Swirling Energies



Energies are constantly swirling and bringing back to us reflections of the energies that we have been sending out into the universes. Pay close attention to all that transpires in your life, for it will truly tell you whether or not your energetic broadcasts are tuned to the right channel or not. Often we make the mistake of assuming that what we think on occasion is the energy we are sending out into the universe. It is our intent, character, actions and consciousness that determine what comes back at us. In order for the law of attraction to truly work we must walk the path we want to draw to us. If love is desired then love must be given unconditionally, If richness is sought, then it must be given freely without expectations of reward. That which you seek on a heart level must be radiated out and given to everyone you touch. This is a law of investment and only when you have invested enough does it start to flow back at you.