Cosmic Deck of Initiation

There comes a time in every generation when consciousness shifts, and new paradigms and philosophies begin to expand into our realities.  At those times new tools and modalities evolve into the culture to facilitate the further expansion of consciousness.  This deck was channeled as this new wave of consciousness crested and started to open the hearts and minds of the culture.  The use of the ancient form of mandalas to express the spiritual energies of the transformation process brings the wisdom of the ancients forward in time to aide in the ascension process of the consciousness evolving to new levels of awareness.

– Love, Light and Laughter … Barbara

There is magic inside. Contained herein is an oracle deck and book for the moment. The Cosmic Deck of Initiation’s power is truly unlimited and its’ transformational potential, vast. While that might sound like hyperbole, it is not, for I know first-hand that such potential is palpable and real. The Deck has been in my life since 1993 and has changed it, so much for the better. It has been shared with friends like fine wine, and in the decades since its first printing, the deck has become impossible to find. The irony is that when the first edition was released in the nineties it was far ahead of its time. Today people are so much more open to exploring their inner selves with energy work, vibrational therapies, and other modalities as an accepted part of modern life. Yet the cards simply share a return to ancient truths. The messages of the Cosmic Deck are eternal and timeless.

Barbara DeLong has lovingly brought into physical manifestation a fundamental system of growth and healing that will help to create change in any way you wish. The system works from our own energies to bring what is needed in the moment. It works on multiple levels: first and foremost with the Mandalas themselves and their esoteric wonders of color, shape, design, and geometry, all encoded with power and grace. Do not underestimate their power. Accompanying them is the new interpretive book that expands exponentially upon the original edition offering brilliant and clear systems of interpretation that peer deep into the soul.

The deck can be used as simply as selecting a single card or by diving deep into vast wells of wisdom when exploring the different spreads and meanings shared in Barbara’s powerful book. There are six categories or levels explored in the text: Body/Health; Future; Career/Finance; Mind and Spirit. She stresses that it is truly up to each one of us to find what we are looking for here, and the book will respond in kind as a gentle guide along the path.

It is my sincere belief that the Cosmic Deck will exponentially grow in power and influence and shall one day be recognized as an eternal classic. Enjoy.

Michael Feinstein
May 19, 2023