Cosmic Deck of Initiation

In the early 90’s I created a deck of round hand painted Mandala cards called The cosmic Deck of Initiation. Though I have no formal, or informal for that matter, art training I was inspired to do this deck. After giving readings for several decades using a variety of different methods I felt that none of them really resonated to me. I had been painting personal Mandala’s for over ten years and found that they were profoundly and spiritually touching as well as inspirational.


It occurred to me that the same energy used in those paintings could be represented in a deck of cards that would give the general public a different way to get positive spiritual information and wisdom, without putting them “off” with depictions of flaming towers or a death card. Standard Tarot, to me, seemed archaic, depressing and limited, so I set about to create a deck of cards that would serve the novice and the spiritually advanced, as well as the child and the master.


A Light Energy deck that would address the times and transitions that all of humanity was going through, and would bring a greater level of spiritual insight, wisdom and understanding to a population whose level of consciousness had expanded beyond the liner into the multi dimensional levels now available to us. To put it very simply, to shift the focus of humanity beyond the physical to encompass the spiritual as well.


The personal Mandala’s that I created were inspired by and came directly from the soul energy of the individuals I painted them for. They were channeled works that flowed from the soul and were what I called “Light energy”. They were perfect and whole and beautiful, because we are perfect and whole and beautiful at our very core as well. To create a “Light energy” deck was an inspiring project. There had never been one before so there was no pattern or form to replicate; I had no structure to be confined by. Thinking them into existence was out of the question, so I allowed them to flow through me and in doing so awakened parts of myself that I didn’t even know were asleep or even there for that matter. To say I was inspired doesn’t even come close to what I experienced. I was driven and enjoyed every minute of it. I painted for 12 or more hours a day for 9 months while teaching full time, being a single parent and never missing one little league game. It was a process I’ll never forget. It filled me with joy and even bliss and I was never tired, I was invigorated and couldn’t wait to get back to the painting.


The Mandala’s took on energy and lives of their own and to this day they dance and sing for me like nothing else I have ever experienced. I have often said they have taken me on a roller coaster ride that goes on still after many decades. They still amaze me and draw exciting and unusual people and events into my reality that would never have happened if it had not been for the deck.


I knew that I could not use any of the traditional forms for this deck if it was indeed going to be a “Light Energy “deck so I sat and waited until the form started to emerge. The number eleven came up over and over again as the names of the cards and how they were to be arranged in order just flowed from me. All I needed to do was to write them down and then start drawing. Once I had the names of the cards I could then channel the patterns that flowed from their names.


The first eleven represent the physical bodies within us. The first seven, the seven chakras followed by evolution, commitment, laughter and initiation. I took the liberty of renaming the seven chakras because this was a different way of dealing with their energy and so renaming them seemed very appropriate. This first group of eleven represents revelation and illumination of the spirit within. They bring to our physical reality and consciousness the potential and possibilities the spirit realms offer to us. These eleven cards represent the aspects of the channels through which spirit can and will flow to bring enlightenment to our consciousness, and open us to the light that is within as it awakens memories of the past, realizations of the present and the promises of the future.


The second group of eleven represents the major cosmic laws that are ever applied to our evolution each time we reincarnate upon the earth plane. Starting with the Law of Life and ending with the Golden Rule, these eleven cards depict those laws that most frequently come into play within our physical reality. They are those concepts that we need to incorporate into our lives in order to bring the spiritual more directly into play within everyday life. This group of laws is what helps to provide a balance within our reality. These are the spiritual laws that guide us throughout all of creation and evolution.


With these laws in play within our lives we are better able to build a greater understanding of the pathways we are following towards our soul’s goal. With this grouping of eleven cards the total number of cards becomes 22, the number of the master builder. With these laws to guide us we are able to erect those sacred structures within to help to gain enlightenment and greater spiritual understanding of the journey’s we are undertaking.


The final group of eleven is comprised of the Universal energies that ever flow around us and are available to us if we but open to them and allow them to weave into the fabric of our reality and enhance the vibrancy of our lives. Beginning with Universal Love and ending with Universal Spirituality these eleven cards focus up on the energies that we can choose to blend with to further enhance our spiritual understanding of life and the lessons that we have drawn to ourselves. They bring understanding and compassion into our lives and if we choose to blend with them and apply them to or realities then light, love and laughter will fill our spirits and the wisdom of the ancients will emerge and be incorporated into our own philosophies to expand awareness and enlighten our spirits.


This brings the total of the cards to 33, the number of the master teacher. This last group of eleven brings to the consciousness the awareness of universal service. This is the number of service to all of humanity and the cosmos, the aspect of unconditional love for all aspects of creation.


The three groups of eleven cards each form the three sides of a triangle, creating the light triangle of enlightenment. There is much symbolism here both with numerology and the symbol of the triangle. The deck begins to take on even greater meaning when these concepts are included into the understanding of the cards.


The astrological signs were the next group that was included into the deck. I have to admit that I did think some about doing away with one of the signs to keep the number eleven even more present but was convinced by several professional astrologist s that all of them were really needed.


These cards do not refer to individuals but rather the characteristics and the energy of the sign itself. As they appear in the different spreads they speak to the qualities of the sign and what they bring into the life of the one being read. There is special wisdom within all of them and they enhance the understanding of the energies that are at work within each aspect of the individual. The astrological signs help to expand a person’s understanding of the lessons that are being presented and give some direction as to how they can best be dealt with. They also bring greater wisdom and understanding to the spiritual aspects as well.



Adding the astrological cards to the deck brought the total number of cards to 45 but it felt that there were still some aspects needed in the deck. Unity, duality and trinity were next added to focus in those aspects that blend the others into a greater cohesiveness. Unity, to focus on the uniting of all aspects for a singular focus; bringing all the pieces of wisdom gathered together and weaving them into a common goal. Duality, to honor the different aspects that are always present and acknowledging them even though at times they represent polar differences. Finally trinity was added to represent the body, mind and spirit that are always needed for us to act in unison in order for us to manifest within our lives. These three qualities, or aspects of our realities brings the total of cards to 48, but the deck was still not complete.


The next three cards were almost a given. Two guardian angel cards were called for. They represent not only spiritual guidance from the other side but Angelic guidance as well. These cards indicate that the person has reached a point in their evolution where they are able to reach, at times, into those aspects of their own angelic soul energies; that part of their soul energy that is connected to the infinite, and draw the answers they seek from that inner quality that we all possess and struggle to touch. Often when this aspect comes into play in an individual’s life it is easier to rename the magic and claim it comes from another source. The reality is we are our own guides through time, always linked to the infinite. Whatever name you care to put upon it.


The miracle card was the last card to be added, I thought. We all have experienced miracles’ in our lives, be they small or large. This one was the easiest to paint, for no one can really picture a miracle, they are cosmic and pure and reflect back to us that we have really achieved something special and it has become manifest within our reality. Miracles’ come in all shapes and sizes and have no form. They are drawn to us as we reach turning points in our lives and they are indeed gifts from spirit that signal we have achieved another turning point. Miracles’ are divine magic that remind us that we are not alone.


I thought the deck was complete, a total of 51 cards, but I was wrong. There was one more to come and it was the threshold card. This card represented a new beginning, crossing a threshold into new dimensions of self. New realizations of the potential that is carried within and a greater understanding of the spiritual realms that we have access to if we reach for them with unconditional love and pure intent. This card brought the deck to a total of 52 cards, interestingly the number of weeks in the year. There was a time in my life I would have called it a coincidence, but we all know there are no such things.


At the time I completed the deck I knew I had created something new and deferent and special. I had no idea at the time just how special it actually was. That was over two decades ago and my understanding of just how unique this deck was had only just begun. I knew that it was a new way of looking at someone’s life, a different perspective.


The deck can and will give the mundane sort of predictions about our everyday life, but in addition it takes you into the spiritual realms and the journey that our souls are on lifetime to lifetime and the lessons we are gathering and often the reasons for those lessons and how to better absorb the wisdom that is there for us. I have discovered that similar patterns were channeled in the Pacific Northwest at a spiritual center there at the same time I painted my deck. They are used at the center as portals for spiritual journeying and considered sacred. In addition they hold a very close resemblance to the power shields of several Native American tribes. My favorite “coincidence” occurred just recently, several of my patterns are very much a part of some of the elaborate crop circles that have been appearing all over the globe for the past decades.


All of this, I have no absolute explanation for but I do have a theory. At this point in time I know that the designs are more than simple designs. They are portals for spiritual information, if you work on using them. Beyond the spiritual implications, I believe that the designs were seeded in the consciousness of humanity to be remembered and resonated to.


Some of us put them out there for everyone to see and remember, everyone using a different modality to present them to the masses. Are they symbols from out of time, a new cosmic language yet to be interpreted, or an awakening of communication with other species yet to contact us? I simply don’t know, but at this point nothing would surprise me, I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Below you will find more spiritual information for the interpretation of the cards/patterns. I am currently (2010) working on a book that will explain the deck in greater detail. I have found that it represents the journey of the soul from entrance into the earth plane to the threshold to the next dimension. The book will go into greater detail into each step or design and will give the quitrent a better understanding of the process of evolution. For now these expanded explanations should supply those of you who are reaching for greater explanations some insight into the aspects that the deck provides.


As I said in the very beginning when the deck was published … It’s a sleeper, watch out when it wakes up!


This Deck is a tool for All who would seek to expand their awareness and become more complete! To cross the threshold and challenge the mind. Use it with love, it will serve you in kind!

~ Barbara