classified as historical landmarks and protected from destruction, alteration, or deterioration, and they are in constant danger
from developers and complete neglect.

The stone walls alone leave silent ancient tracings of times long-passed that are over
250,000 miles in length; long enough to circle the Earth over 10 times. The total number and sheer tonnage of all the anomalous stone structures in New England represent an amount greater than all the world’s pyramids, massive complexes, temples, and all other ancient stone structures combined.  This is dedicated to presenting images and known facts about New England’s
Great Stone Anomalies in the hope that it will generate renewed interest and help promote
the protection of these national treasures for generations to come.

Though there is much speculation about who built these stone structures and their purpose
for creating them, nothing will ever be revealed unless they are protected.
Do your part to help by writing your state and federal representatives and urging
them to create and promote legislation and regulation protecting our ancient heritage.

We would like to thank two organizations that are doing their part to preserve
the stone anomalies of New England. NEARA New England Antiquities Research Association and KEPRI Keltic Energy Paranormal Research and Investigation.

We now have an entire map of the United States marked with the locations of all the stone structures in this country identified to date:

The DeLong-Cooke Stone Structure Maps

DeLong-Cooke Stone Structure Map 7/11

The DeLong-Cooke Stone Structure Maps #2

The DeLong-Cooke Stone Structure US #3

The DeLong-Cooke Stone Structure US #4