Spiritual Development Circle

spirit circle

For eons wisdom and learning has been passed generation to generation in circles, some around camp fires, others in quiet circles expounding on the wisdoms of the universe and still others in classrooms as old as time.  This is how we really learn, by sharing thoughts and philosophies, by stretching ourselves and  listening and teaching, by being both the student and the teacher.


I have for some time felt that there was a need for spiritual development circles, a place where the spiritual nature of the individual and life itself was explored, debated and enhanced. Haven’t been able to find any, and after years of searching decided this was something I could provide not only for myself but for others as well …


Below you will find the beginnings of my circles, the archives of the ones that we did as well as the material we covered.  It is intended that it will be ongoing and the future circles will be posted on YouTube under the title “Spiritually speaking”.  This is going to be an ongoing project, the beginnings of which you will see here … as I grow so (hopefully) will you.  I realized from the first that the initial circles were not going to be as I had hoped a discussion …they did evolve into lectures.  They may be a bit rough here and there so bare with me as I learn.  I did share the material I had gathered and that is also shared here as well.


Though I  organized it, I did not write it and where I could , I gave you the source so you could read further. We are all teachers and students .


These circles were not intended to be a class or a place to learn or develop psychic or mediumship skills. They were meant to be a place to understand the spiritual aspects that are always around us and the flow of cosmic energy that we are always able to touch into and use, the way the spirit within us manifests within our reality and the manner in which we interact with others.


Leave spirit guides and guardian angles at the door, give them the night off, these are the times for us to use our brains and understand our part in the great cosmic dance we are all a part of … these are the times to learn how to touch into and connect to that amazing energy within, our higher consciousness’s.


There are often two archives for some of the material, One was for  US and the other for those in Europe, though they covered the same material they often had different material so it may be of interest to listen to them both.


Most importantly … have fun, learn, question and ponder and take joy in being a part of the dance of creation.