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We are Magnets


We are Magnets

We are energy, energy vibrates and radiates, it sends out signals that are recognized by other energies, and those who are on the same frequency are attracted to us.  To put it mote simply, we are magnets and we attract to us not what we want but what we are, how we feel about ourselves.  In many cases wishing does not make it so.


This is why it isn’t always the smartest thing to look for another relationship immediately after one blows up or to look for another job in the exact field that you lost the last one in.  That old adage, “misery loves company” is true but so is Joy loves company and success loves company.  So if you are seeking something new and different in your life you need to create that within yourself first and then it will be drawn to you.  If you want a new kind of relationship … change and shift the inner you to attract it.  You become what you want and then it is easy.


Many people feel they deserve better rather than becoming better, many look for someone to complete them instead of completing themselves and then attracting someone who is whole as well.  We need to make the changes inside and then manifest them within reality and then the magic happens.  Instead of wanting to become …become! This isn’t a quick fix, it takes time and effort and perseverance … The universe always gives us what we need no always what we want.  But if you work with your energy and how you feel about yourself you can change much within your life.


Become the magic that rests within, manifest the best within you and focus on that and become the magnet that draws the same to you.  Its important to remember that everyone carries a fully developed spirit within, its there to help and to make changes if you want to do the work … as always the answers and the road map are within…you just need to reach for them.