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A Simple Message

  A Simple Message  Many of the conditions present in our world today are predicted in the world’s religions and the Bible.  Jesus speaks of deceit, betrayal, rampant greed, hatred, wars, famines, disease, and earthquakes dominating world conditions, and even predicted a dramatic rescue just as all life on Earth is in danger of extinction,…

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Life is a Mosiac

  Life is a mosaic   Life is a mosaic of creation, and piece by piece we add to its grandeur.  This is a week of picking up pieces that have fallen by the wayside and re-attaching them to our lives.  The energies swirl around us and we find pieces of our lives in most unusual…

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We are Magnets

  We are Magnets We are energy, energy vibrates and radiates, it sends out signals that are recognized by other energies, and those who are on the same frequency are attracted to us.  To put it mote simply, we are magnets and we attract to us not what we want but what we are, how…

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Symbols and Signs From Spirit

  Symbols and Signs from Spirit           We are constantly being bombarded by symbols and signs from spirit, we call them coincidences, assuming that they are just randomly occurring situations or occurrences.  In reality the spirit within is always trying to help us, to give us insight or inspiration, guidance and encouragement and we frequently…

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