Light Workers

P - 3

To those who seek within the darkness –

Searching for that spark of Light –

Turn your gaze to deep within you –

And find the treasures brought through time.


Yours is not an easy pathway –

Yet you chose it long ago –

Long before there was an earth plane –

Long before the sands of time began to fall.


Seasons of your soul evolve you –

Bring you closer to the Light –

As a moth to flame you flutter –

Reaching for what’s yours by right.


As by Light you are enfolded –

Journeys end is not in sight –

Another pathway opens to you –

And once again your beacons light.


As long ago you once gathered –

Those who wandered with no sight –

Once more you shine the Light of welcome –

To enlighten others by your flight.


Words will fall on empty ears –

But actions fly with ease and truth –

Tis not the tongue that brings the wisdom –

Rather the pathway, silently walked in joy and Light.


Celebration – Light and laughter – T

each the joy of evolution and creation –

Shed the radiance of the inner Light!

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