Weeds of Wisdom


Weeds of wisdom


The spirits within are constantly searching for wisdom on all levels, ever gathering and assimilating those wisdom’s that apply to the present journey through this lifetime/plane.  On a consciousness level, intellectually, we know where those areas are that contain wisdom and, when so inclined we seek it out in those designated areas of our realities.  The most important wisdom’s, however, appear in the most unexpected of places and in some ways could be considered “weeds” because they sprout up when and where they are least anticipated yet of the greatest import.


Wisdom evolves out of knowledge – knowledge evolves out of experience – experience evolves out of action and action evolves out of inspiration and inspiration evolves out of the spirit, or spark that of divinity we carry within that connects us to the source of all creation. 


Often as humans we stop the process on one or another of the levels feeling that we have achieved what the challenge or lesson was.  Sometimes, we feel that knowledge is the end result of a challenge instead of following through to gain the wisdom and enlightened insight that was the point of the experience and so the challenge is repeated over and over again until wisdom is grasped and portals to greater enlightenment are revealed


Constantly the weeds of wisdom are made available to us, those with spiritual insight welcome them and flow with the lessons contained within … others ignore them and ‘weed’ them out, not paying attention to the purpose of the lessons they carry.  “weeds” often are not pretty nor do most of them have an appealing fragrance and yet there are frequently healing aspects that are hidden among the thorns.  It behooves us to consider not just the visible aspects of lessons and challenges but also the internal resonance, that creates a synchronicity within us that reminds us of the cosmic journeys we are all upon.


Finding and recognizing the Weeds of wisdom that are within our lives, recognizing those treasures that though they are out of place carry the greatest worth is a skill that only the most aware and evolved spirits have mastered.  No matter what level you are currently on however, the weeds will keep coming and will be a reminder of deeper wisdom’s yet to be claimed when your awareness recognizes and then embraces them for what they are – The seeds of ascension and transformation.