Life is a Mosaic


Life is a mosaic


Life is a mosaic of creation, and piece by piece we add to its grandeur.  This is a time of picking up pieces that have fallen by the wayside and re-attaching them to our lives.  The energies swirl around us and we find pieces of our lives in most unusual places.  This is a time of re-collecting those things that we put aside and forgotten.  It is a time to finish or let go of those fragments of our lives.  Often those pieces will complete parts of our realities we didn’t know were incomplete.  We gather, we sort and we rearrange to expand that which we are.  Piece by piece as the consciousness expands the vision to incorporate them all into that we are.  Every fragment of the puzzle or mosaic of our lives has import and relevance … to discard a piece is to become incomplete.


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